2.16 The Date

So, I actually thought about scrapping this story yesterday. I must have been crazy to think about giving up on the Gray family! It only lasted a day lol (Good thing I didn’t do anything impulsive and delete the story altogether!) With any story you’ll reach a point that bores you to write, but it’ll get more interesting when you push past that part. I want to thank you for all of your support! This is my first legacy story, so I’ve been using it as a sort of experimental thing with the way I write my generations, so of course there will be a few rough patches. I cannot express how much your support in reading my story means to me, even if you’re a silent reader! Thanks a bunch! Also, look forward to my new side story: How to be a Star which will focus on Caleb Gray and run for only one generation (subject to change). Teaser will be up shortly for that and probably be posted on this blog rather than a new one.


“Are you sure this is necessary?” Leia pulled at the hem of her dress nervously.

“Yes…he wants to go on a date. With you. Leia Relevart. I don’t know how many times I have to spell it out for you. Noah Gray wants to go on a date with you!”

“But, what if you heard him wrong?” Leia frowned.

“I didn’t. He said it loud and clear. You’re the one he wants to go on a date with.”

“Lorie…” From the tone of her sister’s voice she could sense the disappointment. Leia had noticed Lorie’s attachment to Noah in the recent weeks following the recovery of his memory. They had spent most of their time together joking and laughing. Leia felt like she was taking a back seat to her sister, but for once it was the other way around, yet her sister was still here smiling and helping her get ready. “Thank you so much. I know how much he means to you.”

He means so much more to you, Leia. Its just a little crush to me. I just like the attention he gives me, like I’m the center of the universe. Thats all it is, Leia. Unlike you, who can’t seem to go a day without thinking about him.”

“Is it that obvious?” Leia cracked a small smile.

“Yeah, a little bit. But don’t worry, Noah is oblivious.” She smiled at the thought of Noah being just as nervous as her sister was about this. It was only a date but to the two of them, it meant so much more.

 Leia looked into the mirror and almost didn’t recognize herself. The pale pink makeup, paired with the bright yellow dress and high heel shoes. She would have never been able to put this look together on her own. Lorie insisted that she borrow one of her outfits, never once expecting her to pick out a dress! Leia wanted to look her best for Noah. She wanted to impress him and she was nervous as hell about it.

“Hold on Lei,” Lorie cut in. “You can’t go out without doing your hair. Not in a dress like that. You might as well go all out.”

“You mean wear my hair down? But…it’s so frizzy. I don’t really know…”

“Give me a half hour, your hair will look amazing.”

Oh yeah, I forgot we’ve got a future stylist in our house.”

“Shush!” Lorie protested.

“Why are you so embarassed about it? You’re good at it. You look amazing all the time. Everyone asks you for style advice. You could seriously make money with this!”

But, what if somebody doesn’t like my ideas?” Lorie frowned.

“Where is this coming from? You’re the most confident person I know. I’m the shy one here. Every once and a while you’ll fail. We all do. But you have to get up and try again. Prove those haters wrong.”

 Twenty minutes later and Leia’s hair was done. Her hair fell in loose waves passed her shoulders.

“Is this really me?” Leia asked, shocked.

“Yes! You look gorgeous! Noah is going to be drooling the entire time!” Lorie cheered. “Now, go out and meet Noah at the Botanical Gardens, alright?”

“Botanical Gardens? What for?” Leia pondered.

“Top secret information. Just go!”

An hour train ride later and Leia had arrived at the garden. She saw Noah in front of the wishing well. She hing back for a minute and watched him.

 He pulled a quarter out of his pocket and tossed it in the well. “This isn’t the Trevi fountain, but it’ll have to do…”

Leia smiled at him. She felt her heart pound. She couldn’t go through with this. He was so perfect. She felt her feet move on their own. “No!” she thought. “I’m not ready!” Before she knew it she was in front of her dream guy and he was talking to her.

“Leia…is that really you?” Noah was shocked. Standing in front of him was not the T-shirt and jeans loving girl that he knew. Her hair was down and styled and she wore more makeup than usual. He felt his voice get caught in his throat. Seeing her like this made him even more nervous than he was before. He hoped that the wishing well brought him good luck like in the movies. “You look incredible.” 
She blushed furiously and played with her hair nervously. “Thank you.”
There was an awkward silence as Noah admired the transformation. “You weren’t feeling the ironic t shirts today?” He cracked a smile.
She laughed in return. “Its not that. I just wanted to be a girl for the day. You know, wear a dress and go out with a boy.” 
“You look beautiful, but don’t make this an everyday thing, ok? I’m a huge fan of the ironic tees.”
“Really?” He expected her to laugh but she looked deep in thought. “You don’t think I look like a boy with my baggy clothes? I leave everything up to the imagination…”
Noah was perplexed. He had asked Leia out on a date not because of some ulterior motive, but because he thought she was perfect. She never felt pressured to show off her body, she was hilarious to talk to and he loved playing games with her. Never once had he thought she was ugly or anything of the sort. “Leia…I never thought you looked like a boy. I’ve always admired your style. You’re so different from all of the other girls. I don’t feel like I’m talking to some kind of Barbie doll. You put the real you out on the table from the start. You’re so beautiful inside and out. You don’t have to dress differently for me because I love you just the way you are.”
“You love me?” 

“I did say that, didn’t I?”
Leia nodded, biting her lip. Did he really mean it?
I am in love with you Leia Relevart. All of you.”
“Jeans and all?”
“Mhmm.” He grinned and kissed her cheek. “And a lot less makeup. I like to see your face.”
She sighed happily. “Thank goodness. These heels are killing me!” 
Noah laughed and swooped her into his arms. “What are you doing…!” She squeaked.
“I can’t let you walk around with your feet hurting.” 
He gently put her down and made his move. It was now or never. He closed his eyes and leaned in to kiss her. Leia was a bit shocked. She wasn’t expecting a kiss. Not on her first date. 
She melted into him. His lips fell perfectly on hers. She was in heaven for that brief moment. Maybe everything was going to be alright. Maybe it didn’t matter that she didn’t grow up with a family. It didn’t matter that Lorie got all of the attention. The only thing that mattered was Noah. He had seen her for her and the feeling was magical.
These two are so adorable. I can’t wait until they have kids!! I’m already looking forward to generation three!

3 thoughts on “2.16 The Date

  1. Awe what a sweet date. So glad Leia doesn't have to change who she is for Noah. Noah likes her the way she is, minus the high heels and make-up! 🙂 I think their kids will be adorable!


    • Haha thanks, I really don’t know what I was thinking, especially looking back on it now. I’m very proud of how far I’ve come with this story and improved. I WILL be sticking with the Gray family for at least ten generations! Corrine does need to get away from Curtis, but its tricky because they do have a child together, so we can’t completely get rid of him, same as Mason.


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