1.5 A New Friend?

I apologize in advance for the lack of pictures in this chapter too. Its mainly just dialogue so I figured I didn’t need to take a bunch of screenshots. Next time Mason comes in I’ll put a close up of him because I didn’t realize how dark these pictures really were. Thank you guys for the comments! It means a lot to me! 

Athena sobbed by her mother’s grave.

                  Athena: Why did you have to leave without telling me? If you stayed, this wouldn’t be happening right now! I’d be at home with you and dad! 

She knew her mother wasn’t to be blamed for anything. It was the government of Lunar Lakes. They sent her parents and a few others on an expedition to find more raw materials deeper on the planet. She begged her parents not to leave her alone in the big house. Her mom promised her that they’d be back soon. Months had passed and it turned into years and Athena found out that her parents’ bodies were found. They were given a ceremony honoring them and the 8 other sims that ventured out with them. There were no survivors.

Suddenly a voice rang out.
                     Voice: It’ll all get better.
                      Athena: Watcher is that you?
                      Voice: I’m flattered really, but I’m not that good. 

The voice came from behind her. She spun around, embarrassed.
                     Athena: Uhmm, sorry. I didn’t know anyone was there. 

She studied the figure in front of her. It was a handsome young male. He had black hair that was dyed green in the front. He looked put together, like nothing she had ever seen in Lunar Lakes before. Of course it was dark, but she was sure she’d never seen him around before.

 Voice: I’m sorry that I interrupted you. You just looked like you could use a pick-me-up. My name is Mason. Mason Moon.
Athena: Thank you. I’m sorry that you have to see me like this-
He cut her off.
Mason:  Don’t apologize for having emotions. 
Athena: Right sorry.
Mason: No, don’t apologize at all!
Athena: Sorry, I won’t.
Athena covered her mouth and Mason hit his head with his palm. 
Mason: We can work on that right…uhmm….
He stopped mid sentence and looked at Athena. He was waiting for an answer to a question that Athena was obviously too frazzled to decipher.
Mason: Your name?
Athena: Oh right! My name is Athena Gray. 

                                           Mason: Athena, like the goddess of wisdom?
                                            Athena: And in some cases, war.
 Mason laughed.
                                          Mason: Looks like I’m staying clear of you when you’re angry.

Athena laughed along with him.
                                         Athena: Hey, I’ve lived here my whole life and I’ve never seen you before. Are you new or something?

She was hoping he’d tell her he was from the future.

                                          Mason: No way, you know there aren’t any other worlds out there, where could I possibly be coming from?

Athena shrugged.
                                            Athena: So then you’re from Lunar Lakes?

                                            Mason: Yes, I live back there behind that mountain. I’ve been kind of secluded.

Damn it. Definitely not from the future. Good thing I didn’t mention it. He would have thought I was crazy. 

                                            Athena: Oh, then why come out now?

Mason feigned a shocked expression.

                                            Mason: Are you saying that I shouldn’t even have bothered to venture out into the main city?

Athena took a step back and stuttered.

                                          Athena: No! N-ooot at all! I just meant…

                          Mason: I know! I’m kidding with you. I come out here every couple of nights to visit my parents grave. They’re in the mausoleum over there. 
                                      Athena: In there?

She shuddered at the thought. The mausoleum always creeped her out.

Mason bursted out laughing.
                                  Mason: Don’t tell me you’ve lived here your entire life and never went in the mausoleum!

 Athena tried to defend herself.

                                   Athena: Its so creepy in there! Sometimes I hear voices coming out of it!
                                   Mason: Its all in your head.

He grabbed her arm and dragged her towards it despite her protests.

                                     Mason: Come on! We have to go in! 
                                     Athena: But–!

Against her better judgement, Athena went into the dark, creepy, old building with a man she had met no more that ten minutes ago. She was glad that she did.

                                    Athena: You should have seen your face! It was priceless!

                                    Mason: Maybe there are ghosts in there….

                                    Athena: Mason! I want to thank you, for helping me smile.

                                    Mason: What? It was nothing. I couldn’t let a girl in a gown cry her eyes out. Speaking of that, do you always dress up when you come to the cemetery?

Athena opened her mouth to answer but suddenly closed it. There was no way she was inviting Mason to the pity party.
                                     Athena: Its getting late, I should get going.
Mason frowned.
                                     Athena: Thank you again.

She began to walk off.

                                      Mason: I hope we get to see each other again!

Me too. 

11 thoughts on “1.5 A New Friend?

  1. Mason seems to be a good match for Athena. Hopefully they'll meet again. They already know they share the same grief of losing their parents they might have other things in common.


  2. They had quite the strange conversation, LOL.
    Mason seems a little morbid being so shocked Athena hadn't ever gone to the mausoleum before. That's not a bad thing or anything, it just doesn't seem like a common place for most people to want to hang out. XD


  3. I like Mason. He’s very funny and has a great sense of humor. He was just the person Athena needed to bump into on this night. The poor dear. How sad about her parents, too. Athena’s life has not been easy it seems. Which reminds me, I love her response “And in some cases, war.” Made me LOL, seriously.


  4. “Mason: Athena, like the goddess of wisdom? Athena: And in some cases, war.” This response line was great. It is a little weird that he just showed up at the mausoleum and wanted to take her on a tour. If only she could find someone from the future again… I know she’s itching to go back.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m glad someone came along that made her smile! And he seems nice, smart, good looking, funny. . .maybe I’m getting my hopes up too soon. It was funny how she didn’t want to go in the mausoleum and then he ended up being the one that was scared. Can’t wait to learn more about Mason!

    Liked by 1 person

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