2.11 Sweet Treat

In light of the spouse poll, this chapter will be majority in Leia’s point of view.

“What the heck are you doing on my game?” Leia asked. She had just woken up.

“Playing it, what else?” Lorie smirked.

“But…you don’t even know how to set it up! You could have broken something!” Leia whined.

That’s why I asked Noah to help me, duh!”

“Noah!” Leia cried.

“Sharing is caring.” He shrugged.

Leia looked extremely put off. “Its my stuff, you can’t just come in here and do whatever you please!”

“You’re right. I’m sorry.” Noah apologized. “It won’t happen again.”

“Damn right it won’t.” Leia mumbled.

“Relax, I told him that I had permission from you but he doesn’t want to get me in trouble.”

“Oh. Well in that case, pass me a controller then!”

The three played for awhile until Lorie informed everyone that they actually had to do things today.

Lorie had suggested that Leia take Noah to the library today to see if they could find out anything about time travelers. She knew it was a long shot, but her and Lorie had honestly no idea other than what Emit had told them about the future and even that wasn’t much. They couldn’t just wait for him to appear again. Leia didn’t mind taking Noah to the library but she wasn’t keen on the fact that they’d be alone. Lorie had to go to work, or so she claimed. Leia was pretty sure she hung out all day and brought home revenue from her art. If Lorie had a steady job, they might not have to be taking turns sleeping on the single bed that they had. She didn’t know how long Noah would be here, but he couldn’t sleep on the couch forever. 
“I appreciate you taking me, Leia. The sooner we find out what we’re supposed to do about the future, the sooner I’ll be out of your hair.” 
“Don’t get your hopes up though. We don’t even know what kind of information we’re looking for.”
“Leia…you’re the best with finding information on the computer. Don’t worry about it.” If Leia didn’t know any better, she’d think Lorie was trying to get her to spend some alone time with Noah, for whatever the reason. Probably something to benefit her because obviously, she already expressed an interest in him. She was very sweet to Noah this morning, and very clingy but Noah didn’t seem to notice. Leia scoffed at the thought. Of course those two would end up together somehow. Lorie always had a way with guys, but she had to be careful because Noah would be leaving as soon as he found out what he needed to know.
“Go now guys, before it gets late.” Lorie ushered them out.
The bus ride to the library was mostly quiet. Every time Noah tried to ask Leia a question about herself, she’d give him the bare minimum. Once at the library Leia went straight to one computer and left Noah to find his own information.
Noah typed in “time travelers” but only movies came up. That was getting him nowhere so he tried to be more specific. “Emit Relevart.” No results. Of course not, he hadn’t technically been born yet.  Then he tried, “Oasis Landing.” Still nothing. “Blue haired time traveler.” That yielded few results. He skimmed the information until he reached one of those parody newspapers. 
“Hey, Leia…over here. Does this look like a real newspaper article?”
Leia looked up from her computer and scanned Noah’s screen. “The Sims Chronicle has been bankrupt for awhile but it is a real newspaper. It used to be very reputable here in Lucky Palms as well as in Riverview and Sunset Valley.”
“So, this could potentially be real?”
“Well whats the date?”

“August 30, 1987.”
“1987? It was still around then, so it could be real. it looks legit to me.”
“1987…it says that this time traveler had been intimate with an ‘orange haired beauty’. If it is Emit, couldn’t that girl be your mother? It matches up with the date…and he did say he was your father right?”
“No.” Leia shook her head furiously without giving it a second thought. “Emit isn’t my dad. I’m sure of it. If  he was, he’d be in my life. He has the power to do that. Besides, Lorie and I grew up in Bridgeport.”
“But what if she lived in Lucky Palms before you were born?” Noah asked.
“It doesn’t make any sense, Noah so just drop it.”
Yes it does. We’re on to something here.” 
“Gosh, just stop talking Noah. I never knew my mom. She left me and Lorie in some orphanage in Bridgeport and left, alright? I know nothing about her and finding out about her affair with some blue haired freak has nothing to do with getting your memory back.” Leia snapped. 
“Wait, Leia…don’t walk away!” Noah called to the girl. She had already left the room and sat by the couches in the silent area of the library. “I didn’t know any of that, I’m sorry!”
“Shhhh!” The librarian hushed him. 
Noah mouthed a sorry and sat next to Leia. “I’m sorry.”
“Its alright, but don’t ever bring up my past again.”
Leia…your past makes you who you are. I’m fighting so hard to get my past back…and you’re trying so hard to lose it. You have to understand why this is so important to me.”
You probably had a good past, if you were around me when I was a child, you’d want to forget your past too.”
I don’t think so. I’d still want to know where I came from and what circumstances led me to where I am today.”
“No.” She looked Noah straight in the eye. “It’s different when your past just reminds you how nobody wants you. There was never a moment in my life that I was happy with who I was. I wasn’t the perky sweet little girl that Lorie was. They always wanted to adopt her, but never me. I was the quiet tom boy. They thought I suffered from depression or something. They didn’t even bother getting to know me. They wanted the easy going Lorie, but she wouldn’t leave without me. Family after family would come in, fall in love with Lorie and toss her asie once they knew they’d have to take me too. Can you believe it? Why would your parents, who are supposed to love you, leave you to be in a situation like that? Lorie is just so hopeful about this time traveler guy that we only saw in a dream. He didn’t even bother to come in person. If he was my dad, don’t you think he’d be here with me now?” A tear slid down her cheek and Leia quickly wiped it off. She coughed to fill the silence she had left Noah in. She hadn’t meant to tell him all of this. It would no doubt scare him away.
Noah let out a sigh. “What am I going to do with you?” Leia looked up, her eyes red and puffy. The tears wouldn’t stop falling no matter how hard she tried to repress them. “You’re an incredible person and it’s their loss that they didn’t want both of you. Those people lost out on such a dynamic duo. That spectacle this morning? It was hilarious. There is never a dull moment with you guys. You shouldn’t waste your time on people who won’t take the extra effort getting to know the real you.”
Noah had insisted that he would make it up to Leia. He hadn’t known how much the past had hurt her. He called a taxi and asked him to take him somewhere that girls loved. The bakery was where they ended up.
“Anything you want. Price is no option,” Noah said.
Well now that my secrets out, you need to know one thing. Money is always an option, unless it’s about video games.”
Not today. Don’t worry about it. I wouldn’t come to another town without any money. Believe it or not, currency hasn’t changed in the future.”
Leia laughed. “You’d think we were in a movie. Two young adults in a famous bakery, with the guy reminiscing about the future. Except in the movies, the future guy is weird and you’re not. You know what to say and do in this time period.”

“Hmm, I never thought of that. It just confirms that I’m from this time period and I haven’t lost my instincts. I even remember this place a little bit.”

“You do!?” Leia asked.
Yeah…I don’t really know what I did here but I do vaguely remember coming here once…to see someone? I just remember her voice.”
“Maybe she worked here? Is she around here today?” Leia looked around.
“Her name….” he said, suddenly remembering the dream he had in the dream pod. “Corrine. Her name is Corrine…in my dream I was talking to this girl named Corrine and she said she worked here. I recognized the voice. But, I don’t see her around here at all.”
“You remembered somebody!” Leia said excitedly.”Do you know what that means? You’re starting to piece things together. Maybe this Corrine girl can help jog your memory! Do you remember what she looks like and what she was to you?”
She had long orange hair in my dream, with like a beige-ish dress on?” He had his finger on his chin. “I don’t fully understand what we were talking about….but I seemed upset that she had a child and a husband…”

“Could she have been a girlfriend?”
Noah shrugged. He had no idea. He was starting to get anxious and the butterflies came to his stomach. Why was he feeling this way? 
“Are you guys going to order or just stand there?” A voice broke them from their thoughts. It was the cashier. A male. Definitely not Corrine.
“I’ll take a cinnamon bun.” Leia smiled sweetly.
“Same here.” Noah agreed.
“Hey.” She nudged him.
“Why don’t you ask him about Corrine?”
Noah nodded. “Good idea.” When the guy came back with their sweet treats, he asked him about Corrine.
“She hasn’t worked here in awhile. She stays home with her daughter now. I’m actually the guy they got to replace here, oh and that girl over there replaced her fiance. Isn’t it crazy, falling in love at a bakery? Dudes a cop now. Crazy.”
The two thanked him and took their dessert. Noah looked deep in thought.
“Are you remembering something else?”
He shook his head. “I was just thinking.” According to that guy, Corrine was married to a cop. If he could meet up with Corrine, not only would he have a chance at regaining his memories, but he’d also be able to ask this guy if he knew who any guys with the last name Lutz. He had meant to sneak that into his research today, but he was thrown off by Leia’s outburst. It was probably better this way anyway. He didn’t want to chance exposing Lorie’s secret.
The two decided to end the night by goings hopping for some new clothes. Lorie wouldn’t be home for awhile and there was nothing to do at home anyway. At least, that’s what Leia told herself. She was having a lot of fun with Noah. She had saved up enough at work to buy herself a new outfitt and Noah insisted on paying for his own necessities. The two decided to dress in their new outfits and eat at the bistro. A perfect end to a perfect night. Leia shook her head. Did she really think that? It was going to be a lot harder to forget Noah Gray than she had originally thought. 
Getting these pictures was a headache! I spent practically the entire day trying to figure out why my game kept freezing. I think I got it working now! [Hopefully] The spouse poll is open here: Gen 2 Spouse Poll. You can vote more than once 🙂

4 thoughts on “2.11 Sweet Treat

  1. Poor Leia! Always feeling unwanted, no wonder she has trust issues thinking your parents didn't want you and leaving you in an orphanage. I'm hoping that Noah and Leia get together. I like her the best.


  2. Leia, regardless of whether or not she gets with Noah, needs someone like him in her life. Noah has always had a big heart and will never leave the girls in a painful situation if he can avoid it.


  3. Man it seems like the world is filled with terrible people. All if Noahs options have issues up the wazoo! Glad he is making progress though I get the impression he's barely entered the rabbit hole yet!


  4. Well, I’m glad they had a fun time together! Not sure what Lorie is up to but I’m sure well find out soon. Leia seemed really upset about her parent’s hopefully she’ll heal from that. Baggage taken anywhere is rough on any relationships. Denial also ruins things.


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