2.8 The Truth will Set You Free

Emit had to come and save the day in the last chapter. Question is, will Noah choose to believe him? 

Noah spent hours contemplating his situation. He compiled the list of supposed “facts” in his head. Or, things others had told him.
                                1) His full name was Noah Gray
                                2) He had a family [Two brothers, a sister and two parents]
                                3) Farina was his wife
                                4) Mason was a bad guy trying to destroy the future
                                5) He lived in Lucky Palms
                                6) Corrine…whoever she was…had a child and it hurt him.
                                7) He was a former bot builder
                                8) Emit Relevart was the one with the power to change the future

He didn’t know what on the list was actually true and what wasn’t. The only thing he had experienced himself was number four and number six. The others were all information coming from other’s mouths.

“Hey, dude.” Kayden nudged Noah. “Turn on the TV, everyone is talking about the news right now. It’s gotta be something big.”
“Oh…uh right.” Noah absentmindedly fiddled with the remote.
“Any day now,” Kayden grumbled before snatching the remote from his hands. Yeah, they were brothers, but it had been ticking Kayden off that Noah couldn’t remember his own family. Today he had been even more absentminded than usual. “Whats gotten into you? You’ve never been like this.”
Noah raised his eyebrow at Kayden. Could that have been a hint? “What do you mean never been like this? We’ve only known each other for a few days and even so…we’ve never really talked, so how do you know how I usually act?”
Oh finally, a holo TV. The big announcement is about to start, channel 7 please boys.” Athena waltzed into the room, successfully dispelling the altercation.
Attention all citizens of Oasis Landing. My name is Freida Mars, news anchor extraordinaire with an important announcement. We have possible coordinates for Emit Relevart’s location. Two girls sharing his DNA have been found in Lucky Palms. Forensic scientists are trying to determine what their connection with the time keeper is. This information is being faced with much opposition.. The residents of Oasis Landing are not happy about Emit’s re-submergence and hope that he stays out for good.” The news anchor pointed behind her where a group of people were protesting. Signs read things like, “Down with Emit!” and “Disappear for good!”
Noah bit his lip. The Emit in his dream said he had two daughters, Lorie and Leia in Lucky Palms and so far, the news was confirming it. What else did he say that would come true? Was it just a coincidence? He hoped, in the back of his mind, that somehow….Emit had the power to make everything right.
“Emit is in Lucky Palms? But I thought he closed off the portal to jumping worlds. I have to go talk to Levi. Emit’s prescence in Lucky Palms is either false information, or the future is in worse shape than we imagined,” Athena said aloud.
Kayden looked mortified. “This future stuff is getting really bizarre. Mom…what does this mean for our future?”
“Don’t worry about it sweety. I will never let anything happen to you or the future generations of the Gray family. That’s why I chose who I chose to head the family. I’m sure he’s going to take good care of the family.”
“How…if he can’t even remember that he’s part of our family!?” Kayden cried out, obviously frustrated.
Strike Two, Noah thought. Could they have been talking about him? He was the only one with amnesia around, and since the dream with Emit…he had been questioning the familiar pink hair on both Athena’s and Caleb’s head. 
“Kayden…” Daisy said breathlessly. She had run into the room. “Good news or bad news?”
They found Emit…the guy mom and dad say can stop that crazy guy. But, mom said he’s not supposed to be where they found him.”
“Where did they find him?” She asked.
“They think he’s in Lucky Palms.” Noah sat back and watched the two talk. He wanted that kind of relationship. He felt empty inside. Though he cared about Farina…what they had wasn’t what Daisy and Kayden had. The twins were inseparable and Noah was honestly jealous. He wanted more than anything to be part of a family, but he had to be sure that they were his first. 
“Noah…you don’t look so happy. This could be good news.” Daisy gushed to her  older brother.
 He looked down at her and shook his head. “It’s nothing to do with that. I’ve just been thinking. Uhmm…is your dad’s hair black or brown? I mean I know its Grey now but I mean before. Your brother has pink hair like his mom but you guys don’t.”
“Hmm…that’s a weird thing to think about. Our dad’s natural hair is red. I have brown hair like our…I mean my grandfather Bruce.”
Noah waited for her to continue but she just frowned. Kayden looked visibly upset as well. “Is something wrong?”
“Our grandfather is dead now,” Daisy said softly. What really bothered her was that Noah couldn’t even remember his best friend, Grandpa Bruce. “Anyway, Kayden is the odd one out. His black hair traces way back in the family somewhere. Dad was always a little upset that none of us had red hair like him but he loves us all anyway.”

“Do you think my mother or father had pink hair?” Noah said as he fiddled with his own.
“I’m positive they did.” Daisy smiled reassuringly. 
Downstairs, Caleb had tried to convince Puzzle to tell Noah the truth, but this time with a different approach. 
“Hello Puzzle…my name is Puzzle too. Lets be friends!” Caleb said in the highest voice he could muster. 
Is that…me? That can’t be my old body can it?” Puzzle asked.
This is you. Look right here on the tag. It’s marked. The puzzle piece was your idea. Remember?”
Puzzle gasped and put her hand on her lower back. “I have that marking on this body too!” She attempted to lift her dress but Caleb protested.“Jeez that’s how your brother first reacted too.” Puzzle shook her head.
Did you think I would come to the future without you? After Noah left for boarding school, the twins were always together and I was lonely once again. I had become attached to you again, but I guess this time…it was just the doll and not the spirit.”
“I uh…I wish I could remember that.” She frowned.
“Listen to me, or to yourself. This doll has been passed down to every Gray child. There isn’t anyway we’d abandon you. I know that you love the attention Noah gives you. But…it isn’t right. Remember that time when we played castle? You were the Knight that was supposed to protect Noah. You promised me you would. Don’t go back on your word now. Puzzle please. You’re only hurting Noah now.”
“Hurting Noah?” Puzzle whispered, hand on her heart. “Am I really hurting him?”
“Yes…he thinks your his wife and it’s preventing him from remembering anything else. I’m not saying that Noah shouldn’t love you. You’re incredible…but let Noah…the real Noah have a say.”
“Is it really that bad? I’m sorry…I have to go and tell him right now that I’m not his wife, and that you guys are his real family. Should I tell him that I’m your imaginary friend too?”
“Tell me everything.” Noah said coming into the room.
“Noah!?” Both Caleb and Farina gasped.
How long were you standing there?” Caleb asked.
“For the whole conversation. I didn’t really understand most of it though,” Noah admitted.
She’ll tell you everything. I have to go upstairs and check on something. So I’ll be seeing you guys,” Caleb said before leaving.
The two had moved their conversation to the hallway. 
“You’re not my wife?”
No…my name is Puzzle Gray. I am Caleb’s imaginary friend. Mason brought me to life with some sort of chemical. The chemical reacted to something in those meteors, that’s why I was taken to the hospital that one time, remember?” 
Noah nodded. “Imaginary friend? That’s ridiculous.”
No, it isn’t. Please hear me out. You’re Noah Gray. Your parents are Levi and Athena Gray. Your siblings are Caleb, who is older than you and the twins, Daisy and Kayden who are both younger than you. I used to be a doll. That doll was passed down from Caleb to you and from you to Daisy and then to Kayden. I’ve watched over all of you. I know things about you that you told me that not even your family knows. I’d prove it, but you don’t remember anyway. Mason isn’t my brother either. When he found you…you were in Lucky Palms even though your family is from Lucky Palms. You were chasing after this girl, Corrine. She was everything to you but she broke your heart. You were vulnerable and that’s when Mason came in and brought you back to the future. It was easy for him to erase your memory.  I’ve been lying to you to protect you…”
Noah upon hearing  her last words, pulled her close. “I don’t care if you think you’re really a doll brought to life by some crazy guy. I don’t care if all of that comes true. I don’t even care that you lied to me. I love you, Farina…erm…Puzzle right? You’re the most incredible person I have ever come in contact with, even if I can’t remember them all.”
Puzzle pulled away sharply. Caleb’s words kept echoing through her mind. You’re only hurting him. “I lied to you about your family, where you’ve come from and led you into danger. What is the matter with you? You shouldn’t love me! It was never love for me…I’ve only protected you and did what I had to do because thats what I prmoised your brother I would do!” She snapped. It hurt her to say the last part, but she had to lie to Noah. She didn’t want to hurt him anymore with her feelings. She knew he’d be upset now, but the end justified the means. 

“What are you saying? I need you in my life,” Noah pleaded.

                                     “I’m the only constant in your life right now. You don’t have feelings for me. Forget about all of this and try to get your memories back! You have more important things to worry about than me alright? Now I have to go, goodbye.” She stormed off before Noah could get another word in.

She let her legs carry her. This time, she ended up in a place more dangerous than the abandoned ship. She was at a bar. She downed drink after drink, loving the numbing feeling it gave her. She didn’t stop until she was hungry. Why did being a human hurt so much?

She was so enthralled with her cake that she hadn’t noticed the male that had sit down next to her.

“Slow down there Puzzle. The cake isn’t going anywhere.” That voice, even drunk she could tell who it was.

Leave m.. alone….” She grumbled through mouthfuls of cake. “This…you…fault.” 

“So drinking reverts you back to having the motor skills of a baby?” He teased.

Shut up!” She said angrily. “What do you want from me?”

He grabbed her arm and led her out of her chair. “I want you to know that you’re loved. no matter what anyone tells you.” He sugarcoated his words with a kiss. One in which Puzzle was too drunk to comprehend, let alone stop. She stood there motionless in his arms. “I’ll take care of you. Noah won’t hurt you anymore.”

Dazed but no longer confused, Puzzle snapped. “He didn’t hurt me. He loves me! I’m the one hurting him, you insensitive bastard. How dare you!” She slapped him and stormed off yet again. With a little help from the bar keeper, Puzzle boarded the cab that took her straight home.

The next morning she was ashamed of herself. She fell to her knees and cried. She clutched the doll tightly to her chest as she sobbed. “Why…can’t it be this simple anymore? I thought that this was what I wanted. I’m so confused. I have feelings and desires like I had before but now…Love is different. It isn’t enough to just care about a person…I want to be close to him…I want everything he was willing to give me. But I don’t want to hurt him.” She stared at the doll, hoping it’d say something back. “Of course you’re silent. You’re nothing but stuffing now.”
“Damn it!” Noah shouted as he pounded the table in front of him.
“Woah…calm down there buddy. You don’t want to break anything. It wouldn’t be right.” A pink haired man stood next to him.
“Leave me the hell alone.” 
Broken heart?” He asked.
“How did you know?” Noah raised an eyebrow.
I get like that too when I’ve just gotten my heartbroken. Apparently, its common in the Gray family.”

“What did you say?” Noah asked, and then the pink hair registered. “Are you a part of the Gray family?”
Yeah. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were too. You’ve got our signature pink hair.” He laughed. “My name is Brant Gray. Nice to meet you.”
“I’m Noah.”

“No last name?”
“Not yet.”
That was it. Strike Three. Noah didn’t know how he fit into the Gray family, but there was a connection. Right then and there he had made up his mind. He was going to Lucky Palms to find Emit’s daughters. He had nothing to lose at this point but faith. He would leave first thing in the morning. He didn’t want to attach himself to the possibility of having a family in Athena, Levi, Caleb, Kayden and Daisy. He also wanted to give Farina…Puzzle…whatever her name was time to get her story straight. He cared immensely about her, and her story…as crazy as  it sounded, seemed to match up with what was happening. Some space would cure everything, at least that’s what he’d hoped.
Phew! That was a lot. So, just as an announcement for the next few chapters, Noah is going to meet Emit’s daughters. He’ll have a moment with both of them, and then I’m going to do something  I haven’t done (or seen yet in the legacies I’m currently reading). Four way spouse poll. You can thank DandyLion240 for this idea. Thank you! Your comment on the previous chapter about not liking either spouse got me thinking, and I absolutely love making sims, so I thought, why not four spouses to choose from? Let me know if this idea is totally crazy. I’m letting you guys know this now so you can start scoping out the possible wives xD As always, thank you for reading and commenting!

7 thoughts on “2.8 The Truth will Set You Free

  1. I'm glad Farina finally told Noah the truth even if he doesn't believe it. It has be so confusing to not know who you are and have the only person you thought you knew tell you she's not. But in a way he knows it otherwise he wouldn't wonder why there is no sparks between them when they kiss. I feel so bad for Noah right now. He needs some distance from his family and Farina. Glad he's going to Lucky Palms and I hope it helps him sort his feelings out. Can't wait to meet Emits' daughters. I'm hoping one of them will be able to help him. As far as Farina goes I'm glad she finally told the truth and I feel sorry for the heartache she's going through but with her in Noah's life Mason would always have a way in too. As the person who gave her life Mason would always have a connection to her. Glad I inspired you with your spouse poll – hope it works out.


  2. Glad that Farina came clean instead of just keep doing what felt good in the short term. I really hope that Noah goes back to her because I have so much love for her look and personality, look forward to seeing how the spouse poll worked out though maybe I'll totally fall for one of Emit's daughters.

    Also it's nice to have Noah back at the helm, let's hope that lucky palms starts to bring him some answers!


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