1.7 Back to the Future!

Hey everyone! I know the last few chapters have been going kind of slow. They were all fillers, so I could introduce some new characters. I promise the story picks up. This chapter is where things get quite interesting.

 Athena was off to a long day of work. It had been a few days, and Athena had completely given up on checking the time portal. She had spent most of her time hanging out with her old best friend Erin, and her new best friend Mason.

The day just seemed to be going her way. Her boss called her aside to tell her some important news. She got promoted! Then, when she arrived home, she got a phone call from Erin, invited her to a house party which Athena was excited to attend.

                                       Erin: Hey! Glad you could make it!

                                      Athena: You know I’d never miss a McGregor party!

                                       Erin: I set up the sleeping bag already, we haven’t had a sleep over since we were little! Oh and one other thing, Martin January is kind of coming to the party… (Authors Note: It was a shock to me too, I had no idea they even knew each other, and the events that followed were not planned in any way…)

                                     Athena: Whaa… do you know how awkward this is going to be?

                                     Erin: He kind of cornered me in the grocery store today, asked me about you and then Mason happened to be there and couldn’t shut up about you, so….

                                     Athena: Ughh Mason acts like such a child sometimes!

She wasn’t mad though, actually she was kind of happy that he wanted to talk about her. I hope he said good things..

A while later, Athena was confronted by Martin January once again. And he presented her with flowers…again.

 This time she let him have it though. It was awkward enough trying to avoid him at work, but this was getting out of control. She told Martin how she felt, but she doubted he’d be less persistent.

 Mason was at the party as well as her good friend Lars from work. Athena made her way to Mason to tell him about Martin.

                                          Mason: Hey Athena! Hows it going?
                                          Athena: I was great until Martin found me and gave me flowers.

                                          Mason: Ehehehehe sorry about that…

                                         Athena: Its ok, but be more careful next time alright?

                                         Mason: Don’t worry, if he comes here at all tonight I’ll let him have it!

                                         Athena: Thanks Mase, but I don’t think that will be a problem, I already talked to him.

 Athena had a great time talking to her friends. Her, Erin, Lars and Mason were having a blast. Martin was in the other room the entire night watching TV with some other sim Athena didn’t know. Eventually, it got late and everyone left. Athena and Erin tried to stay up late and gossip, but they were both exhausted and crashed for the night.

 The next morning, Athena went out to get the mail when she saw a light coming from the portal. This is just like the first time..! 

 Out stepped Emit, in all of his time traveling glory.

                                Athena: Emit! I am so happy to see you! 

                                Emit:  -sigh- Were you honestly waiting for the portal to re-activate?

                               Athena: Yeah…but, I mean come on, it’s the future. If you were from the past you would want to, too! Anyway, what are you doing here? I know you didn’t come here because you missed me.

                               Emit: Well, there seems to be a rift in the time space continuum. 

                                Athena: What does that mean?

                                Emit: Someone is messing with the future, trying to create a dystopian future that is barren of all life.

                                Athena: What? Who would do that…and why?

                                Emit: I’d prefer if we didn’t talk here, the person also has access to the time portal and can utilize it as good as I can, if not better. 

Athena nodded. She was finally going to go back to the future! But, she didn’t know why Emit needed her help. I mean, he was pretty quick to toss me out of the future in the first place…

                                                Athena: Yay! I love the future!

                                    Emit: This is Levi. He is going to be helping us with the case. 
                                    Levi: Hello.

                                    Athena: What case? You still haven’t told me everything….!

                                    Levi: Someone in your world is trying to interfere with the future.

                                    Athena: My world? What do you mean? 

                                    Emit: Lunar Lakes is one of many worlds. The population has become desensitized to this possibility because of isolation.

Something on Emit’s watch beeped.

                                        Emit: I’m sorry, I am needed somewhere else. Athena, Levi is going to come back to Lunar Lakes with you in order to stop the threat.

                                      Athena: What! I’m not letting this stranger sleep in my house! 

                                      Emit: What about the future? It’ll be destroyed.
                                     Athena: There’s barely enough room in my house for me, plus how am I going to explain his presence to my friends!?

                                      Emit: You’re not going to show him to your friends. He is going to stay hidden at all times. You don’t have to worry about anything. Levi is a master of his craft. He can sleep on the floor.
                                       Levi: What? Who lets their guest sleep on the floor!?

His protests were ignored.

                                       Athena: … Fine…..

                                                          (Weird Angle so you can see his face)
                                         Athena: Are there really other worlds? That’s impossible! Those are just legends!

 Levi snickered.

                                           Levi: You really thought that Lunar Lakes was the only world out there?

                                          Athena: Why are you laughing anyway? Look what you’re wearing!

                                          Levi: It’s from the 80’s actually. Such a primitive culture.
                                          Athena: Alright….I need you to do me a favor since you’re staying in my house…I’m going to meet my descendants and you’re going to cover for me ok?

                                          Levi: I’m not covering for anyone and I’m not letting you parade around the future having the time of your life, abandoning us in our time of need.

                                          Athena: I’ll come back, I promise!! 

                   Levi: I know you will, because I’m coming with you! Its a good way to get to know my roomie! 

13 thoughts on “1.7 Back to the Future!

  1. I knew Emit would come around again. 🙂 It was bound to happen. 🙂 I love it!!!! Ok, so her and Levi are going to work together to save the world from utter grayness. 🙂 Of course, she has to be nosy first. 😉


  2. Uh oh….. Athena is in charge of saving the world :p it's cool that she's back in the furpture but there's so much going on at home too!

    Oh and don't apologise for the filler chapters, those are the ones that make us care when the drama kicks in, half the time people are actually just as interesting as plot 🙂


  3. Thanks for reading! HahaI just want to rush into the plot but sometimes there's so much background stuff that I have to explain before jumping straight into it, thats why I feel so bad about the fillers!


  4. Who's messing with the future? Levi doesn't seem to be all that nice but as long as he saves the future I guess that's all that matters. Although he so needs a wardrobe update! LOL


  5. Yayyy! She’s back in the future! haha I love how she tells Levi that he’s going to cover for her while she hunts down and meets her descendants. And I really like Levi. haha ‘It’s from the 80s actually. Such a primitive culture.’ lol That was a great response. I like that he just invites himself on Athena’s little family seeking adventure, refusing to allow her to wander the future alone. I almost feel like he did so just to annoy her. haha So interested to see her descendants and find out who is messing with the future!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Uh oh! Someone is messing with the future from the past? I hope Athena and her new acquaintance Levi can fix things like Emit said. I wonder how things will turn out with Levi in the past. His comment about the 80s attire made me laugh. Oh the Sims and their timing with flower giving (and multiple times in one day)! It can be so odd.


  7. I really hope it’s not Mason, but it would make sense since he’s just shown up. Maybe it’s that jerk, Martin! THat’s what I’m going to hold onto until I’m proven otherwise. So Athena is going to save the future? With her persistence I think she’ll be able to do it. But how in the world is Levi going to stay with her without anyone knowing. . .I guess I’ll find out. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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