1.3 Deactivation

It all seemed like a crazy dream to Athena. That is until she stepped outside and saw that the portal was still there. She tried activating it as she had two nights before. Nothing happened.

                                          Athena: Emit really wasn’t kidding when he said he wanted me out, huh?

After several unsuccessful attempts, she went inside to make herself some food.

She began to make herself some mac and cheese.  She started  to think back to her time in the future. What was it that Emit was trying to protect? He was able to travel through time with no problem. He didn’t change any events in history by doing so. Or did he, and she never knew because she was part of the change? But if the future was changed, then would everything is the past have changed as well?
Athena was broken from her thoughts by the fire alarm. She had been lost in her thoughts and forgot all about the food she was cooking. 
Athena: Ughh! I don’t have time for this! I have to go to work! 
She quickly shooed the firefighter from her apartment  as she thanked him and got dressed.
Athena: I really don’t want to go to work :/
But she really had no choice if she wanted to keep living in the house that she did.
The hours couldn’t pass more slowly at work. All Athena could think about was getting back home so she could check the portal once again. There was no wait it would be deactivated all day. Emit was probably juts over reacting a little bit. He missed having her there right? You’ve only known him for like two days, why would he miss someone who could potentially destroy the entire future?

She finally made it home and rushed to the portal.
Still nothing.
Athena: Darn it! There has to be a way to power this thing up!
She went inside to ponder the situation. When Emit first came he needed power cells to run the machine. Maybe there was still some left over from when the machine first malfunctioned. She searched everywhere. Nothing, anywhere. What else can you use as a power source? She tried everything from batteries to solar power, but nothing worked. It was only when she got a phone call that she gave up.
It was her best friend, Erin McGregor.
Athena: Whats up, Erin?
Erin: I was about to ask you the same thing. You promised to call me yesterday but you never did! 
Athena: Oh! I’m sorry, I couldn’t, I was in the fut… uhh
Erin: What?
Emit didn’t say anything about not telling anyone but she figured it wouldn’t be good news.
Athena: Fire! My house was on fire, that’s why I forgot to call!
She technically wasn’t lying either. She knew she would have to tell Erin eventually. They never kept secrets from each other. 
Erin: Oh no sweetie, I’m so sorry! Is everything all right? Do you need a place to stay?
Athena: No no, it was just the oven. Everything is fine. Please don’t worry. 
The phone began to vibrate in her hand. 
Athena: Hold on Erin, someone is on the other line. 
She switched the call.
Athena: Hello?
Voice: Hey Athena! Its Martin January from work.
Athena: Oh! Hi, is everything alright? Do you need me to come over and fix your television again?
Martin was a colleague at work. She’d even go as far as calling him her friend. He was that guy at work who was always messing up and you always wondered how they weren’t fired already. She could’t help but feel bad for the goofball, so she was always there to bail him out of sticky situations. She thought this call was going to be the same thing. 
Martin: Actually, I was wondering if you’d want to come over for a party. You know, since we don’t have work tomorrow, I was thinking of getting everyone together…from work I mean…and uhmmm some other people as well.
He began to ramble. Athena could use a stress free night. Maybe it’d help her forget all about that stupid time traveler.
Athena: Sure I’d love to. Thanks for inviting me. I’ll see you soon.
Martin: Alright…bye.
The male hung up and Athena switched back to Erin.
Athena: Sorry, that was a coworker. I was just invited to a party tonight and I think I’m going to go.
Erin: Aww man, I was going to ask you to come meet me for our usual nightly work out sessions! But this party seems more interesting anyway. Go and have fun. 
Athena: Thanks, do you want to stop by, I’m sure Martin won’t mind.
Erin: Martin? Ooo! Who is this Martin?
Athena: Erin! It’s not like that at all.

She could feel her cheeks heating up.
Erin: You know that you’re not getting any younger.
Athena began to make noises into the phone. 
Athena: I think we’re breaking up!
With that, she hung up the phone and began to get dressed  for the party. 

11 thoughts on “1.3 Deactivation

  1. Haha I love Athena she is quite the character. I wonder of anything shall transpire between her and this Martin guy, she did seem to get flustered. However, I have my fingers crossed that she makes it back to the future with Emit.


  2. Darn time machine. No matter what she does, it just does’t want to work, huh. Will she eventually get it to work or will Emit return from the future for some reason? Guess I’ll just have to keep reading to find out. 😉 A party sounds like it’ll be a good thing for her; help take her mind off the portal and getting back to the future.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I hope Athena finds out how to get back to the future. Her poor stove. I hate it when the cheap-o ovens catch on fire. That would suck not being able to tell your friends you got a chance to time travel. I would be bursting at the seams. Martin sounds cute. Hope she has fun at the party. I like how you tied everything in.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m sure Athena will eventually figure out how to power the portal. She’s just got to find the right power source. She’s having a frustrating time though since she’s been back a fire breaking out, trying to get the portal to work but it doesn’t. . .Hopefully she’ll have fun at the party!

    Liked by 1 person

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