2.9 The Twins

My story has over 2,000 views! I’m ecstatic! Thank you all for reading and commenting, it means a lot to me! In this chapter, we meet Emit’s daughters. Lets begin! 🙂


Inspired, Noah took to his room to pack the little things he had in the base camp. He looked out the window, it was getting late and he had no idea how to get to Lucky Palms. Emit had not given him that information. He thought back to their original conversation, remembering nothing but the names of Emit’s daughters. He checked the clock. It was nearly midnight, and he had no leads. Maybe if he took a nap, Emit would visit him with more information. He awoke three hours later. He hadn’t even dreamed at all.

Frustrated, Noah got dressed and made his way downstairs. With so much on his mind, he couldn’t go back to sleep. He rummaged through the many bookshelves in the building, asked the serving plumbots and even searched the internet, but nothing came up. How was he supposed to get to Lucky Palms??

“Noah…what are you doing? I’m trying so hard to ignore you, but you’re making a lot of noise,” Farina complained. She was seated on the couch behind him.

“Oh…um, sorry,” Noah mumbled. The wound was still very much open and both of the former lovers couldn’t look each other in the eyes. “I um…you know what, nevermind.”

“You want to go to Lucky Palms, right?” She sighed.

“How did you know?” Noah asked, shocked.

“Isn’t it obvious? You know the truth now, why wouldn’t you go and chase your past?”

“Right…I need to find out for sure if what you, and everyone else is telling is true. I need to find myself.”

I understand completely, thats why I’m going to tell you where the time portal is and what you have to do to get to Lucky Palms. I’ve written it all down here for you. It was nice getting to spend time with you. I wish you the best of luck in your pursuit.” With that she got up.

“Wait…you’re not going to show me the way?” Though he planned on leaving without saying goodbye, the whole confrontation turned his world upside down. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. How would he leave?

You don’t need me to. You know exactly what you have to do, and I’m not part of it. Finding yourself…I can’t help with that. I’ve only made it worse for you.” She left, with an emotionless look on her face. What was she going to do? She needed to give him his space, as much as she was told she needed her own.

He followed her instructions. Up to the top of the building. He was only there for a few days, but he had never noticed the large time portal that was pretty much out in the open. Either it had just been put there, or Noah was oblivious to his surroundings. Noah wouldn’t doubt either option. He had been in his own little bubble the entire time he was in the future. He was stuck in the world that others put him in. Now, he was finally going to pop that bubble.

 Conveniently, the time portal had left him in front of what he assumed was Emit’s daughter’s house. The house was located on a port. It was surrounded by water, with a huge boardwalk holding it up. The view was amazing. It must have been great living in such a serene area. It was still dark out, and Noah decided to wait a few hours before he woke up the girls. He decided to sit by the lake until 8:00 am when he finally gathered up the courage to knock on the door. His heart was beating in anticipation.

“Hey, I’m Noah…” He started.

“Gray. Right. My dad told us about you. I’m Lorie Relevart. It’s nice to meet you.” She extended her hand.

“Is your dad here? I have so many questions…”

“Nope. It’s just me and my twin sister. I haven’t actually met my dad before, but I have all your answers.”

“How is that even possible??” Noah asked, bewildered.

“He visits us the same way he visited you. Through our dreams. We thought nothing of it, until both Leia and I were having the same dreams. I know we’re twins but thats not possible. Do you want to come inside?”

“Uhmm yeah. Thanks.” Noah nodded.

“Leia…he’s finally here. This is Noah Gray. Just take a seat over there, I’ll make us some food. I heard time travel makes you hungry.” Noah looked down at his stomach. He was kind of hungry…

“Fifteen more points, and I’ll make it on the leaderboard! Take that you alien scum!” The girl on the couch, Leia, yelled at the screen. Noah looked around him. The girl was playing video games on what looked like a pretty new system. The television was a flat screen, no holo TV, but still impressive. Everything else though seemed to be…ordinary. Leia had been sitting on a makeshift couch, a cushion she had placed on top of some stacked crates.

She began pounding a button on the controller. “Missiles launched. NO NO NO. Damn it! I was so close!”

“What game are you playing?” He asked. Video games were readily available in the future, but Noah never had the chance to sit down and actually try them. He was constantly working and hanging out with Farina…Puzzle, hanging out with Puzzle. He shook his head. That wasn’t his life anymore, or it never was to begin with. He didn’t know.

“Alien Invasion 5. It’s the newest installment. They come out with a new one every year.” Leia smiled. “Do you want to play?”

“Me? I’ve never played a game in my life…I don’t even know how.”

“Excuses, excuses. Lorie is going to be a while anyway. She’s not the best cook, and there’s only so much you can do with a microwave. It’s probably better if we let her get it out of her system and just go out to eat.”

Hey! I’ve already put it in the microwave! You guys are eating this hot oatmeal whether you like it or not!”

“You can’t force our guest to undergo that kind of torture!” Leia called back.

Ungrateful little…” Lorie mumbled.

In the other room, Leia had convinced Noah to play Alien Invasion 5.

“I don’t get it…I have to shoot the aliens?” Noah frowned.

“Yes! They’re trying to take over our world, so we have to kill them. The more you kill, the higher power your weapon gets. If you kill a bunch in a row, you get extra points.”

Noah stared at the girl. She was peculiar. She was so different from the other girls he had encountered just a few days ago. Daisy, his “sister” was girly. She wore pink and loved to cook. He noticed that she was always careful with her appearance. Farina was dainty, almost like a doll. She loved the color purple and cared so much about her look, no matter how out there it looked to others. His “mother” Athena had perfectly styled hair. The Corrine girl he had seen in his dream wore a small dress and conducted herself in a refined way. Even Lorie also was very girly upon first impression. But Leia, she wore a Tshirt and jeans. Her shoes were sneakers, not heels. She wore only light makeup around her eyes and her hair was pulled up into a messy ponytail. She seemed comfortable and laidback. Noah was intrigued by how different she was from the other girls he had met. She was confident in her casual attire and love of video games, which made her radiate.

“Keep your eyes on the game Noah! Theres an alien coming from the left, shoot it!” 

“I’m trying, what button is shoot again?” Noah asked.

“Come in here and eat, food is ready!” Lorie called. Noah was relieved. Leia’s love for video games was intense, and he didn’t think he’d be able to keep up.

“How was the meal?” Lorie asked.

It was…uhm….kind of….different,” Noah answered.

“You don’t have to lie to spare her feelings.” Leia teased.

I wasn’t lying, I’ve honestly never tasted anything like that before…” Noah wrinkled his nose.

“Ok…so I’m not the best cook. Sue me. At least I tried!” Lorie defended.

“I appreciate the thought. But…I came here to talk about the future and my past. I need to get my memory back and your dad said you were the girls to go to.”

“Well, we can help you with saving the future and all of that jazz, but finding a cure for amnesia is difficult. You might never get your memory back…”

“Lorie! Stop it! We’re going to help you to the best of our ability. Your past affects the future immensely. Dad made it a point to say that it is absolutely vital to the future for the Gray legacy to be preserved.”

“The future…it’s dark. There’s trash everywhere, people don’t care about one another, they lie and say they’re doing it to protect you…the world is in shambles and there’s nothing but disaster. How could people let it get that far…?”

“We honestly don’t know.” Lorie answered. “We don’t know all the details and we don’t have ALL of the answers, but we can communicate with our father more freely than you can. We were normal girls a few months ago. Leia and I just graduated college not too long ago. We were living in Bridgeport. Until one day, the dreams got too intense. It turns out, I wasn’t drinking too much. My very sober sister was having the same dreams and we decided on a whim to listen to the guy who kept appearing night after night. We ended up in Lucky Palms.”

“Nobody would take our degrees seriously, Bridgeport Uni was the party school that everyone got accepted to. We couldn’t get a good paying job, and thats why we’re living like this. Emit….he promised us a better life.” Leia cut in.

Jesus Leia. You have his hair color. You never found it weird that you were born with blue hair? He is our father, I know it!” 

“Just don’t get your hopes up.” She shrugged and went back into the other room to play her video games.

“You know…she spends all of her money on those stupid video games. She had to buy the most expensive TV and that stupid game system. That could have bought us more important things. Things that we needed. She’s in her own little world. Emit is our dad, but she just can’t believe it.” Lorie turned to Noah.

“You have to understand one thing.” Noah said. “I’ve lost my memory. I trusted this girl who told me she was my wife. I didn’t believe it at first, but the idea began to grow on me. I was in love with the idea so I didn’t see the truth around me. I’m still naive, because I can’t stop thinking about her. Your sister, she doesn’t want that to happen. I don’t know about your lives, but I do know that your expectation versus the reality of the situation is easy to get lost in. She doesn’t want to get her hopes up.”

I guess you’re right….but, it isn’t like that Catfish show you see on TV. He knows about us. He told us the story of him and our mom. It makes sense!”

“I don’t know about any of that. I’m sorry.”

Its alright. I don’t know what I was expecting you to do,” She sighed. After a moment of silence, she spoke up again. “You can’t roam around Lucky Palms with that getup. You need to change your style, otherwise all of the attention is going to be on you.”

“Right…where can I buy some clothes?”

“Just follow me!”

Lorie led Noah upstairs. “You came so early, I never had the chance to get dressed myself. Our dad did warn us about you, so I went out to the store and got you some clothes. Pick out what you like and the rest I’m going to return to the store so be careful with the tags. I’ll be back out in a minute.”

“Alright! Much better!” Lorie cheered, “You could have went for something a little less plain, but it’s still better than what you had on.”

“Well…now what?” Noah was eager to learn about his past and move on with his life.

“We can’t move to phase two of our plan until I know I can trust you. I want to know that you’re reliable, so you’re coming with me to this huge party tomorrow. You have to be dressed up, you can choose from the pile I left you. Tonight, you can sleep on the couch until we find you better sleeping conditions.”

The couch is fine but…how is a party going to prove me to be reliable?” 

“I need to see how you react to the public and if you have any other intentions than saving the future. You know stuff like that.”

“I don’t get it…”

“Don’t worry about it, just be ready tomorrow by like seven. I have work but I’ll come home to pick you up afterwards.”

“Fine…” Noah gave in.

“You did what!?” Leia practically shouted.

“Shh…he’s sleeping now. All I need is a date to that gala tomorrow. He’s handsome. The pink hair will drive those sophisticated arrogant jerks up the wall. He’s perfect.”

“No Lorie. He isn’t a toy. We were given specific instructions by Emit. We can’t get attached. We save the future, ship him off to his girlfriend with the purple hair and then they get married and continue the legacy. Thats it.”

You’re afraid that he’s going to leave if you get attached…”

“I know that he has to leave, so why bother getting to know him? I’m fine playing video games with him once and a while, but thats it. I know you’re not going to cancel this stupid thing, so after this…NO MORE LEISURE TIME. He has a girl that he’s destined to be with back in the future. It’s not you.”

“Oh shut up. I’m going to bed.” Lorie stormed off. Leia followed.

“It’s your turn in the sleeping bag.” Leia challenged.

“I slept in it last night!”

“Yeah, but you’re the one causing trouble.” It was best not to bother her sister when she was like this.



Well, what did you think of the twins so far? Do you have a favorite girl for Noah? A few more chapters and I’ll launch a spouse vote!

6 thoughts on “2.9 The Twins

  1. I like both of them. But why does Leia think he's destined to be with the purple hair? I also liked it when she told her sister 'he's not a toy'. LOL I'm undecided which of the twins I like more, I was gravitating towards Leia at first but Lorie obviously likes how he looks.


  2. Leia is basing all of her knowledge solely on what Emit told her and Lorie in their dreams. She knows little about Farina/Puzzle but she's throwing her in Lorie's face so she doesn't get attached to Noah. You'll see why later on.


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