1.20 Normal

 “Aha! I knew you’d get the girl, Levi!” Elliot grinned. As quick as the smile formed, it faded, “She’s still my sister though..so watch yourself!”

“Yeah, what Elliot said.” Athena laughed.

“I presume, what you came for is over with and done correct? That green haired guy is gone, the one you said you guys came for.” Bruce said.

“Yes, he’s gone out of my life. Now, we have to go back to Lunar Lakes and try to prevent it’s future collapse.” Athena nodded.

“So, you’re leaving then?” Elliot frowned, clutching Caleb closer to him. “You just got here and Caleb was just starting to like me!”

“We have to, if we want the future to survive.” Levi frowned as well.

There was silence for a moment. Nobody wanted to face the inevitable goodbye. Especially not Athena, who had just found out the truth about her family, but if she wanted Emil and the rest of her descendants in the future to be alright, she’d have to make sacrifices.

Once you go into that portal thing, you’re not coming back, correct?” Bruce’s eyes shut as if he was lost in though.

“Levi, we need to talk upstairs ok?” Elliot said, getting up from his chair.

That just left Athena and Bruce (and little Caleb too!). “Dad…I’ve been wanting a family for my entire life. After my mom died, I was so distraught and torn apart. Honestly, the only person I had was my best friend Erin. Without her, I don’t know what would have happened to me. I wouldn’t be the girl I am today. You must have left an incredible impact on my mother, because she never was truly happy with my step father. I understand that now, they never kissed or told each other that they loved one another. They just coexisted.  I’ve felt so much love here from you and Elliot that I can only imagine what it’d be like if we were all together from the beginning. I have to sacrifice the only family I have to save the future and it’s really hard for me to do that.” Athena confided in Bruce. She told him everything she was feeling because she felt he’d understand.

“I have no use living in Riverview anymore. I want to move on to the next chapter of my life. Now that I know the courageous life your mother lived, I have some closure and I can’t bear to look at the places where we spent our lives together here without her. If it is ok with you Athena, i’d like to get to know my daughter and grandson more in Lunar Lakes.”

Athena’s face lit up. “You want to come back to Lunar Lakes with me!? Of course you can! I mean there’s some loose strings i’d have to tie up, but it’s totally doable!”

Meanwhile upstairs, Levi and Elliot were having the same conversation but Levi wasn’t as accepting of the idea as Athena was.

“Your whole life is here. Your dad needs you. Don’t you want to keep the Gray family alive here, in Riverview? Once you go into that portal…theres no coming back. Emit opened it for me and Athena in a dire circumstance. Once you leave Riverview, you’ll never see anyone from here again, not even that girl…Ella was it?’

Elliot had a hand over his heart. He was just starting to fall for Ella but he knew that she’d never be accepting of his crazy past. He didn’t want to drag anyone else into the mixture. The pain of leaving Ella here in Riverview didn’t even match the pain he was feeling from losing the family he had just found out about. He had so much to learn from Athena about their mother and she had so much to learn from him about their father. He wasn’t going to take no for an answer. “I’m going with you guys, and so is Dad. Lets bet, if you beat me in a game of Rock Paper Scissors…you have to let me come to Lunar Lakes deal?”

Both guys took the game very seriously, using it to settle most disputes.

It was settled. Everyone was going back to Lunar Lakes. Elliot was cheering because he was never able to beat Levi before. Levi was smiling. He wanted Elliot to come back with him, he just had to make sure he was aware of the huge loss.

There wasn’t much room in Athena’s one bedroom house. The currency of Lunar Lakes and Riverview was the same, so with selling her house and selling Bruce’s house, they had enough for a three bedroom house.
Levi had surprised them and had hired a contractor to built a Riverview style house.

Athena loved it. It had a comfortable feeling to it. She was living in a house with her brother, father, son and love of her life. Levi treated Athena like she was his wife despite the lack of a wedding ring. He honestly loved both her and Caleb immensely. Athena didn’t know why she didn’t see it sooner but Levi didn’t really mind, always saying..without Mason there’d be no Caleb and he loved Caleb. Caleb loved him, Elliot and Bruce as much as they loved him. He was really enjoying the change of faces in the house.

It was Caleb’s birthday and Bruce wanted to take Caleb to the park. Elliot was all in but Athena had to pass up the offer. She had to do some last minute cleaning before Caleb’s birthday party tonight. She had only invited Erin and Lars because she wanted to tell them the truth about what had happened with her and Mason. She had been avoiding them recently and they were starting to get suspicious. Athena wanted to lay everything out on the table for her friends without all of the commotion.

The boys were amazed at the wildlife being preserved in the domes around Lunar Lakes. Sight seeing was always fun and entertaining for Bruce and Elliot because everything was different around Lunar Lakes.

Levi had stayed home to “help” Athena relieve some stress with the party. Honestly, it was tough getting to spend some alone time with her with everyone in the house. They had never actually done anything other than kiss and he was ready to take the next step. He wouldn’t be an asshole like Mason and if Athena wanted to wait because of the fiasco he’d be willing to.

“We can’t do this now…we’re having a party later.” Athena breathed, her eyes never leaving Levi’s lips.

“We have a few hours until everyone gets here.” He kissed her lips hungrily.

“Stop talking, keep kissing.” Athena had waited for some alone time with Levi, but honestly, it was getting a little overwhelming. She was hoping to have more children running around the house and she was positive that Levi would be the perfect father. She gave into the temptation of his lips and melted into his arms. She was in heaven.

The guests had arrived a few hours later and Athena was feeling great. The nervousness of telling her friends had washed away when she saw Bruce and Erin talking nicely. They were joking and laughing.

“Erin, I see you’ve met my father.” Athena said.

“Your father?” She said incredulously. Athena explained the entire story to Erin, who just hugged her at the end.

“You believe me?” Athena asked.

“We’re best friends. We don’t lie to each other. Besides, you kind of have the same complexion as him, you look like his daughter. I’m just sorry that you had to go through all of that…and then Mason…”

“Forget about Mason.” Athena shrugged. “I have Levi now, who loves me more than Mason ever could have.”

Elliot introduced himself to Lars, who had aged up while Athena had been in Riverview. She’d wished she was there for his birthday. Lars was confused by Elliot’s introduction as Athena’s brother, but he was polite about it.

She had to pull him aside to explain the situation to him.. He shrugged saying, “If Erin believes you, then I guess I do too. If anyone thinks I’m crazy though, just tell them this old man is getting senile.”

Lars, Elliot and Erin had been getting along well the entire night. Lars though the was hilarious and Erin…

Well Erin kept giving Elliot the flirty eyes all night, especially after he asked her if she was single.

Soon it was time for Caleb to blow out his candles. He was growing up and Athena had to hold back her proud tears. Everyone was celebrating, but Erin and Lars had to leave early saying they’d had a blast at the party but couldn’t stay for cake.
Caleb grew up into a handsome boy, resembling his uncle Elliot. Athena smiled knowing that Caleb would have someone he could go to with his problems if he was afraid to tell his parents. All in all, it had been a great year back in Lunar Lakes.

7 thoughts on “1.20 Normal

  1. So gland the whole family went with them. It would have been difficult for them to be separated from each other again. Hopefully no one will find out about them and cause trouble. I know Erin and Lars won't tell anyone but if Mason decides to cause trouble.


  2. Aww, cool, Elliot and Bruce coming with them. Hehe, Elliot looks like he may have found someone in Erin… XD
    OMG, Levi, LOL, he's so perfect, loving Athena like he's her husband. Awwww. ❤ Him saying without Mason, there'd be no Caleb. So sweet. XD


  3. I'm so very happy that everyone was able to go back with them! Caleb does look like his uncle! So glad he's there to see it! 😀 I promise to come back and read more, but I'm exhausted and need to drift off to dreamland. 😀


  4. Oh yay! They all went back together! I was starting to feel sad for her since she just met her dad and brother and might have to leave them so soon. It’s nice to see Levi and Athena together! And Caleb has become a cute boy!

    Liked by 1 person

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