2.4 Dreams Turn to Nightmares

Things had been going on as usual. Noah was heading to work on his own and coming home to a quiet home. Whenever he had gotten there, Mason was up in his room trying to research how to “save the world” (at least that’s what he wanted Noah to believe.) Farina was usually in the dream pod. Mason had told him her “instability attacks” had been happening more frequently and the only way to calm her down was to put her in the dream pod. It was all strange to him. He was beginning to feel particularly close to her though. He would sit with her when she had awoken and tell her all about his day and how hard it was searching for things in the galaxy and what girls were fighting at work. She loved to hear his stories. He was starting to believe that he might have actually been married to her despite his absent memories.

Noah had noticed that Farina was substantially better. He had approached Mason to ask to let her out of the dream pod for a few hours in the day. He wanted to take her out on the town and discover what Oasis landing had to offer together. All that bed rest couldn’t have been good for her.

So you think you know whats good for my sister huh? She is sick…and I’m not giving up her chance of living for your selfishness,” Mason argued.

No…its not like that. She looks much better. I think she should go out and stretch her muscles.” 

“No. Until you get a medical degree, I’m going to trust the doctors of Oasis Landing. Now…don’t overstay your welcome. I know Farina loves you…but you’re honestly not who you used to be. As soon as you betray my trust…you’re out of here and good luck getting anywhere in this town without me and guess what? There’s no way back to Lucky Palms.”

That night…despite what Mason said, Noah let Farina out of the dream pod. She was complaining she hadn’t showered for days and needed to refresh herself. Honestly, she didn’t even smell funny. How she got her business done…he couldn’t figure out. Maybe her mind was in so much of a trance that it never actually had to use the bathroom? Who knew. Anyway, Noah had decided to see what the dream pod was all about. He slid in it for a few minutes, and ended up falling into a deep slumber. His body was physically asleep, but his mind was wide awake. 
He had somehow ended up in front of a large house. He was watching a younger version of himself fiddle with the keys of a car. Is that me? What am I doing?

“Damn it…I can’t do it.” His younger self hit the steering wheel, causing the horn to honk. “Shoot!” He tried to pull away but it was too late, the young lady had already turned to look at him. “Guess my cover’s blown.”

He slowly made his way out of the car and up to the front steps of her house. Was I a stalking her? Who is she?

“Noah! Is that you?” She asked.
“Yeah…Corrine. It’s been so long.” He breathed.
“Seven years.” She said shuffling her feet.
“Seven years?” He frowned. “Who is that little princess?” He turned his attention to the toddler in her arms.
“This is Kylie, my daughter. Kylie say hi.” Kylie opened and closed her hand at an attempt to wave.
“Your daughter?” He asked in disbelief. 
“I don’t really owe you an explanation, do I?” 
“No…but…I’d like to know.”
Corrine sighed and held Kylie closer to her. “After you left…my father got called back to Lucky Palms. He hated the idea of leaving Lunar Lakes just as much as I did. He was just about to marry Christa Landgraab and you were three years into high school already and it wouldn’t be long until I saw you. I protested and my dad tried to find some sort of research he could do in Lunar Lakes, but the government here really needed more scientists. He offered to let me stay with Christa, we had gotten really close because she was going to be my stepmother. But…I couldn’t leave my dad alone. I needed him as much as he needed me. He was getting older and though he was still young, he was diagnosed with cancer. He kept it under wraps for awhile but…I knew he was sick.” 
Noah listened intently. “He’s fine now though, right?” 
She shook her head. “He passed away when I turned eighteen, right before my graduation.” She tried to hold it together and Noah could see how hard she was fighting to fighting to keep the tears inside. Instinctively Noah reached for her hand and she pulled back sharply.
“Its alright. I’m ok. After my dad passed away, I had the option to go back to Lunar Lakes with Christa but by then, we were strangers. I was living on my own for awhile, with some money the people down at the science center had given me. They had helped me with a funeral and everything. They’re very generous people. I had refused to call you and ruin your studies, but that left me all alone, despite all the love I was receiving around me. Thats when I met Curtis. We were both working at the same bakery. He was looking for some income and I was looking to forget my problems. Our relationship came quickly and so did Kylie. But, Curtis was overjoyed and asked me to marry him. We’re engaged.”
Noah waited for her to finish before he poured out his feelings to her. The “dreaming” Noah watched from a distance in horror. His heart hurt more than anything he’s ever felt before…but he didn’t know why. Who was she? Why had she left such an impact on him?

“Damn it Corrine!” Noah cried out. “You should never question calling me! Even if it was two in the morning and I had finals the next day, I’d answer. You’re more important to me than my studies. I needed to know how you were doing and I was living in blissful ignorance for seven years.” 

“You could have come sooner,” She whispered.

Noah shook his head. “You know thats not true. You told my parents to lie to me. My mother told me that you were studying to be a chef in Monte Vista for four years and you couldn’t contact anyone because of the intense workload. She told me that you would contact me when it was all over. So, I let you be and I went to study in university. There were so many party invites and dates I had declined because I couldn’t stop thinking about you. The four years were torcher and when I came out…my parents had no choice but to tell me the truth. They had said that they didn’t want to hurt me and you didn’t intend for anything bad to happen, you were just protecting my feelings. But…I don’t understand why. I could have came to Lucky Palms and been with you.”

“And give up your dream of being a doctor? Sims University has the best medical program in the world and you were practically given a free ride!” She had cried out. Kylie snuggled closer to her mother’s chest and yawned. “I couldn’t do that to you.”

“I could have studied here in Lucky Palms. I wish I would have known. Now look…I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was devastated. Seeing you with a child, and engaged is literally tearing my heart to shreds. I want nothing more than to be with you. I love you Corrine Blantan.”

“Noah….stop. It’s going to be Corrine Lutz soon. You were the one who told me to move on if I felt I needed to. I couldn’t wait for you forever.”

“You told me that you’d wait for me…” Noah whispered.

“I was young and stupid back then. Now I’m an adult and I can’t be happier with the life I’ve chosen. I’m sorry Noah, but I hope we can still be friends.” She waited for a response but she got no answer. “I have to go and put Kylie down for a nap. I think its best you leave.”

“Right…” Noah said and dragged his feet across the sidewalk and to his broken down car. “Have a nice life.”

Noah had jolted awake suddenly. What the? Did that all really happen? His heart still hurt for a girl he didn’t know. He wondered if he’d ever feel that way about losing Farina.

“Get out of the dream pod. NOW!” Mason demanded furiously.

Noah had realized he was in the real world and jumped up surprised. “I was just taking a nap….I swear.”

Where the hell is Farina?” He growled.

“She’s just taking a shower…”

“That little….she tricked you Noah. She’s not in this damn house.” He lunged towards the dazed Noah and held his arms tightly around his back. “I told her there’d be consequences if she disobeyed me. Now she’s going to see them.”

Noah tried to struggle out of his grip, but he only felt darkness.

_________________________________________________________________________________Dun Dun Dun. What will happen next? Will Noah find out his true past? Where is Corrine, Emit and the Gray family? What is Mason going to do to Noah? Where did Farina run off to? Stay tuned! Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “2.4 Dreams Turn to Nightmares

  1. Whoa, the dream pod is bringing memories back, not that Noah knew if it was real or not, LOL.
    Jeez, Corrine. Communication problems, from the “he said she said” way of relaying information, and you trusted that? Maybe you don't deserve Noah. It's always so much better to just chance it, calling him to see what he himself says, not just relying on other's words.
    Anyway, still don't know if that's what actually happened between them or if it was just a dream. 😀
    O_O Mason knocked Noah out. I wonder what's going to happen to Farina since she escaped.


  2. Corinne are you for real… Noah is sweet and hit and would do anything for you if you have him the chance to. And you'd threw it away… Unless it's not real?

    Noah's I'm trouble now, Mason holds al the cards, I just hope Farina has gone for help or has a plan!


  3. Oh brother! Both of them! I wish I could believe that the dream we real, but I don’t know. 4 years is a long time. There will never be a break, ever?
    Uh-oh, I wonder what will happen to Farina. I guess I’m not surprised she tricked Noah, but I am a little.


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