1.32 Gen One Finale!

Before the story starts, I just want to thank all of my readers, both silent and the commenters. Your comments and reads are what’s fueling me to keep writing this story. Thank you so much. I’m already passed 1,000 page views and 70+ comments. It may not seem like a lot compared to other sim blogs, but honestly that doesn’t matter to me. I’m happy to have the fans that I do reading this story and shoutout to my two main commenters Rose and DandyLion240! (Also to everyone else who has been reading it whether you comment or not!) I’ll finish this little sentiment off by encouraging you silent readers to leave me a comment! Thanks again for reading! ❤


The Grays had decided to take Caleb out to lunch to celebrate his graduation. They were all so proud of how far he had come.

Noah and Caleb sat away from the others. The two, being the oldest, needed to discuss the family situation.
“How is Smuggsworth?” Caleb asked.
“It’s alright. The people there are snobby but the education is second to none. They’re working me to the bone with studying. I think I’ll breeze through university thanks to this prep,” Noah answered.
“University? And then Med school after that?” Caleb asked.
Noah shook his head. “Theres actually a program in Sims University that is the equivalent of medical school. I’d be able to bypass that and jump straight into the job. I’ve applied and got accepted into the program. I didn’t tell anyone yet though because I wanted you to have your moment.”
“Don’t be stupid. We can share the spotlight. This is incredible. You’re graduating next year and then you’ll have a plan right after! You’ve been accepted a year early!” Caleb congratulated. 
“The benefits of Smuggsworth. It’s like the Harvard of high schools. I don’t mean to be bragging or anything like that. But, thats how people treat us, like we’re some sort of elite upper class. Its kind of ridiculous actually. Sims University actually wanted me to come in as soon as I ended this semester but I think there’s more I can learn here.”
“I understand. I’m glad you’ve got everything planned out. I’m going to go out and become a singer. Whether I’m famous or not, I’ve decided to let the world find my voice. My voice…speaking of that, Noah…my voice isn’t as strong as yours, and Kayden and Daisy aren’t ready for the commitment.”
Noah frowned. “What are you talking about?”
“And you’re the child genius? Whether we believe mom and dad’s crazy story or not, we do owe it to our ancestors to step up to the plate and keep the Gray family going strong. We owe it to our future children and their children and their children’s children. I’m positive that you’re the one who is strong enough to stand up for our family and watch out for Kayden, Daisy and maybe even me.” 
Noah sighed. “I’ve been thinking about it a lot too, but I still haven’t thought of the perfect heir. I honestly thought it should be you.”
“You know in your heart that you’re going to be the perfect start to the next generation. I mean…a rockstar’s life is totally unpredictable. I don’t know what I’d be able to contribute to our future generations.”
Noah sighed. This was going to be a lot harder than he thought it would be, but he knew that Daisy had been counting on him already (she had told him multiple times on the phone that she was sure he had what it took) and now Caleb. 
The next day, Noah had to return to Smuggsworth. He was only granted one day off of classes. Back to the studying life for him. Caleb assured him not to worry about the heir situation until after he graduated. For now, he had to focus on his school work.
Caleb had decided the best way for him to get his name out was to sing for tips out in the streets of Lunar Lakes. The most he’d ever made was 11 simoleons but he didn’t care. he loved seeing the passing sim stop for a minute or two to hear him sing whether he was paid by them or not.
Athena had been invited to a pool party by her old friend Phillip James. He extended the invitation to the now old enough Caleb. (AN: He was this ripped on his own. Mason passed down some lovely genes xD) Athena assured him that only the children of Lunar Lakes were immature.
 He was relieved to see a familiar face.
“Congratulations on graduating Caleb. You’ve probably heard this about a dozen times already, but I’m so proud of you! Erin and I are so sorry we couldn’t make it.”
“Still in the honeymoon phase?” Caleb smirked. The two had gotten married the year prior in a small private wedding. Athena was shocked, thinking Erin had ALWAYS wanted a huge get together. Now though, she was happy just being in love with Elliot and didn’t have to show it off.
“Dude…you’re more ripped than I am. What the hell?” Elliot punched his arm playfully. 
“I’ve spent the last year and a half working out. I want to be in the spotlight, I’ve got to look good.”
“Mission accomplished.” Elliot grinned. “You’ll have the ladies drooling whenever you walk into the room.”
Meanwhile, Daisy had spent her time with her father. Always a daddy’s girl! She was lonely, as her partner in crime had locked himself up in his room and painted during most of his free time. Caleb had been out enjoying his life as an adult and performing for tips. Noah still had a year off from school and Athena had been busier than ever trying to settle everything her kids threw at her. 
The year had come and gone quite quickly. Elliot had aged considerably. As a retirement gift, Erin had thought it’d be a good idea to hire Caleb to perform a sing a gram. 
Erin was right. Elliot was still such a big kid. He loved it.
Noah had arrived the next week. He had bolted right after his graduation had ended. He didn’t even bother changing. The limo driver couldn’t stop staring at him through the rearview mirror. He must have looked crazy. He was so excited to see his family once again that his fears had melted away. He was ready to embark on the next stage of his life.
Noah!” Athena had ran and hugged him. The return was a surprise. He had kept it to himself. The academy didn’t allow visitors for their highly elite graduation, so he figured he wouldn’t make his parents dwell on it.
“You look so grown up. I’m so proud of you! Your grandfather is smiling right now, I know it.”
Thank you mom. I couldn’t have done any of this without you, or dad or grandpa or Kayden, Caleb and Daisy.”

“They know, sweetheart. We wouldn’t be anywhere without each other. We’ve stuck together and thats why I’m watching a wonderful boy grow up into an incredible adult.”
“Hey now..share him why don’t you?” Levi grinned.
“Dad!” Noah practically shouted. “You look good sir. You haven’t aged at all.”
“Ahh so those elites taught you how to schmooze.” 
“Move over dad!” Daisy pushed Levi’s arm. “Noah!”
“Hey! You’re still wet! Get away from me!” Noah protested. 
Daisy just leaned in and hugged him tighter. “I missed you so much! Kayden and Caleb have been so busy with their futures. I can only cook so much and I’ve had no one to cook for but mom and dad and I’ve got the perfect recipe ready just for you. You’ve got to try it!” Daisy enthused.
“I’d love to try it. Just now now. I’m exhausted. How about tomorrow though?” 
“Sure thing! You know it!”
Caleb had no problem waking up Noah.
“I WAS going to let you sleep until I saw your hair. You dyed it again?”
“Yeah…new chapter, new highlights. Now do you mind getting out? I’m trying to sleep.”
“Do you remember when we were younger and you came up to me and convinced me to help you because you really needed help? You made it seem like somebody was starting something with you, when in reality you just wanted me to tell you a bedtime story.”
“Yeah..you woke me up just to reminisce?” Noah yawned.
“Yeah. I guess I did. It’s just that you’ve grown up so much. Mom and dad probably already gave you the speech, so I’ll save it…but I just can’t help but remember the good times.” 
“You have too. I heard you’re quite the performer.”
“Go back to sleep Noah. You’re a sleep liar.”
“Oh shut up, Rockstar.”
That night, Athena had woken everyone up. Daisy hadn’t gone to sleep yet, she was typing away furiously on her phone. She hadn’t even bothered to change into her pajamas. Considering it was three am, Athena had decided to overlook it this one time. Caleb was just about to head to bed himself. Noah was wide awake from Caleb’s earlier entrance. Kayden and Levi were both sleeping peacefully. Safe to say…3/5 were not in a good mood.
“What is this all about honey?” Levi yawned.
“It’s 3 am. I have school in like 5 hours,” Kayden grumbled.
“I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now and today the answer has never been more clear to me. It killed me just waiting for you to all get home. I contemplated waiting until tomorrow but I couldn’t sleep. Not with this kind of information,” Athena said.
They all looked at her. They knew that she didn’t play around (except for that future thing…the kids were sure about it.) 
“What is it mom?” Daisy asked.
“I’ve decided who I want to be the heir.”
“And how does dad feel about all of this?” Daisy asked.
“It’s all up to her. I love all of you equally and I know you’ll all do great. But, Athena knows her family better than anyone else. She’s been through so much, and has seen so much happen. I trust her decision with all of my heart.”
“And my decision is obvious. Caleb, you’re meant to spread your voice and message to everyone. With the lifestyle of a rockstar, I couldn’t pressure you anymore with the thought of heading the family. Kayden and Daisy, you two are inseparable and the possibility of separating, even for a short while is inevitable. I can’t do that to you guys.” 
The room fell silent. “We’re not going to separate…any of us. We’ll have our own families but we’ll still be together. Just look at Noah…he came back and it’s just like before.” Kayden spoke up. 
“That isn’t what I mean. I know all of you would love to stay together, and hopefully you guys will. The Gray family’s destiny is rooted in the future. Whether you believe me or not, your father…his family was from the future. You may come in contact with another world and feel like you have to stay there. My mother did that when she met Grandpa Bruce. Grandpa Bruce did it when he met me, and…”
I did it when I met your mother,” Levi finished.
“Love takes you in so many different directions. What you say now isn’t final. Life will twist your plans around in a second flat. I know the plan was for you to stay in Lunar Lakes…but I’m almost positive that with your good will Noah, you can change the future from anywhere.”
All eyes were now on Noah. “What…you chose me?”
“We all chose you Noah,” Caleb said. “Daisy and Mom were first. Dad and Kayden were next. I jumped on the bandwagon last. It took me awhile because I wanted to make sure that the family would be in good hands and theres no doubt it will be.”
“I don’t know what to say…”
“You say that you’re going to head the Gray family you idiot!” Daisy said.
“I will. I’ll do it!” Noah exclaimed suddenly. His family was counting on him. Even his grandfather.“But…what do you mean about moving…do you know something I don’t?” 
Athena sighed. “You’ll know when it happens. I can’t give you all the answers. As of right now, you’re the one who is in charge of keeping the family together. You’ll find out the answers like I had to. You’ll have an amazing family to help you along the way.”


Generation Two will start next chapter! Thank you for voting! 🙂 What do you think of Noah as the new heir? What did Corrine tell Athena and the rest of the Gray family that she doesn’t want Noah to know? Stay tuned! 

6 thoughts on “1.32 Gen One Finale!

  1. Noah will make a great heir. I'd love to see how the rest of the family turns out but if Noah moves that will be ok too. So when will we know what Corrine told the family? When will Noah be informed? I guess I'll have to keep reading.


  2. Barely anyone voted for the twins. I think it's because I didn't really spend as much time writing about them as I did for Caleb and Noah. I'm glad it's Noah as well, but dayumm Caleb, what a transformation haha


  3. I would have commented on every chapter but I also wanted to keep reading to find out how the generation ended. I really, really enjoyed reading through this first generation! They’re such a great, loving family! I can’t wait to see what happens with Noah’s generation! Awesome first generation!

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