2.6 Family Affair

“While we wait, I want to talk to you. How do you know Noah?” Daisy asked.

Farina contemplated telling the truth, but her story had to match up to Noah’s. Would he wake up with all of his memories, or would he still think they were married? She could easily lie her way out of the marriage thing if he gained back his memories but there would be no way to explain it to Noah if he thought they actually were together. He’d hate her for lying, and being his “wife” left her as the only person he had. Yes, his sister was there but there was a high chance he wouldn’t remember who she was. This would no doubt throw a curveball in Mason’s direction. Farina decided that keeping the ruse up would keep Mason in check and prolong his next attack.  “We’re married.”

“Married!?” Daisy cried out. “How is that even possible….he would have told us if he got married! There’s no way…he’s in love with Corrine.”

Farina, having spent most of her time prior watching over Noah, knew everything about him. She knew about Corrine, and she knew about Noah’s intense love for her. She hadn’t anticipated Daisy calling her bluff, and she had a lot more lying to do to convince her. “I don’t know who Corrine is. Noah came to Oasis Landing almost a year ago. He became an astronomer and met me at work. Now, we’re married.”

“I don’t believe you!” Daisy said rudely. “Noah never kept his family out of the loop. Besides…he knew Corrine for years. Theres no way he’d marry you after only knowing you for a year.”

“He-” Farina began but was cut off by the entrance of a young male.

“Daisy! You found him? Is he alright?” Farina gasped. It was the man she was hoping never to run into again. Caleb Gray. Her former best friend. She cared so much about him, trusted him completely with her life and feelings. She accepted the name and personality he gave her, only to be tossed aside once he got older. He stopped believing in her.

“He’s alright. His heart rate stabilized. We have him in a dream pod until he wakes up,” Daisy said.

“Thank the watcher. What happened to him though?” Caleb asked.

“Its a long story, and honestly, I’m hoping Farina here will explain once everyone gets here.”

Farina gulped at Caleb’s gaze. “I uhm…well….”

“Your full name is what?” Caleb peered at her facial expression.

“Farina….” She paused for a moment to think of something. “Moon. Farina Moon.”

“Hmmm…thats weird. Something about you is so familiar, but I know we’ve never met before. I would remember your crazy hair and outfit.”

“I get that feeling too…” Farina said.

Another boy walked into the room, Kayden Gray.

“Farina, these boys are my brothers as well. The boy who just walked in now is Kayden, my twin. And the guy you’ve been talking to is Caleb our older brother. You can understand why we’re all concerned about Noah, right?”

Farina nodded.

Farina is your name? Who exactly are you?” Kayden interrogated.

She says she’s Noah’s wife. You can retract that statement if you’d like. I’ll give you another chance to tell the truth,” Daisy said.

“I am Noah’s wife.” No use in changing her story now.

“Noah’s wife?” Kayden frowned. “I don’t think you’re his type. You’re too…well, just not his type.”

“I’m too what?” Farina asked, offended. “Too awesome?”

“He just means the way you’re dressed. You have to know that cupcake dress and half purple and white hair isn’t exactly conventional.” Caleb intervened.

“Yeah, I get it. But…Noah doesn’t care about how I look. He likes my personality…”

“How did you guys meet?” Caleb asked.

She didn’t think after all this time she’d still be comfortable talking to Caleb like she was. “That part of my story does need some revising.” Farina sighed.

“Where is he? We got over here as soon as we could!” A pink haired woman came into the room, followed by an elderly man.

“He’s sleeping now, don’t worry. His vitals are all stable.” Daisy told her.“But, we have much more to worry about, and I hope Farina could explain. We were just waiting for you to get here. Farina, these are our parents, Athena and Levi.”

“Mom and Dad to you.” Levi told Daisy.

“Right, whatever.” She mumbled.

“Tell us exactly what happened to our son,” Athena urged.

“Well when I cam across Noah, Farina and I were looking for something to help her solve her problems, which I’m guessing was with that guy with the blue and black hair. We had unlocked this mysterious space ship and inside Noah was all beat up and bloodied. This guy with black and blue hair was there and telling Farina that it was all her fault for not doing what she was told. Apparently he had beaten up Noah.” Daisy presented the puzzle pieces.

“Thats all still very confusing,” Kayden said.

“Well…thats where Farina comes in. She has to fill us in.”

“Right…” Farina took a deep breath. She didn’t think she could lie to the entire family. Lying to Noah was one thing, but the WHOLE family was something else. Should she even attempt it? “My name is not Farina Moon like I told you Caleb. My real name is Puzzle. Puzzle Gray. I’m your imaginary friend.”

You can’t expect me to believe that, can you?” Caleb frowned. “Imaginary friends are imaginary. Not real.”

“But I am real. Mason, that guy you saw Daisy, used some kind of chemical on your doll and brought me to life. This chemical isn’t reacting well to this future environment though, especially not the meteor showers. You have to believe me Caleb, I know everything about you and your family, especially your siblings. We used to play everything together, until you grew up and stopped believing in me. You confided in your uncle Elliot instead of me. I tried not to be jealous…but I was because I was supposed to be your best friend forever.”

“Thats impossible.” Caleb shook his head. “If you’re my imaginary friend, then who was my first crush? I never told anyone this, and its not Malissa.”

She leaned over to Caleb and whispered it into his ear. She had remembered this info clearly. He turned a bright red. “You really are Puzzle then.”

“I am. But, Noah thinks I’m his wife, Farina.”

“Because of  Mason?” Athena frowned. “I thought we had gotten rid of him.”

“That would be too easy for us. He’s meant to give us hell.” Levi sighed. “Tell us exactly what Mason is forcing you to do. He’s my brother, I can deal with him.”

Now it was Puzzle’s turn to be shocked. “He’s your brother? But he’s so young. No wait…I didn’t mean it like that!” 

“Its alright. He’s a time traveler and they don’t age. I’ve settled down here with my lovely wife and have since began aging, much more rapidly than her.”

Oh hush. I’ll be catching up with you soon.” Athena hit his arm playfully.

“Well Mason…he took Noah hostage from his home in Lucky Palms. He took advantage of Noah’s heartbreak over Corrine and lured him to Oasis Landing, but the time portal erased Noah’s memory. I was instructed to tell Noah that I was his wife Farina and that Mason was my brother or else he’d hurt Noah, and that was the last thing I wanted. Turns out he went against his word, and he hurt Noah. I want to make him pay.”

Caleb frowned. “Dad…you never told us you had a brother.”

Levi shook his head. “He was a terrible person and I didn’t want that kind of negativity in your lives. Trust me on this one. He hurt your brother imagine what he would have done if I let him into your lives sooner?”

“We understand daddy.” Daisy piped up.

“Why does this Mason guy want Noah in the future?” Kayden asked.

Farina frowned. She wouldn’t tell them when Caleb was there. The reason was to eliminate the Gray family, all except Caleb. She decided lying would be the only option. “I don’t really know. I was just told to keep Noah in the dark about his real past. He doesn’t think he has a family besides me.”

“Farina….where am I?” Noah had waltzed into the room.

Noah! You’re supposed to be asleep, what are you doing out of bed?” Daisy panicked.

“I’m fine, except for my back which hurts. But…who are you? And the rest of you guys?” He rubbed his eyes. “Am I still dreaming?”

“Farina has a lot of explaining to do,” Athena said to him.

“Yeah, come with me. Lets talk…” She had ushered him to the next room. She didn’t know how she’d explain this all to Noah.

“Noah listen—“ Puzzle was cut off by Noah’s lips on hers. She had forgotten everything she was going to say. She melted into Noah’s arms. She had never felt this sensation before. What was it?

“I don’t really know whats going on….or who all those people are in that room, but after Mason took me into that ship, I was terrified that I’d leave you all alone. I was in and out of the dream world but all I could think about was you. I’m sorry I don’t remember our marriage, but I know now that I love you more than anything, so if falling in love all over again is what it takes, that’s what I’m going to do. I love you Farina.”

She was ready to tell Noah the truth. She had to. She confessed to his family and they would no doubt tell Noah if she didn’t. But…she felt so good in his arms. She never wanted that feeling to stop. Would he change his mind if he knew about the truth? Would he try to find Corrine again? Puzzle didn’t know if she could risk losing Noah one more time.

Sorry for the delay! What did you guys thinks? Corrine and Noah or Farina/Puzzle and Noah?

7 thoughts on “2.6 Family Affair

  1. The whole family in one place. Mason could get rid of all of them all at once if he knew. Poor Farina having to confess everything to them but she should have included what she knew about Mason's plans. I'm not sure if Noah and Farina would be a good together. It seems Noah is just making himself love her because he thinks they're married. But I'm not on board with Corinne either, since she didn't wait for him like she said she would. I need a third choice. LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh wow, so much drama. I can't believe Noah had that epiphany right then at that moment. I hope he doesn't go back to Corrine, I really don't like her. I can't wait for the next chapter! and hopefully to see more of Noah and Farina together


  3. Man that's a lot of information for them all to process. I think I'm leaning towards Farina and Noah… She just needed someone to want her and now Noah does it's the worst possible moment! Nice to see the while family together again 🙂


  4. Hi PartySim! I am back to catching up on your story. 😛 I kind of like Puzzle better than Corinne because she’s part of the family already, LOL, it will be easier for Noah. Plus, I don’t remember if Puzzle was Caleb’s girlfriend or just his friend.


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