1.1 Time Traveling!?

I apologize for the formatting towards the end, the text box was not cooperating with me at all! Oh and the bold text in the middle of a paragraph, not by someone’s name is Athena’s thoughts. Please comment and let me know what you think!

             It was just another regular day. Athena woke up, made herself some breakfast and headed outside to get the morning paper. What she was met with was something totally different. There in front of her was a huge contraption.
                            Athena: What the heck is this thing?

                           Athena: I wonder what will happen if I kick it…

 Suddenly a bright blue light appeared, sending Athena stumbling a few inches back. What the…?

A young man casually strutted out of the portal as if nothing strange had happened at all. His blue spiky locks fell over his face which was hidden well behind glasses. 

                               Athena: Who the heck are you?
                               Blue Hair Guy: My name is Emit Relevart. Who are you? 
He looked around, obviously confused about his surroundings.
                               Emit: This is not Riverview…
At the utterance of “Riverview” Athena began to laugh hysterically. She was holding onto her sides.
                               Athena: You think you’re in Riverview? You do realize that place doesn’t actually exist                                                right? Next you’re going to tell me that you’re coming from Sunset Valley.

He shifted on his feet, avoiding eye contact with the pink haired female. It suddenly became clear to him where he was. Lunar Lakes, a completely different world. It was taught in the futuristic history books that when a space exploration team crash landed on the alien planet, they had no choice but to create their own civilization. People became so comfortable that they stopped all research on how to get back to the original towns. They all became legends, rumored towns. He could see it in Athena’s demeanor that she knew only of Lunar Lakes.
                               Athena: You’re not actually from Sunset Valley are you? I think I have to call the                                                        cops…
                               Emit: No need for law enforcement. I come in peace. I am from the future and it looks                                          like my time portal malfunctioned. Do you think you can help me find some                                                    power cells? I think they went flying from my pocket after I landed.

Athena was hesitant at first but a quick walk around her house revealed that power cells were indeed a real thing and were scattered all around her yard. She handed the power cells to the mysterious time traveler.

                               Emit: Thank you. I am sorry for having interrupted you. I will be heading back now.

He turned to go back to portal when Athena had a crazy idea. Why don’t I go with him? The worst that could happen is that this guy is a whack job and the portal doesn’t actually work. She had high hopes though because she knew by the way Emit dressed, he was not from Lunar Lakes. As Emit started up the portal, Athena slowly crept toward it. As a blue light began to form, Athena rushed in along with Emit.

Athena felt her body tingle and within seconds she landed hard on the floor. 
Athena: Ouch!
                        Emit: Why would you do that!?
                            Athena: You didn’t think I was just going to sit back and watch                                                 you walk through a time machine did you? Oh my…we really are in the future! 
She peered over the ledge of the building and saw hover cars, floating skateboards and…
Athena: ROBOTS? What!?
                                                          Emit: -sigh- They’re plumbots. You need to go back now though, you can’t be here.
                                            Athena: Why not, will I change the future or something?
                                     Emit: You can change the past, it could be deadly.
                              Athena: Really? Do you think I can reverse something that                                                                                       happened in the past by changing the future? That doesn’t                                                                              make sense though, I thought the past changed the future                               not the other way around.
Emit:  Its complicated. You don’t know what danger you’re putting yourself in, you have to go back now. 
Athena: I’m not going back without exploring the future.
Emit: Alright, if I let you explore will you go back to your time?
Athena: Uhh…sure. Yeah.
Emit: -sigh- You have only one day in the future. You’re leaving tonight, understand?
Athena:Yes, sir!  

22 thoughts on “1.1 Time Traveling!?

  1. Awesome! I love stories with ITF! 🙂 Everything looks ok except you definitely have some spacing issues. I'm not sure how to tell you to fix it, though, as I do not have that in my Blogger story. Hmmm…

    Only 1 day, huh? She could creates lots of havoc in one day. LOL! 🙂


  2. Just started reading your legacy. It's is an interesting start, not sure I would just follow a stranger into a machine that may or may not take me to the future. Looking forward to see what happens from her time there. She could create a quite a few time paradoxes.


  3. Hey… thought I'd check this one out since I read that announcement on Wild Flower. XD

    Uh oh, she's messing with the timey-wimey stuff… and with her fiery attitude on life, hehe, “what will happen if I kick this unknown object” LOL, she could cause a lot of trouble for herself… and possibly the world. o.O


  4. Finally started reading this. Sorry it took so long! I have to say, I am loving it so far. 🙂 ITF is still really new to me, but I enjoy it so much. There are just so many different and fascinating stories people make with it. So excited to see how this progresses. Off I go!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahah, I do miss Athena’s humor, but I cringe every time I reread Gen 1! It’s not my best, however, I do miss my founder immensely. Anyway, aside from my rant, thanks for reading! Of course trouble will ensue in the future 😉


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