2.1 A New Future

Hello everyone! if you have yet to check out the teaser chapter, you don’t know how I will be writing gen two. I’ve decided to switch it up a bit this time around. I will not be starting from the beginning of Noah’s time as a young adult. Instead, I am starting off in the middle of the story, progressing and looking back on the past. I hope that made sense. We saw in the teaser a new girl hugging Noah. What could that mean? Just remember that A Graying World will never be a conventional legacy story and you should keep reading to see what twists and turns I have in store for you this time. Enjoy! 

He felt like he was falling. He reached around him for a ledge, anything he could grab onto to stop from hitting the ground. He wasn’t ready for the impact. Not yet. He had a legacy to fulfill. At least that’s what he felt. He couldn’t be sure anymore. The farther he fell, the more he felt his memory slipping from him. He didn’t know what was reality and what was a dream.

“This is our house.” A soft female voice pulled him from his trance. In front of him was a house unlike any other. It was massive. The walls were all basically see through, give or take a few (like the bathroom he was guessing, and the bedroom). The rectangular house was at least three stories high and modern definitely wasn’t the word he’d use to describe the style. It was much more than that but he couldn’t put his finger on it.  He turned to his side to see where the voice had come from. It’s host was a petite woman, no older than him he guessed. How old was he anyway? He didn’t know. The woman had half of her hair lilac and the other half purple. She was wearing a cupcake dress. To him, she’d looked like a doll.

He had so many questions but all he could muster was, “our house?”

The girl sighed. “Yes. Our house. I’m your wife.Don’t you remember?” 

Noah frowned and shook his head. His wife? “I think I’d remember you if you were my wife.”

You’d remember everything else too.” She pointed out. He looked around, trying to make sense of the situation. All he could remember was that his name was Noah Gray. He stared down at his hands. “Why can’t I remember anything?” 

She ushered him towards the door. “Mason is waiting inside. He will explain everything.”

Inside, a man (Mason probably) was eating. “Ahh…he’s finally come to has he? Sit down, you must be starving.”

“Are you Mason?” Noah asked.

“Yes, I’m the one who found you in Lucky Palms. Then, you were nothing of a man, torn and forgotten. You had lost grip of reality and if I hadn’t stepped in…you’d have been destroyed Noah Gray.”The name rolled off of the man’s tongue as if he’d had been waiting to say it for awhile. It meant something to him. At least, that’s what Noah was feeling in his gut.

“Lucky Palms.” Noah repeated. “Where is that? Is that where I am now?”

No…now you’re in Oasis Landing. Lucky Palms was your former hometown. It was a lonely town in the middle of nowhere. You were there by yourself with no family or friends. It was a pitiful sight. I had no choice but to rescue you from the eternal loneliness you’d have faced there. A young man like you, just starting out on his own, needs a family to guide you. You were quick to warm up to my sister Farina and decided not to go back to your old life.”

Thoughts rushed through Noah’s head. Farina was his wife. He couldn’t grasp that. It felt unnatural to him. Mason was her brother, who rescued him from his loneliness in Lucky Palms. What did that mean?

Mason could sense the confusion from Noah and he continued to speak. “You were in Lucky Palms by yourself with no family. I decided to bring you back with me to Oasis landing where you’d stay with me and Farina and we’d treat you like our little brother. That wasn’t enough for the two of you and one thing led to anther and you guys got married. I couldn’t really protest. Farina is strong willed and you loved, her well still love her I hope, One day, you had been messing with a bot building station and the nanite you were working with exploded. You were in a coma for a while. Finally you’d woken up this morning, but you were following Farina around aimlessly. You have amnesia now, but at least you’re functioning.” Mason concluded.

Noah still looked bewildered and Mason sighed. “Go get some rest for the night. Maybe you’ll feel better. Farina, show him to his room.”

She had obeyed him without question. Upstairs she had stripped down into her night gown to Noah’s protests. He tried arguing with her for a while about the sleeping arrangements but she had told him that the house only had two bedrooms and this was the bed they’d always shared. He stared at her sleeping figure, debating whether or not he should get into bed with her. He didn’t feel drawn to her in anyway and he decided the couch would do fine for the night.

Mason had been watching the young boy since he had stepped into the room. “This won’t do. Just accept her. She’s everything to you.” Mason whispered. The pink haired boy was sleeping peacefully until he felt himself being lifted. He shrugged it off to be a dream.

Until he had awoken next to an empty bed. Farina was no longer there, but he knew she had spent the night there because of the small imprint left in the pillow. It had meant she had just woken up a few seconds ago and bolted out of the room. “What the hell,” Noah whispered. “She couldn’t have carried me here…unless I cam by myself.” He sighed. Maybe there was a connection between the two and he subconsciously couldn’t stay away.

He had went downstairs only to be met by Farina. She was already dressed and had a plate of food opposite her. “Here, I made you eggs Machiavellian…your favorite. Eat up.”

Noah frowned at it in disgust. “Why is it so chalky?” 

It was synthesized in that machine over there. We don’t use real ingredients anymore.”

“So what is this made of then?” Noah asked.

“Just some starch,” She shrugged, “and some vitamin powder. Three meals will be enough of what your body needs daily.”  

 Noah had doubted he had enjoyed eating this stuff before, but he tried it before he could judge. He didn’t much care for it, but hurting Farina’s feelings wasn’t in his playbook. The one he was starting to create. “it’s delicious.”

“Yay. I knew you liked it!” Farina cheered happily.

The two were interrupted by a shouting Mason. “Guys. Up here now!” he called.

Noah watched as Farina had flinched. She was just so happy, until Mason’s voice broke through the walls. “Whats wrong?” he asked.

“Nothing…he just yells when he’s mad,” Farina mumbled. “This can’t be good so lets hurry up.”

“What is this?” Noah asked in awe.

“Its an elevator. it’ll bring you up or down without you having to actually use stairs.”

He vaguely recalled what elevators were but he didn’t remember them being cylinders. “Why aren’t they boxes?”

Farina laughed. “Those became obsolete awhile ago. Too many wires. This is much faster and easier. Watch.” She motioned him into the tube. Years ago….what did that mean? Had he just seen the “obsolete elevators” somewhere here…in a book maybe? That had to be it.

They were incredibly fast and the two were there in a matter of seconds. “Mason?” Farina asked timidly.

“Have a seat. I have something to tell you two. It’s not too important but it’ll give you two something to do together. Rekindle that old flame.” What was he talking about.

“You’re not mad?” she breathed.

He shook his head. “Of course not.”

Noah turned towards her, “what were you so worried about?” 

She ignored him and turned towards Mason. “What is it?”

Why don’t you take Noah out?  You can take him to the bot emporium. Maybe it’ll jog his memory.”

“No!” Farina said suddenly. “Its the place of his accident. We can’t do that.”

I want to go. I don’t remember the accident anyway and maybe Mason is right. It’ll jog my memory.”

Mason gave her a sharp look and she had no choice but to give in. “Fine.”

“What is this?” Noah asked in awe.

“A hover car! You really have to start remembering things!”

At the bot emporium, Noah was greeted by a friendly robot. “Hello Noah I am RH80. Do you care to adjust my trait chips?”

Farina grabbed his arm. “Lets go. Don’t get their hopes up. I don’t want you back here.” 

“Why not Farina? Everything here is fine now. We miss Master Noah,” RH80 said.

“Why don’t you go look over there?” She sighed pointing towards the bot building station. She wasn’t going to win with Mason around.

Noah stared at it for awhile, with no new memories coming to him. “It’s no use.” 

“Its alright. I’m going to take you somewhere else ok. I’ll let you choose on the map.” 

“Oooo whats Legacy Park?” Noah asked. He had a legacy to completely. That was nagging him, but he had no idea what it meant.

 She had attempted to teach him how to play chess, but he had caught on quick. He decimated her every game they played.

Before they left, Noah’s curiosity brought him to a large statue in the middle of the park. “Who is that?”

“That is Emit Relevart…the Time Keeper. He’s in charge of keeping everything perfect in Oasis Landing by stopping or starting the flow of time and time travelers. recently he’s disappeared thoiugh. A lot of people blame him for all of this garbage and ruins. But I think it stems much deeper than that.”

“What does that mean?” 

Farina shook her head. “We’re late. Lets head back.”

The next day, Noah had decided to ask Mason about it. “Who is Emit Relevart and is he really the cause of the pollution in the future?”

“Where is all of this coming from?Mason frowned. “Its too much for you to be worrying about. Just focus on getting better.” 

“But…it’s just going to make me worry even more. I can’t stop thinking about it. Ever since I saw his statue in Legacy Park.”

Mason sighed. “Emit Relevart is a traitor of Oasis Landing. He is the reason all of this is happening right now. The turmoil, the trash…everything. He abandoned his people when they needed him the most. That’s what you were doing…building plum-bots to help clean up the trash while I tried to reform the government. It was going well until the accident. That’s when everything went downhill for the recovery.”

I promise I’ll try my best to help the effort.” Noah said. Whether he remembered it or not..this was his home and he couldn’t bear living in the filth. People deserved better than that.

“Help by forgetting all of this. You’re in no condition for this burden.” Mason said before leaving the room.

Well what do you think? You don’t necessarily have to read Gen one to get into generation two but the back story is really helpful. Thanks for reading 🙂

5 thoughts on “2.1 A New Future

  1. I have a feeling Mason is up to no good. Poor Noah not remembering who he is or what his legacy is. Farina seems to be between a rock and hard place, trying to obey Mason and not really liking it. I have more questions than answers and will need to keep reading to find out how this all happened.


  2. Hmm… so Noah had a boat accident and got amnesia from it. Now with Mason saying “Just forget about it,” when Noah asked questions about things makes me think Mason or someone on Mason's side potentially caused Noah to have his accident in order for him to 'forget' about things, so they could carry on their evil doings. O_O I like Mason's light blue hair, it looks good with the black. XD


  3. Mason! No! I don't trust him at all. farina seems as though she genuinely cares about Noah but is too scared of Mason to tell the truth, I wonder what is going on…. Surely Mason isn't trying to destroy the future AGAIN


  4. I figured I'd change the hair a little bit just for the future's sake. As if the green hair would spark something in Noah's mind xD Mason is definitely up to no good and I'll leave it at that. Thanks for reading! 🙂


  5. Mason is always trouble. Farina is definitely confused about what she's doing, but she has one goal in mind. Mason, for some reason, can make even the bravest of sims cower in fear, he's so diabolical. You can be sure that Mason is going to stir up some kind of trouble.


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