Mason and Levi

Before I upload the spouse poll, I want to make sure that the sim chosen isn’t based only on looks. I worked hard on the story-line around these two brothers so I want to make sure that voting is based on what you have read and not what you are seeing in the pictures. You can comment your reason for your choice below if you want to 🙂 Now on to the summaries!

Mason Moon

 Mason grew up in Oasis Landing with his parents. As a child, he had fiery read hair just like Levi. His parents were both scientists, trying to come up with new chemicals that would make the human race live longer. They were only successful in having the chemical react with the energy in the time portal, which is why time travelers stop aging until they settle down. Anyway, one day an experiment went horribly wrong and both of his parents died. He was a teenager then. He blamed Oasis Landing for assigning them such a dangerous thing to research. He put on a brave face for his younger brother Levi. After injecting both him and Levi with the chemical his parents created, he stepped in the time portal and ended up in Riverview, what Oasis Landing was formerly known as. He handed his toddler brother to Athena’s mother, Sierra Gray, who vowed to watch him until Mason came back to get him. After stepping through the time portal again, he dyed his hair black and green. He became evil from that point on. He traveled through several time periods trying to find the one that he could stop Oasis Landing with. Throughout his journey, he developed the kleptomaniac trait, not having any money to survive on his own. He learned how to sweet-talk his way through any situation and became charismatic. No matter what he did though, he would always be the same absent-minded boy from Oasis Landing though.
He met Athena while he was scoping out Lunar Lakes. She was distraught and Mason took his chance to woo this vulnerable girl and she fell for it. Though his mission was clear, he couldn’t help but feel something more for Athena than he had originally intended. Marrying Athena was what he wanted but once she actually had their first child, he knew that the Gray Legacy would be no more after ten generations because of the impending Lunar Lakes meteor storm and it hurt him. He couldn’t bear to see Caleb anymore. He couldn’t control his emotions. He loved her so much, but was the destruction of Oasis Landing and Lunar Lakes worth all of that?

Levi Moon

Levi Moon loved Athena from the very moment he set eyes on her. After being dropped off by Mason, he became attached to the Gray family. Unfortunately, Sierra left and his world shattered around him. His “father” was no longer as cheerful as he always was. Instead, he was slowly becoming insane without Sierra there. Levi started acting like a daredevil to get the attention of his family. He would often get himself into trouble. He was a heavy sleeper so he wouldn’t hear Bruce yelling at him throughout the night. Levi left through the time portal as a teenager, making Elliot make up an excuse for him. Emit took him under his wing and taught him the way of time traveling. Being in the future, he took up gardening in his spare time and gained a green-thumb. One day Emit informed Levi on his past. Levi was shocked, but he stayed his exciteable self through it all. He wasn’t going to let his past take him down. He promised himself he would find Mason and set everything straight. He also wanted to know more about the woman who raised him, because Sierra left when he was still just a toddler. He was crushed when he found out she had died, but a new opportunity arose when Athena Gray had stepped through the time portal. At first, Levi watched from afar, too afraid to approach her, but the second time she came in, Emit gave him a reason to work with the girl. From the pictures in his old home, he noticed the similarity between mother and daughter. Soon his world became wrapped around Athena Gray. Seeing her with Mason set him over the edge. He had not meant to set the two up together and when he tried to explain it to Athena, she had just freaked out. He had loved Athena since the moment he laid eyes on her and if her staying with Mason would make her happy, he would gladly go back to Oasis Landing. He didn’t think he deserved her anyway. Once back in Oasis Landing, he did some research and found out all about Mason’s plan. All he wanted was for Athena to smile, and now there she was crumbling in his arms. He knew he could love her and take care of her better than Mason ever could. And he promised he would never see her upset again. He was determined to overcome his commitment-issues to be with Athena Gray.

I know I wrote a lot about these two, but they had a long past. I wanted some people to be able to vote even if they never read the story before or aren’t caught up. Please vote 😀

2 thoughts on “Mason and Levi

  1. I voted on your poll for Mason, but then the poll didn't seem to count my vote? I don't know, maybe I'm just not seeing what you will be seeing. 🙂 Since you seemed like you didn't want people voting based on looks, I looked at their traits, and I have a soft spot for evil sims, LOL. Although I do like Levi's guy-liner, and his appearance better.


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