1.11 Regrets

Spooky Day is here. I know I haven’t mentioned Lars much before but he is a coworker of Athena (she works in the military branch) and they are really close friends. Mason, Athena, Lars and Erin would be like the four musketeers if that existed lol. 

Athena was really excited. Today was Spooky Day. It was the first one she’d be celebrating since her parents died. This time she had her friends and lovely boyfriend. She pulled out her phone and dialed Erin, Mason and Lars on a three way call.

                               Mason: Hey babe, whats up?

                               Lars: Yo, relax yourself, I’m on the line too.

                               Mason: You called us both?

                               Erin: Hey! I’m here too! Whats up girl?

                               Athena: Hello everyone, I’m glad you answered your phone. I’m actually having a Spooky Day party tonight and I would love it if you three could make it. I have someone else coming over who doesn’t really celebrate it, and I don’t want to overwhelm him with a huge get together. Can you guys make it?

                               Lars: Well, it depends…do I have to wear a costume?

                              Athena: Lars! That’s a great idea! Come in costume everyone! I’ll see you at Six!

                              Mason: -groans- Thanks a lot Lars, now I have to find a costume!

                              Lars: Hey, quit complaining! I don’t have one either.

                              Erin: Haha boys, this is going to be fun, I think the od Athena is finally coming back, Lars.

                               Lars:Yeah, I have to give green hair over there credit.

                               Athena: You know I haven’t hung up yet right?

Athena laughed at her friends and hung up to get ready for the party. She had to break the news to Levi, choose a costume for her and him and then come up with a good identity for Levi.

                               Levi: Can you tell me why I’m dressed like a scuba diver again?

                                Athena: Well,  its a costume party. This was the only one I could find for you on such short notice, sorry.

                               Levi: I thought this was one of your convoluted plans, but a party? You know that’s impossible right? No one can know that I’m here…

                               Athena: Levi, I’ve got you covered. I’ve only invited Mason, Erin and Lars, my three best friends besides you. I am going to tell them that your parents were on the same mission as my parents and they died, leaving you an orphan as well, which is why you were a hermit. You distrusted the people of Lunar Lakes for putting your family in that situation.

                               Levi: Athena, thats a little much don’t you think? And what about everything in here? It’s all furniture from the future. 

                                Athena: There isn’t anything that can’t pass for abstract furniture pieces in here. I’ve covered up the time portal as well. Everything will be fine, don’t worry about it. 

                                     (A good hiding spot to her is in between some trees)

 Levi was confused. Athena was risking a lot. One slip up and Levi’s cover would be blown and he had no idea how her friends, or even the people of Lunar Lakes would react.

                              Levi: Why are you doing this?

                              Athena: I feel bad leaving you here everyday by yourself when I go off to work and to hang out with my friends. It isn’t right. If I gave you this false identity you could have this happiness too.

How could he be mad at her if she was truly doing this for him? He really wanted to meet her friends, and be a part of the fun she always talked about. He hoped nothing went wrong, otherwise Emit would give him hell.

                              Levi: You really think this will work?

                              Athena: I’m positive, answer the door if it rings, I have to change!

The party started a little while after and Erin was the first to arrive. Levi introduced himself as Athena had coached him and Erin seemed to be very understanding. He understood why she was Athena’s  She was dressed as a tofu dog. Why, he had no clue. -Insert funny vegan joke here?-

Athena was dressed as a doctor.

Mason and Lars came in as tigers. Mason was the white tiger and Lars was the classic Bengal tiger.

                                    Mason: You look so damn good in that doctor’s outfit.
                                    Athena: Thanks. You look adorable.

                                    Mason: What!? Adorable!? I’m a sexy tiger!

                                   Athena: Mhmm, sure you are.

The rest of the guests came into the kitchen.

                                Athena: Everyone, thank you for coming to my Spooky Day party, you all look great! If you haven’t met him yet, this is my friend, Levi. Please be nice to him, he is in a similar situation as me, so today we are all about the fun. 

                                Erin: Alright Levi, this is going to be the greatest Spooky Day party of your life! 

Mason and Lars introduced themselves to Levi, who seemed to tense up.

“Everything will be alright,” Athena mouthed, but he didn’t seem convinced.

 Athena ordered pizza and served it to the guests. Mason seemed to be enjoying it a lot. Levi walked off and Athena went to go find him.

                               Athena: Levi, whats up?

                                Levi: Nothing, why?

                               Athena: Why aren’t you sitting with our guests? They’re really nice.

                               Levi: Erin and Lars are nice. I’m not too sure about Mason. 

                              Athena: What do you mean? Did he say something to you?

                              Levi: No, but I just have this feeling. Just watch yourself in front of him.

                              Athena: He’s really a great guy so you have nothing to worry about, please come inside.

 Athena was excited to show her love to Mason by giving him flowers. Levi was off talking to Erin. Athena was glad that he was making an effort.

                           Erin: Have you seen Levi? I’m afraid that we’re not making him feel comfortable.

                           Athena: He is fine, just a little shy. He’s normally secluded, this may be a bit much for him.

                          Erin: We were talking and then Mason joined in and the two started to talk over each other and insult each other. I don’t know whats going on between them.

                        Athena: Are you serious? I’ll go check it out. Thanks for the heads up.

      She found the two behind her house arguing.

                                      Athena: Guys! 

They continued as if she wasn’t even there. Yelling turned into actual confrontation when Levi kneed Mason in the gut.

                                Athena: LEVI STOP IT RIGHT NOW!!

He looked up, shocked to see her.

                              Levi: Athena wait…I can explain.

                               Athena: I’ll deal with you later Levi. Come with me Mason, I want to talk to you.

                              Athena: Are you sure it’s alright?

                              Mason: The dude is just going through a lot right now. He is just seeing the real Lunar Lakes, and you’re all that he knows, so of course he’s going to get a little jealous.

                              Athena: Mason…I love that you’re so understanding.

 The two kissed goodbye as it was almost five in the morning. He promised to call her later after her shift to catch up with her.


Now it was Levi’s turn to hear it.

                                Athena: What the hell was that!?

                                Levi: listen…he’s not who you think he is, at all…you don’t know this guy.

                                Athena: Yes, I do. You’re the one who set us up anyway!

                                Levi: I didn’t know that was Mason. That guy is a total jerk, you don’t need to be with him.

                                Athena: I think you need to mind your business. It isn’t your place to tell me who I can and can’t date. You don’t even know Mason, or Erin or even Lars. You’ve been locked up here for two months! You know absolutely nothing about Lunar Lakes. I tried to include you in my world but you’re nothing but an insensitive jerk!

                               Levi: It isn’t anything like that at all. I’m looking out for your well being.

                               Athena: Well, don’t. I’ve got everything under control.

                               Levi: Do you!?

                               Athena: YEAH I DO!
                              Levi: FINE THEN! YOU WON’T MIND IF I GO BACK TO MY TIME THEN!

                             Athena: NO I WOULDN’T

That’s exactly what happened. Without another word, Levi left Athena’s house and headed through the time portal. He didn’t forget to deactivate it so she couldn’t contact him again.

8 thoughts on “1.11 Regrets

  1. Oh no! What started off as a nice gesture turned so horribly wrong! I think Mason was too good to be true and he was the one Levi was looking for. I almost hope I'm wrong but if I'm not it would open up doors for Athena and Levi to get together. I think they both have feelings for each other and don't realize it yet.


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