1.17 Choices

I just want to say that Levi seriously would not put Caleb down. It was the cutest thing lol.
Athena’s eyes traveled to the window. All she saw was destruction. Though Levi didn’t implicitly say it, she knew he was blaming this all on Mason. He abandoned her and her child for almost five years, but she couldn’t give him up that easily. Her head was telling her to leave him, but her heart was drawing her towards him. Athena was at a complete loss. She didn’t know how everything got this bad in the first place. She silently got up and headed for the stairs. She needed some time to herself to think about everything she was just told about.

Levi was close behind her. “I need some time to think about this Levi.”

                               “Athena, I understand that, honestly, I do. But, time is the last thing we have. We have to figure out what we are going to do to stop this all.”

                                 “Levi, you think Mason did all of this, don’t you? The threat arising after Caleb was born…and then his disappearance.”

                                 “I know that he did it, Athena. He wants to make Oasis Landing pay for taking our parents. All I know is that they died because of their service to Oasis Landing and Mason can’t let it go…so far, it looks like his plan is working.” 

                                “How do you even know all of this?” Athena rolled over to her side to avoid his gaze.

He crawled onto the bed next to her. “Look at me, Athena. I’ve been searching this information for a long time. Mason was using you. In our textbooks…Lunar Lakes ceases to exist. I think it is one of Mason’s descendants that was the cause of the fall of Lunar Lakes. He was using you to start that lineage and make it up to the tenth generation, by then the heir would cause the destruction of Lunar Lakes which would in turn lead to the complete desolation of Lunar Lakes.”

But that’s all a theory. You said that’s what you think. It doesn’t mean it’s true. You’re mad at your brother, but he’s a good man now.”

“No, he’s not. He’s using you for his own personal gain. Mason is evil. Something snapped in him along the way of his journey. I think it was when he died his hair. He became a dark individual and the nice fun loving guy you know isn’t real. It’s just an act.”

She looked away again, unable to contain her emotions. “S-huu-t up!” she sobbed, “that can’t be true. I love him!”

Suddenly, he grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him. “We both know the truth, that’s why you’re crying. I won’t let the scum get away with doing that to you. He’s a selfish bastard and I won’t let you get hurt again.”

Before Athena could say anything, he captured her lips with his. After he pulled away he whispered, “I’ll protect you.”

Athena jumped back from Levi. She had actually enjoyed the kiss, but she was married to someone who was supposedly trying to destroy both Lunar Lakes and Oasis Landing. She didn’t know what to believe. Her head was aching and she rushed out of the room.

“Athena! Wait!” Levi called after her but she kept walking.

Eventually she ran into Emit, who instructed Levi to take Caleb and entertain him so the two could talk. Levi decided to show him some futuristic television shows.

“I knew you wouldn’t be taking any of this well.” Emit sighed.

The distraught pink haired girl playfully punched his arm. “I’m doing great actually. I mean there is some good news. I have a brother out there.”

“Levi told you about Elliot? Did he mention anything about the descendants?” Athena shook her head and he continued. “Oasis Landing is the future of Riverview. The Gray family you met is actually Elliot’s descendant’s not yours. Yours would have never made it this far because of the destruction of Lunar Lakes.”

“You’re not making anything better Emit. I thought you would be telling me that everything was going to be alright not that I have no family and my world is going to blow up. Great.”

“You have to decide what to do now and while I’ll give you some time to think about it, I do need to remind you that we have a limited amount of time to work with.” Emit placed a hand comfortingly on her shoulder.

“Well, what are my choices?” She wiped one of the tears from her eye and looked at Emit.

“I know for a fact that Mason is in Riverview right now. You and Levi have to go there and confront him. What comes after that is entirely up to you.”

“The choice of two brothers?” She asked.

“Levi told you how he felt? I thought he would chicken out.” He smiled. She never noticed how good of friends Levi and Emit were.

“Do you see that outside?” Emit pointed to a large hole that had started forming on the floor. “That is what is causing all of this. There are two things you can do to get rid of it. After you confront Mason, you can stay with him and continue building your family in this desolate future and hopefully change it back throughout several generations here, or you could choose to be with Levi in Lunar Lakes and through several generations, stop Lunar Lakes from collapsing.”

“Either way, the future will be saved?” She asked.

Emit nodded. “You can stop it straight from the source here, or back in Lunar Lakes. Both are going to take several generations to complete, but will be effective. You have time to think about all of this. Go and visit your brother and take it from there.”

You guys can help Athena decide by voting in the Spouse Poll! Should Athena stay in the future with Mason or go back to Lunar Lakes with Levi?

4 thoughts on “1.17 Choices

  1. The plot thickens, choosing between brothers. I hope she doesn't choose Mason, who has already left her once and started the destruction of the future. Should've started reading sooner, then I could've voted!


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