Heir Vote and Descriptions!

Read each description and then scroll down for the poll! Voting closes next Wednesday! Caleb is the oldest of the four Gray children. He is also the neatest of the four, constantly making the beds and cleaning the dishes. He was bullied by his classmates because of his interest in singing. Because of this, he is a loner. His sibling’s accomplishments never cease to amaze him. He is so easily impressed. Caleb dreams of being a pop star and performing in front of huge crowds. He wants to be accepted for who he is and won’t stop until he finds the people who will treat him with respect. Caleb is a heavy sleeper so he isn’t always aware of what’s happening around him at night. He is closest with his uncle Elliot, brother Noah and imaginary friend Puzzle. Caleb doesn’t know it, but Levi isn’t his biological father. You’d never be able to tell though with the way he is treated by Levi who loves him like his own. Noah is Athena’s second born child, but he is Levi’s first. Noah is a genius that love’s to play chess. He practiced his logic skill with his grandfather Bruce who had quickly become his best friend. They were inseparable and he was torn apart when Bruce passed away. After Bruce’s passing, Noah enrolled in boarding school to increase his logic skill and become a doctor. He left his girlfriend Corrine behind who swore she would wait for him. Who knows how everything will turn out because Noah is unlucky. He is fun-loving and excitable, making him the most outgoing of the four children. So much so, that he laughs at his own clumsiness. Noah wants to be a world renowned surgeon. Noah loves his family dearly and will do anything for them. Kayden and Daisy are twins. Kayden was born a few minutes earlier making him the older twin. He’ll never let Daisy live that down. They are fraternal twins and look nothing alike. Kayden has black hair, unlike any other in his immediate family. It was traced further back into his ancestry. Kayden loves to paint and he does it constantly. He is very artistic but he isn’t a master yet. He wants to open a shop that he can sell his paintings in. Nothing can stand in Kayden’s way, he is the bravest person in the Gray family and will not hesitate to take a risk. Like Noah, he is also excitable. Those two can make any situation fun. Kayden has sworn off meat and is a vegetarian because he swears it’s good motivation for his artwork. His twin sister will always be his top priority. The two of them are so in sync and they do almost everything together. they understand each other better than anyone else. Daisy is the youngest of the four Gray children. She is also the only girl. Because of this, she loves video games, having played them with her brothers often. Daisy has striking brown hair that can trace back to her grandfather Bruce. She is clumsy just like Noah. Do not task either of them with holding anything fragile because they will most likely destroy whatever it is. She loves the cold, so winter is definitely her favorite season. She is family oriented and though she is in no rush, she’d love to kids of her own one day. Daisy wants to be a famous five star chef. She is still experimenting with her recipes but there is no doubt that she is a natural born cook. Step aside Chef Ramsey, Daisy is going to be the next Master Chef.

Who should be the heir of generation 2?
  • Caleb
  • Noah
  • Kayden
  • Daisy

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