1.10 All by Myself

I have seasons installed and it is currently fall in my game. So, spooky day is coming up! 
Halloween in May, right? Also, this chapter is a little Levi-Centric because I want you guys to get to know Levi a little better. Next one, I might add some extra Mason time. 🙂

It had been a few weeks since Athena and Mason had gotten together. Everything was finally going Athena’s way. She wasn’t constantly checking the time portal anymore. She hadn’t been this happy in Lunar Lakes since she lived with her parents several years ago. Athena and Mason went on dates every Saturday night, which Levi took advantage to sneak around town and investigate without his roommate prying. Athena and Levi had become the best of friends. He had only ignored her the night of the remodeling, but the next day he was as hyper as usual. Athena figured it was probably because of the hard work he had gone through bringing all of the furniture back from the future. Other than the living/bed room, the rest of the house was as small and ordinary as usual. Levi’s garden had been growing, and there really was no yard space for anything else.

Levi soon tired out and crashed on the floor. He was exhausted from the stakeout he had done the night before. He was convinced he made a breakthrough in the mystery. He had been working extra hard because he knew the longer he took to find out who was messing with time, the further society got to a dystopian future. Apparently, he had told Athena, that the person doing the damage was not located within the urban areas of Lunar Lakes which meant he was up in the mountains. Athena tried to convince him to let Mason help because he knew the mountainous area really well, but Levi told her the mission was top secret from everyone.

Athena couldn’t be too hard on the red head. He was taking part in the household chores. She had caught him cleaning the counters after their meal. He had exclaimed that it was just because he was tired of seeing the mess, not because he wanted to help.

Athena had called Levi one morning and had let him know that she was working late and then after work, she was going to go on a dinner date with Mason. He was glad she was happy, but he was honestly getting a little lonely in the house by himself. The only time he was allowed to leave was at night when he could hide from any suspecting eyes. There wasn’t a lie he could think of that would give him any reason to be in Lunar Lakes. As far as the people were concerned, Lunar Lakes was the only place in the world. He could say he was from the mountainous village, but then what? His outfit was horribly mismatched from this time period. He didn’t know his way around Lunar Lakes that well as it is and he’d be in a tight spot if someone asked him about life in the mountains. Not to mention that Athena had been dating someone actually from the Mountains who would call his bluff. He didn’t even know who the guy was really, except that he was this “gorgeous, sweet, talented, amazing” guy, at least according to Athena. He wanted to meet the guy to see who exactly she was dating, but he couldn’t under the circumstances he was in.

While staking out one evening, he had heard a couple talking about the fall festival. Apparently it was it’s first year running in Lunar Lakes. There were prizes, food, bobbing for apples, face painting, greeting card pictures and even a haunted house. He had wanted so bad to check it out. The boredom and loneliness began to set in. He hadn’t been seeing Athena as often as he used to and she was the only person he knew in Lunar Lakes. What was he supposed to do everyday after he had done his work? Not to mention, he was starting to get a little stir crazy. There was only one option for Levi. He was going to sneak into the Fall Festival before it opened officially tomorrow. Athena wouldn’t be home for a while and he knew she’d never find out because he’d be extra careful. Upon arriving at the festival, he was amazed. It was set up beautifully. He wished he had the luxury of an identity because he could see himself and Athena spending hours taking pictures, picking pumpkins and walking through the haunted house.

He didn’t have much time to waste before someone noticed him, and being the gardener that he was, he went straight to the pumpkin patch. He couldn’t actually enjoy any of the other activities without people around anyway. He harvested the plants he saw that were ready and put the best pumpkins into his inventory.Levi didn’t understand the obsession with pumpkins, he would have to ask Athena later.

He headed home to an empty house. What was he going to do for the next few hours? He wasn’t exactly tired and his prized plants were laying dormant. The last time Levi had snuck a trip into the future, Emit had reprimanded him for being irresponsible and not fixing the future. The blue haired time traveler could be so pushy sometimes.

Levi decided to work out for an hour. He was becoming quite the bodybuilder, having nothing else really to do for fun. (He was also becoming a TV Junkie) Afterwards, he took a shower and cleaned the toilet. He knew Athena would be pleased.

Finally, after an hour of trying to figure out what to do, Athena had come home.

                               Levi: So how was your date?
                               Athena: Great! Mason took me out to this fancy restaurant and he had the place rented out for just the two of us. It was so romantic!

Levi faked gagging noises and changed the subject.

                              Levi: Well, out on my usual runs, I found these lying on the ground and wondered what the obsession with pumpkins was in Lunar Lakes. He handed her a pumpkin which she laughed at.

                             Athena: There isn’t an obsession with pumpkins. Its almost spooky day! People carve pumpkins and put them outside of their house for decoration. Children dress up and go trick or treating and ring people’s bells for candy.

                          Levi: Really? That sounds like a stupid holiday…

                          Athena: Its not stupid! It was my favorite holiday growing up. My parents would make me homemade costumes and I would go around the neighborhood with Erin ringing people’s bells and getting all the free candy I could eat. It was wonderful. Oh my gosh! Levi, we have to carve these pumpkins! Spooky day is tomorrow, it’d be a great idea to have my lawn decorated so the children know that I have candy!

                      Levi: I don’t think that’s such a good idea...

                      Athena: And why not?

                      Levi: The time portal is right out in the open.

                      Athena: Yeah it is. But it looks like it could be a spooky decoration. No one will even notice it! Besides, we don’t really get much company up in this part of town anyway. That’s why none of our neighbors have questioned the giant portal in my front lawn. No one really lives in this area except for me. There aren’t many people in Lunar Lakes.

Levi sighed. It would be fun to ignore their responsibilities for one night.

                     Levi: Alright, lets do it. 

                     Athena: Yay!!

                         Levi: So what am I supposed to carve on the pumpkin?

                         Athena: Whatever you want. People usually put faces on them. I’m going to do a cat.

                         Levi: A cat?
                        Athena: Yeah, black cats are really spooky. 

When they were done they placed the jack-o-lanterns outside and lit them.

                                  Athena: Look how pretty!
                                  Levi: Yeah…

12 thoughts on “1.10 All by Myself

  1. Aww haha, I like Spooky Day (Halloween). It's my favorite holiday, and I always feel like people think it's stupid that I do. LOL. :/ *sigh*
    I'm happy Levi tried the pumpkin carving even though he wasn't quite sure about Spooky Day.


  2. Uh oh I hope it’s not Mason!!!!
    (enjoying this so far btw! I read the first few chapters a couple of weeks ago but forgot to say anything or like them or anything so I’m trying to do better at that, and also at commenting)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I just so happen to be on WP now typing up the newest chapter. Thanks for trying! You don’t need to comment on every chapter if you don’t want to. I know a lot of people prefer to like it so they can just read through all of it without stopping. You’re enjoying it? Yay! Gen 1 makes me cringe and I’m always worried that people will click off because it’s not as refined as the newer gens. Thank you for the compliment and commenting 🙂 Well, Mason does like to get into trouble, so maybe?? 😮


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