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Attention! Hey everyone! Gen two is quickly approaching. As the children age up, each will have a chapter dedicated to them so that you guys can learn more about them before I put up the heir vote. The last update was Caleb’s chapter, the next child I will write about is Noah and then I’ll move on to the twins. Noah’s chapter is not this chapter, but will be coming up soon! Also, the heir vote won’t be until  the twins have at least reached childhood. 


The twins had aged up quite fast. Daisy had beautiful brown hair which she got from her grandfather’s side. Bruce’s mom was blonde and his father had brown hair, at least thats what he told Athena. Little Kayden had black hair which was quite shocking at first. But, then Athena remembered her mother mention vaguely some relative or another that had dark hair. Puzzle was passed on to the twins, who didn’t seem phased by the magical doll at all. 
The twins weren’t alone, as Elliot also aged up. He was finally an adult. Bruce had planned a surprise party for him. (it was even a surprise to Athena. She had barely made it through the door before Erin and some of Elliot’s co workers arrived. Bruce had even taken care of getting the birthday cake, which was a nice change for Athena)
“Hey, you ran out of that fancy elixir stuff that keeps you young?” Levi smirked.
“Shutup! I didn’t have a chance to stock up before we left! Besides…my purpose for staying young was to meet up with you again and that’s already happened so I’m finally ready to grow up.” 
The other guests had no idea what the two were talking about, but they didn’t really care. They were enjoying the cake that Bruce had picked up from the newly opened bakery down the street. 
Caleb had become especially enamored with Daisy. He was always holding her and playing with her. He was slowly growing a bond with Kayden as well.
One day Noah approached his grandfather with a question.
“Yo, gramps! I need your help!”
“I am not that old…don’t call me gramps.” Bruce sighed, placing his cane against the wall. “Ok, I am old but still…”
“Old and wise! So wise in fact that you’re the master of chess aren’t you? Mom told me you used to be a doctor. I want to be a doctor too! Can you help me perfect my logic skill so that I can use the chemistry table better and be a doctor like you were?” Noah looked at his grandfather hopefully.
“You want to be like me? You don’t know how proud that makes me, Noah. I will try my best to teach you everything you need to know about the logic skill. But, I am not the master at chess.”
“Yes you are gramps! I’ve seen you play!” Noah protested.
“You’ve seen me play myself, so how do you know if I’m winning?”
“Because if you’re playing yourself, then you automatically win!”
“You’re a clever one Noah” Bruce laughed. 
The next day was Caleb’s first day of highschool. A nervous Athena and Levi stood by the door, waving their son off. Caleb just rolled his eyes. “Jeez, I’m not a baby anymore. Thank goodness I’m the first stop.” He mumbled to himself. 
“Levi!” Athena whined. She had wrapped her arms around her husband’s torso. 
What, baby?” He smiled down at her.
“Our baby is all grown up.” She placed her head on his chest and listened to the slow beat of his heart.
“He’s not an adult yet. We still have him for a couple of years. But, he has grown into a fine man. You’ve raised him well.” His hands rested on her hips.
“We’ve raised him. Why don’t you give any credit to yourself? Caleb loves you like you’re his father…because you are his father. Stop dwelling on the past. He knows you love him more than anything.” Athena said.
“I do love him. I just worry sometimes, you know? I don’t want him to know about Mason…” Levi’s voice trailed off.
“He hasn’t questioned you at all. Why are you worrying? Even if he does find out about Mason, he wouldn’t be upset with you. You were the one that stayed.” Athena leaned up and kissed her husband lovingly. “Worry about it when it happens.”

Athena had invited Erin over for their weekly updates. They started to meet weekly to catch up on what was going on in each other’s lives. Athena had another motive in mind though. Both Erin and Elliot had been trying to ask her for information on the other. They hadn’t realized how interested in each other they both were. Athena was going to be the catalyst. She hung out with Erin for a few hours, making sure to keep her long enough for Elliot to come home. 
Elliot wasn’t expecting it at all and sat awkwardly next to Erin.
“How are you?” Elliot asked after a moment of silence.
“I’ve been good, thanks for asking.”
“Just ask her out already Uncle Elliot!” Noah complained.

“Wha…?” Elliot blushed.
Bruce bursted out laughing. “I didn’t think you would actually do it Noah!”
“Dad! Noah! Come on now!” Elliot groaned. 
“You’re not getting any younger.” Bruce grinned.
“I’m sorry about all of …. that.” Elliot apologized when the two left the room.
“Its ok, as long as you listen to your nephew. He is a child genius after all.” Erin smiled.
“You mean, you actually want to go on a date with me?” Elliot perked up.
“Yeah…why wouldn’t I?” Erin grabbed his hand. “Lets go right now, I know just the place.”
They had arrived at the bistro within an hour. Erin had gotten a seat while Elliot went to “the bathroom.” What he was really doing was buying his date flowers. (Aww!) He wanted to impress her. He didn’t realize that Erin was infatuated with him since they had first met!
“Elliot…these are beautiful…thank you.” Erin smiled.
“I…uhm..you’re welcome.” Elliot said nervously.
Erin laughed in return. “Thats cute.”
“That you’re nervous.” 
Elliot had suddenly felt self conscious. Had Athena told her that he’s never been on a real date before? He only ever had one crush before Erin and never even kissed a girl before. Now he was a grown adult and embarrassed at his circumstances. He hadn’t many friends in Riverview. Nobody in school would talk to him, let alone the other gender. In university, he met Ella but before he could make a move, he decided to come back to Lunar Lakes. Elliot had no idea what he was doing.    
Yeah well…I haven’t had the most luck in the love department.” 
Well thats because you only fall in love once. There should only be one success, Elliot. Look at your sister. Mason wasn’t the one, and now she had Levi, her only success in love.” Erin held his hands tightly.
Elliot didn’t know what to say. He had let his body take over. His lips found their way to hers and he felt the fireworks in his stomach. “Elliot…” she whispered.
“I’m sorry…” he whispered back.
“Don’t apologize…I didn’t say I wasn’t enjoying it..” She slid her arms around his neck and they continued kissing. By the end of the night they had decided to be exclusive to each other. They were both a little too eager to become a couple, but when it was a success, you couldn’t let it pass you by.

Meanwhile back at home:

“Caleb, I was wondering if you were doing anything important right now?” Noah asked.

“Uhhh yeah. I’m about to go to bed. What’s up?” He looked at his little brother.

Noah shuffled his feet. “How should I ask this…well um…you’re the only person I can turn to ok!? You can’t let me down alright! Promise that you won’t!” 

“What’s up!? Is somebody bothering you at school?” Caleb questioned.

No, it’s way worse! You have to help me ok!” Noah cried out.

“I’ll do anything!” Caleb was alarmed. What was bothering his little brother?

“Alright, thank you so much! I need you to tell me a bedtime story!” Noah let out a breath.

What!? Thats it?? I thought you were in trouble!” Caleb punched his little brother’s arm playfully.

“I am in trouble! How am I supposed to sleep without one?” He pouted.

Alright, alright. Lets go.” Caleb ruffled his little brothers hair. “Go pick out a story and meet me in our room.” 

“Hey mom, what are you doing still awake?” Noah asked as he came into the living room to get his book.

“I’m just looking for a new house for us.” She smiled at her son.

“A new house? Whats wrong with this one?” Noah asked.

“It’s getting kind of cramped in here, isn’t it? How would you like to have your own room instead of bunking with both Caleb and Elliot?” 

“But, who would tell me stories then?” Noah frowned.

“You’ll still see Caleb and your uncle Elliot…but there will be a lot more room. Doesn’t that sound nice?” 

“I guess.” Noah shrugged and ran back to his room, book in hand.

5 thoughts on “1.25 New

  1. Noah seemed a little way too concerned that no one would read him stories, LOL, is he all right? I was just as freaked out as Caleb was when Noah was acting like he had some deep, dark secret, but all he wanted was a story.


  2. E & E! That’s what I’m going to start calling Elliot and Erin. lol! They’re so cute! It’s cute how Elliot gets self conscious around her.

    A new house?! It has to be getting pretty crowded where they are now. Can’t wait to see the new one!

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