1.12 Time Passed

                                                     Levi is gone 😦 What will Athena do? I’m experimenting with a new way of writing my dialogue because listing names has become tedious. Which do you guys prefer? 

It had been almost a year since Levi left. Athena had immediately regretted their fight and had tried to get the portal to reactivate. It was no use, the only person who could reactivate a time portal was a time travel, which she was not. Sometimes, she would stay up and wait, as if Levi would come waltzing through their house…her house now…as if nothing had happened. The first few months were lonely, but Athena quickly moved on with the help of her friends and the love of her life, Mason. She barely had time to be sad with them around. In all this time, Athena had decided to ditch her normal everyday clothes for something a little more girly. Erin was ecstatic about this. She suggested cutting her hair, but Athena could not bear to part with her pink locks.

Athena had began to get sick of her old house. The loneliness was too much for her to handle. With the extra money she got from her new job as a fertilizer analyst, she was able to buy this new house, only a few blocks away from her old one. 

Today, Athena had invited Mason over to see her new apartment.

Mason: Wow, this house suits you much better then that small house you were living in before.

Athena: Yes, I know. There’s finally room to breath!  

She invited him inside and they talked for awhile. Finally, Mason asked her out on a date. He refused to tell her where they were going though. 

                                Athena: Why are we at the cemetery? 
                                Mason: Well, I wanted to formally meet your mother.
Athena was shocked. But Mason didn’t seem to be joking. She instantly hugged him. He cared about someone who was so important to her. No matter how crazy he sounded asking to meet a dead person. She took him to her mother’s headstone and touched the engraved words.
                               Athena: Mom, this is Mason, my boyfriend.
                               Mason: Hello Mrs. Gray, your daughter is really incredible. I mean, you probably know that right? You did give birth to her. Ehh what am I saying? I’m so nervous!
Athena placed her hand on his shoulder comfortingly and smiled.
                              Athena: You’re doing great.
                              Mason: I wanted you to witness this Mrs. Gray.
Athena was confused until suddenly he got down on one knee.
Mason: Athena Gray, will you spend the rest of your life with me?
 Athena’s answer was yes.
The next day, Erin came over to ask all about the proposal.
“That’s so romantic!” Erin gushed.
It wasn’t long until the two went dress shopping. This was Erin’s beautiful Maid of Honor’s dress. Athena decided not to show anyone hers until the night of her wedding.
One of Athena’s coworkers, Jeanie suggested she have a bachelorette party. It was held at the newly opened, Port-a-potty Warehouse. It did not manufacture toilets, and none of the guests could decipher the peculiar name. Erin was the first to pop out the champagne, spraying it all over the bride to be.
Athena couldn’t think of anyone other than Erin to propose a toast, having known her since they were children. Her toast was more like a roast, but Athena knew what it meant. Erin was really happy that Athena was marrying Mason. 
“To Athena and Mason!”

She had to change after being thoroughly soaked in wine by her best friend.  Upstairs, Athena tried her hand at DJing.  
She was pretty good.
Now it was Athena’s turn to spray someone with fizzy nectar. Her target: Lars Royal.
It just made him want to drink some more. It was a party after all.
-The Day of the Wedding-
Athena was on the phone with Mason freaking out. “It’s a blizzard out there Mason! It’s impossible to have our reception, it’s supposed to be outside!”
“Can we reschedule it?”
“You know that’s impossible!” Athena sighed.
“Relax. Everything will be fine. We can have a winter wedding.”
“A winter wedding! Like, have our reception in the snow!? Thats ridiculous!”
Mason laughed. “Is it? We’ll be the first couple to have our wedding party in the snow.”
He seemed so sure.
“You promise that everything will be ok?” Athena asked.
“Of course. I’ll be there marrying the love of my love. There isn’t anything that will stop this marriage. I promise.”
“I do.”
Athena paused in response. She really wanted Levi to be here to see her get married. Even if he was here, he wouldn’t come to the party. He hated Mason and she couldn’t figure out why. Mason was perfect. Her hesitation was short lived. 
“I do.”
“You may now kiss the bride.”
The crowd went nuts. They were out of their seats the entire time.

It was too cold outside to wear her dress, so Athena had to cut the cake in her winter jacket.
She didn’t know what she was so worried about. The guests were having a great time.
Lars was making a snow angel in his bathing suit. 
Athena was enjoying her slow dance with Mason.
Until he stepped on her toes. 
“I don’t know why I was so worried. This is amazing.” Athena cuddled closer into Mason’s warmth.
“You’re amazing Athena. How did I manage to get a catch like you?” He draped his arm around her shoulders.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”
That night, Athena had never felt closer to another human being before. She was madly and insanely in love with Mason Moon. 

7 thoughts on “1.12 Time Passed

  1. They had a cute wedding, and a winter reception is fine for some people. I myself would be super pissed off that I couldn't wear my wedding dress for the reception. LOL. I'm glad Athena had a good time.


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