1.9 Something More?

Towards the middle of the chapter is a time skip. If I followed their daily activities, you guys would be bored out of your mind. Plus, I want to get the plot moving. I’ve got some exciting chapters coming up. Thanks for reading!

The ride back to the home base was silent…because Athena had fallen asleep. It was a long day. They had stayed until around five in the morning and none of the descendants seemed to mind.

                                Athena: *yawn* Is it really morning? Did we stay up all night?

Levi looked like he wasn’t tired at all. He was as lively as ever.

                               Levi: I stayed up all night. You took a nap on the way back.

                               Athena: So what? I’m still exhausted. I’m going to go sleep in one of those nice dream pods…

Levi grabbed her shoulders and directed her towards the stairs.

                             Levi: No, we are going to Lunar Lakes. Let’s go. You can sleep in your own bed.

Athena was really too tired to protest.

So they stepped into the time portal and arrived at the wonderfully weird Lunar Lakes.

                                Levi: This is your house?

                                Athena: Yes…is that a problem?

                                 Levi: Its kind of small.

                                 Athena: Well, it’s just me so I don’t need all the room.

                                 Levi: I hope the inside doesn’t look as strange as the outside.

                                 Athena: Strange!? 

                                 Levi: Yeah, are those mushroom trees?

                                 Athena: You know what, let’s just go inside before I change my mind and make you sleep outside.

The first thing Athena did was run to the couch where she fell asleep. Levi was amazed with the tiny television set Athena had. He was mumbling something about the picture quality.
Levi: Are you serious? I hope she doesn’t think I’m sleeping in that pink thing over there. What kind of guest sleeps in a sleeping bag?
Athena had opened her eyes at this point and began to yawn.
Athena: It’s either that or the couch, and trust me the couch isn’t really comfortable at all.
Levi: Come on…!
Athena: I’m paying the rent, so I’m sleeping in the bed.
Athena had gotten up to change into something more comfortable and Levi had begun to unzip his sleeping bag. It was early in the morning, but neither of the two were running on any sleep.
Levi began to laugh. 
Levi: Nice outfit pinky!
Athena: What’s wrong with my outfit?
It was then that she noticed she was wearing short/underwear. She had no problem wearing them at home because she was all alone.
Athena: Ahh! Don’t look! I forgot all about you! Cover your eyes!
Athena was too tired to go and change.

She ran up into her bed and tucked herself in.
Levi actually listened and fell asleep too. 
Soon enough, the two woke up. It was 11 am. They only slept for five hours, but both were starving so breakfast it was. 
Levi: Not bad, not bad.
Athena: Are you inspecting my kitchen?
Levi: The tiles are nice but the appliances are ancient!
Athena: This isn’t the future, have you forgotten?
Levi: I’ve seen better equipment in the 80’s.
Athena walked away and got some food. By the time she finished, Levi just began eating so she got up to do her dishes.
Levi: Yumm! Unsynthesized waffles are great!
Athena: Are you seriously cleaning up? I’m shocked.
Levi: Hey, I do stuff you know.
Athena: Will you clean my house too? 
Levi: No.
~Some time later~
A couple of days passed, and those days turned into weeks. Levi had been staying over Athena’s house for two weeks, and had yet to actually find anything out about this mysterious time traveler that was ruining time. It was that, or he wasn’t telling her about his findings. The two had become comfortable with each other and became friends. Mason and Athena’s friendship grew stronger. They became best friends. Erin and Athena were as close as ever. Martin finally got the hint and stopped calling Athena. 
Levi: Athena, must you stand in front of the TV?
Athena: What happened to the terrible quality?

Levi: It’s better than nothing. 
Athena’s phone rang and she answered it. It was Mason calling to ask Athena to hang out at the park. It would be the first time they hung out alone after the night they met. For some reason, Athena was nervous.
Levi: Whats got you so worked up?
Athena: Nothing, I’m going out now, don’t do anything stupid.
Levi: I think that’s good advice for you.
Athena: Left over Mac and Cheese is in the fridge, jerk!
Levi: I love you too roomie! See ya soon, be careful!
Athena: Yeah yeah, whatever.
Mason greeted Athena with a kiss on the hand. Athena was blushing and also confused. It was all so sudden.
Athena: Mason! What are you doing!?
Mason: Ehehe, I’m sorry, is that too much? I thought we agreed on fancy attire. Never mind, you still look beautiful.
Athena was still confused. Mason had said nothing of the sort on the phone. He had just asked her to meet him at the park. 
Athena: Mason, what is all this?
He had led her to the center of the park where a picnic basket was laid out. 
Mason: I thought for our first date, a picnic would be romantic.
Athena: Woah Woah Woah. This is a date!?
Mason: Athena, are you ok? You’re the one that texted me that you wanted to be something more than friends. 
Athena pulled out her phone. Apparently she had sent that text. Let me rephrase that. Levi sent that text. He was going to be in such shit for that one. She scrolled down, mortified to see what Mason had wrote back.
M: OMG Really!? Call me.
A: Can’t talk, at work.
M: I feel the same way. Lunch at the park next week? 
A: Sure! I’d love that!
M: Yes, see you there! Wear something fancy 😉
Athena sat down by the basket. All her anger towards Levi melted once she realized that Mason had put together a romantic picnic lunch at the park. All for her. Her stomach was in knots, but she was happy. What was this feeling? She decided to give Mason a chance. Unlike with Martin, she trusted him completely.
Athena: I’m sorry! I’ve just been out of it lately. I’ve been stressed with work so I totally forgot! Thank you for preparing this.
Mason: I should be thanking you for coming. Listen, I know I should have been the one to tell you how I felt first, but you and Erin are my only friends. I didn’t want to lose you. 
Athena’s heart beat faster. Her hands were starting to get sweaty.
Athena: I….I don’t…want to lose you either.
Mason: Athena, you’re so cute when you blush. I want to be the only guy you blush for.
She blushed even harder. How was she going to survive this date? She should have just dispelled the situation and gone home, blamed it on Erin and be done with it. But Mason was so cute. And funny. And he smelt nice.

Mason ushered for her to get up and follow him. He led her to a nearby bench and pulled out some pink roses. Athena was genuinely happy. Was this really happening?

Athena: Thank you!
Mason: I want to make you as happy as you make me. Meeting you was the greatest thing to happen to me. I’m not alone because of you. After my grandmother died, I had nothing else. I was in a world of darkness. I felt like everything around me was grey and it wouldn’t light up anymore. When I saw you crying at the cemetery, I couldn’t take it. I could feel how much you loved the person you were crying for, and I knew I wanted to know someone with that much passion.
Athena: My mother.
Mason: What about her?
Athena: It was my mother’s grave. Some stupid guy was trying to take advantage of me when he had a wife. I was really upset that he would think I was that stupid, I felt as if me and that guy were just becoming friends but he squashed it right there. That was the guy you invited to Erin’s party. I was even more upset that my constant world was crumbling around me. I didn’t know that when my world fell away, it would reveal something better. 
She leaned in and hugged him tightly. 
Athena: Thank you for being here. 
 Mason leaned in and his lips crashed on hers. Time stood still. Everything started to become clear to Athena. She was in love with this incredible man. She would fight to protect Mason’s future. 
They hung out for a little while longer until Mason had received a phone call. She had no idea who it was from, but it seemed like it was important so she kissed him goodbye.
I love you. 
It wasn’t long until she had reached her home. She couldn’t keep the smile off of her face. 
Athena: Levi! You have some explaining to do!
She entered their living room/bed room and jumped back.
Athena: What the!? What have you done to my house!?
Levi smirked from his seat on the couch. 
Levi: Do you like it? I thought it would be a nice surprise. We actually both have beds now. 
Levi had redecorated their living space. Could this day get any better?
Athena: Where did you get the money for all of this!?
Levi: Where do you think I’ve been all this time? I’ve been selling my plants to the grocery store.
It was true. Levi had taken up gardening to avoid the boredom at home all alone. He had been leaving the house occasionally, but she thought it was because he was doing some investigating.
Athena: Tell me they didn’t see your face.
Levi: Relax, no one knows I’m here. 
Athena: One more thing. That text you sent Mason.
Levi: I see it went well, you’re smiling like an idiot.
Athena: He kissed me! But, why did you do that!? How did you know!?
Levi: I didn’t. You talk about this guy all the time so I figured he wouldn’t get mad if you said it was a joke. I just needed to buy some time to get all of this furniture in. Which you seem to not care where I got them from.
Athena: Did you sneak into the future and bring them back!?
Levi: Yupp, it wasn’t easy bringing all of this back with only one guy though. I’m surprised we still use the same currency as you guys.
Athena: Levi.
Levi: Hmm?
Athena: Thank you. I think my life finally makes sense now.
Levi: I’m going to bed.
Athena: It’s not even dark out!? I thought we could watch a movie on our new TV.
Levi: Unlike you, who was partying all day, I was trying to make all of this happen.
Athena: And I’m thankful for it!
Levi: Listen, I’m just tired ok!?
Athena left him alone. He must have been cranky from doing all the moving.

11 thoughts on “1.9 Something More?

  1. Poor Athena has no idea that Levi loves her (I think). Levi must REALLY love her if he set her up with Mason. Hmmm…or maybe he has something else on his plate. Great chapter!!!


  2. I'm wondering what's up with Mason. I like him then I wonder if he's the one messing with the future. Not sure where that is coming from but it's the first thing I thought of when Emit said someone was trying to create a dystopia. Then there's Levi, he's awfully sweet to smuggle all that new furniture into her house. But when does he do any investigating?


  3. Well, I’m torn! I like Mason and Levi. I hope Mason proves to be the great guy that she thinks he is, but right now Levi has really won me over with his decorating and trying to make Athena happy. Reading on to see what happens next!


  4. If someone stole my phone and sent text messages, I’d be pretty peeved about it. I guess he did fix up her place after the fact. That was nice of him. I’m glad the “date” turned out okay though. Mason and Athena seem cute together. I hope everything’s okay with the phone call. Levi sleeping in a pink sleeping bag made me smile. Now he has a real bed. Maybe he’ll be less cranky about being in the past now.

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