1.4 Party Time?

I want to apologize ahead of time for the lack of pictures in this chapter. I changed the whole scenario while typing so the pictures didn’t really match up. I also don’t give the female room mate a name because I don’t remember what her name was in the game and I don’t plan on having her show up again. Warning: Not all parties are fun and games :/

Athena changed into a gown. Martin insisted that the party was a formal get together even though it was at his house. She arrived pretty quickly, having lived close by. When she rang the bell, Martin answered and ushered her inside. He was pulled aside quickly by another guest.

                    Guest: There’s a problem in the kitchen.

                    Martin: I have to uh…get that…uh make yourself at home! 

Athena just nodded. She looked around his house. It was a pretty simple house, only slightly bigger than hers. Working in the military didn’t pay much. She sat down on the couch and began to watch television when the guest began to talk to her.

                               Guest: You work with Martin right?

                               Athena: Yes, I do. 

                               Guest: Athena Gray?

                               Athena: That would be me. 
She just snickered in return.

                               Guest: This seems like some kind of party right? Just us three?

                               Athena: Uh..I guess? I thought more people were coming.

                               Guest: Nope, its just us three. 

Now that she mentioned it, it was kind of empty in here and the girl didn’t seem to be dressed up really. She just sat casually typing away at the computer like it was hers. Then it occurred to Athena.

                               Athena: Do you live here?
She smiled.
                              Guest: Yes, I do. I’m his new roommate. I can’t believe he doesn’t talk about me. I mean his wife Lily lives here too but, she’s never home.

                               Athena: Oh, I didn’t know Martin was married.

                              Guest: I mean really? He didn’t tell you? He better not be trying anything again.

Athena jumped back. What was she talking about? Again? It was becoming clear to her why he didn’t have many friends now. His room mate was basically interrogating her. Besides, who has a female room mate if you’re married?

                                Athena: Whats your name?

She just shrugged in return.
                                 Guest: It doesn’t matter. 
Martin called from the kitchen.
                                 Martin: Food is done, go and get some. I’d like to show Athena something.

He led Athena to another room.
                                Athena: Whats up? Do you need to show me something for work?

Martin shook his head.
                                Martin: Not really I have to give you something though. Close your eyes.

                               Athena: uhm, its your party why are you giving me something?

                               Martin: -sigh- isn’t it obvious?

Athena: Flowers? I don’t get it…
Athena: They’re beautiful but…aren’t you married?
Martin was taken aback.
Martin: What…? Who told you that? Was it my room mate? I’m in no way married. At all. Trust me. 
Athena: But she sounded pretty sure…
Martin: She is insane. I’m only letting her stay here because I need some extra rent money. I really like you. I’ve been admiring you from afar for a while. Didn’t you get any of my hints?
Athena was about to tell him how confused she was when his room mate called for him. 
Martin: Give me just one moment.
Athena: Sure, no problem.
She was relieved. When he left her eyes caught a glimpse of a picture hanging on the wall. It was of Martin and a blonde woman. His arm was snaked around her waist affectionately. 
Athena: Are you serious?
What a creep. She didn’t even bother calling Martin out on his little bluff. She was embarrassed that she almost believed him. Almost. What if she hadn’t seen the picture? Would she have let him in? Would she let herself love someone else? Never again. Athena left the house abruptly and went to the only person who she knew she could tell ANYTHING to, even about the future. 
Athena: Mom…I have so much to tell you….and I miss you.
She sobbed quietly.

15 thoughts on “1.4 Party Time?

  1. Martin confused the crap out of me. LOL. Married, or not married, female roommate is jealous, or not jealous, female roommate is his wife, or not his wife?
    I'm glad Athena had someone to talk to, although that sucks her mom is dead. 😦


  2. Stupid, Martin, I was so confused for a moment. Poor, Athena though. She's obviously building walls. Maybe that's why she wants the future so much, to escape the past. I'm loving this story so far.


  3. What in the world…What a little creep that Martin is. What a strange gathering, if you can even call it that. haha And why was he continuously called away? I don’t know, it all seems so mysterious.


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