1.21 Its Official


As time progressed, Bruce quickly became obsessed with the chemistry set Athena had bought for Caleb. Caleb had no interest in it and politely let his grandfather have it. Bruce was trying to create some sort of imaginary friend potion. Athena told him that it was a children’s chemistry table and he shouldn’t get his hopes up.
When they weren’t at work, (Elliot worked in law enforcement, Levi was an athlete) Levi and Elliot spent their time goofing off. The two acted like teenage boys when they were together.

Athena had gotten pregnant. Athena still wanted a girl, Levi was fine either way. He was just really excited having a child of his own. He took the place of Caleb’s dad and he loved him dearly…but the thought of actually creating a person that was his own sent shivers down Levi’s spine. 
She showed off her baby bump to everyone. She was so excited! Caleb was the perfect child. He was a neat freak so he always cleaned up after himself. 
When he got home from school, he’d do his homework right away. He even took the initiative to ask for help when he needed it.
After he finished his homework, he’d play with his stuffed animal for hours until he got tired. It was his best friend whom he named puzzle. Athena didn’t think anything of it and let him be.
When she told him she was giving him a brother or sister, he gave her the thumbs up! He wanted a brother of course. 
After hearing the news, Levi was filled with anxiety. He now spent most of his free time in the library reading pregnancy books to prepare himself. He was extremely nervous!
Athena knew the possibility of Caleb becoming jealous when the new baby was born, so she spent as much time with Caleb as she could. 

It was finally time for Athena to have the baby. She was getting herself food when she felt the contractions. She shouted to Levi and Elliot. Levi was on his way to work but stopped what he was doing to rush her to the hospital. Elliot had to stay home and wait for Caleb to come home while Bruce slept peacefully. 
She had another boy which Caleb was thrilled about. His name was Noah Gray. 
Athena noticed a peculiar set up in her yard which made Levi blush. He told Athena to put Noah in his crib and come outside while he called everyone outside. 
“This is a wedding party that I had planned for tomorrow. I didn’t think you’d go into labor so early..I wanted to surprise you so I had the guys set it up. They did it faster than I thought…you weren’t supposed to see this.” Levi said nervously.
“A wedding party…does that mean?” She kissed Levi anxiously. He wanted to marry her. 
“The baby is crying, Athena.” Bruce urged her and Athena had to leave before giving Levi an official answer. 
Later that night, Levi officially proposed to Athena. 
“I don’t want to wait until tomorrow. I know this isn’t much, but will you marry me now?”
“I wouldn’t want it any other way, the family is all here. Let’s do it.” Athena wrapped her arms around him.
Everyone gathered outside and watched the wedding take place. It wasn’t glitzy like her wedding with Mason. She didn’t have a sparkly dress on and tons of people cheering for her. Instead she had her family and the man that she loved in front of her, who accepted her as she was, two children, a long lost family and all. 
After the wedding, the group, no…the family was laughing, yelling and joking as usual. Just the way Athena liked it. 

Athena’s got two boys! I don’t know if Athena should stick with two boys or kick out Bruce and Elliot and have more. What do you guys think? Thank you for reading! 

4 thoughts on “1.21 Its Official

  1. You still have room for more. You can have up to eight unless you have a Mod for more. Although playing a household that large can be difficult but somehow I always fill my families to capacity. I'd hate to see the family broken up but I would love to see her have a little girl.


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