2.17 Tropical Wedding

So, I’ve been having trouble with this save file for a while. Today, when I tried to start it up, it’d get to live mode and then freeze like six minutes in. I deleted cache and thumbnails and retried but it still did it. So, I had to start a new file with Noah, Leia, Daisy and Lorie. From this point on, until I can get the save file fixed, Athena, Levi, Kayden and Caleb will be MIA. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this next chapter ūüėÄ

One cold December, Cyrus Flint proposed to the love of his life, Daisy Gray. It wasn’t until then, that Noah was able to meet the infamous guy. After a dinner date at his place, Cyrus dropped down on one knee and told Daisy that she was the only girl for him. Of course she said yes, and had been planning the wedding ever since. Levi had promised to pay for the extravagant wedding she had in mind. Daisy was daddy’s little girl after all.

And what she had in mind was a tropical wedding on the shores of Sunlit Tides. Levi had booked them a four bedroom house near Saint James beach, where the actual wedding would take place. Levi, Athena and Kayden would be travelling all the way from Lunar Lakes, like they had promised nearly two years ago. Caleb was on tour. He was stationed out in Starlight Shores at the moment, and though Daisy insisted that he enjoy his time on the road, he’d promised that he would never miss his little sister’s wedding, especially because he had to scope out the guy, Daisy and Cyrus took full advantage of the proximity of the beach. They spent most of their first day goofing off in the ocean.¬†
Noah didn’t mind the distance either. While his companions floated around in the ocean, he lay on the sand looking at the book of memories Emit had gave to him. Had it really been two years? Had his older brother really been on a world tour, when only a few months earlier, he was an unsigned artist? Had his sister really been proposed to? All of this happened so fast, all in front of Noah’s eyes yet he felt so distanced. He had lived away from his parents for two years and though he spoke to them constantly, it was discomforting to know his parents weren’t in arms reach anymore, let alone a car ride away. He felt as if all of these memories were passing over his parent’s eyes, and for what? The preservation of their memories? As he sat there and watched his memories play back, he had decided that he wanted a child, his own family to fill the hole that his had left when they decided to stay in Lunar Lakes. The only sibling he had left was moving away after her marriage. He had nobody but Leia, and though he loved her more than anything, she wasn’t a substitution for the love he was yearning for.
Oblivious to Noah’s feelings, Leia was out in the ocean having a blast with her older sister. Things between Noah and Leia had been going great. They were inseparable. After long days of work, the two would sit and play Alien Invasion all night. Every saturday was date night and during the week, they’d drag Lorie along for a movie. Leia couldn’t have been happier. Which is the exact reason Noah hadn’t brought up his fear of losing his family. She had known what it had felt like, and though she’d be able to help him through this, he didn’t want to bring her down on this joyous occasion.¬†
“What do you think if I wore this to the wedding?” Leia asked, walking into the room.
“The dress from our first date? I love it, it’s cute but I think you need something more…stunning.”
“What are you talking about? This is a pretty dress!”
“Maybe a white dress?”
White…why would I wear white? Thats bad luck..” When she looked down, Noah was on one knee.¬†
“I want you to be my bride. We’ll get married the same day as Daisy and Cyrus.”
“Noah…I don’t know. I mean, I want nothing more than to marry you and become ¬†Leia Gray, but I don’t think it’s fear to take away Daisy’s moment…”
No need to worry!” Daisy shouted in from the other room. “I think a double wedding is a great idea! That way Mom and Dad will be able to see both their kids get married.”¬†
“Mhmh…see baby? What do you say? Mary me in two days. You’ll make me the happiest and luckiest guy in the world.”
“Ok!” Leia shook her head furiously. “I will marry you!”
Despite Daisy’s quick encouragement, she was not happy. She was turning into a bit of a bridezilla. Yes, she was thrilled to have a double wedding, for the sake of their parents and siblings. There would be no way for Athena, Levi, Kayden and Caleb to all make it over twice within the same year. Lunar Lakes was becoming increasingly expensive to leave from and if Caleb took any more days off, his career and fans would basically become non-existent. But, part of her wanted all of the attention on her. It was every girl’s dream to get married and have a huge wedding. She loved Leia like a sister and she hated that she felt so jealous. Daisy was so stressed, working out, tanning, calling the caterer and doing other last minute things that she began to lash out on whoever was there. Everyone tried their best to remain patient with her, at Noah’s request.
What Noah was afraid of, was slowly coming true. He had received a call only two days prior to the wedding. 
“You can’t be serious.” Noah gritted his teeth.
“Listen man, can’t you hear Mom and Dad arguing with the officer?” Kayden’s voice trailed on the other end of the phone.
“What happened exactly?” Noah sighed impatiently.
“They’re not letting us through to Sunlit Tides without an updated passport. We have to reapply but its going to take months for them to get back to us. No matter what mom and dad tell these guys, they won’t let us through. I don’t think we’re going to be able to make it to Daisy’s wedding.”
“What? Thats impossible! Name drop or something. Tell them that Caleb Gray is your brother. ISn’t there anything you can try?”
“Noah, I’m just as pissed as you are but they’re not letting us through.”
“Give me the phone…” Athena’s muffled voice could be heard.
“Yeah mom?”
“You have to understand that Lunar Lakes has only just started to destroy their¬†isolationist¬†policies. Everything¬†seems like a possible threat, and so you can’t blame them for trying to keep the people safe…”
“But its just a wedding!” Noah cried out.
“They don’t know that, honey.”
Noah sighed in frustration. “Leiah and I were going to get married too. It was supposed to be a surprise for you guys, but it looks like I won’t be seeing you.”

“Honey! Thats great! Whatever you do, don’t stop the wedding because of this. You won’t get a chance like this on beautiful Sunlit Tides again. We have to go now, but I’ll call you if anything changes and they let us through.”
“Bye, I love you guys.”
“Love you too honey. Send my regards to Daisy and Cyrus.”

That night the guys went out to a bar. Cyrus had the great idea of “living up” the last night that they were unmarried men. Noah figured he could use the night out to forget about everything that had been going wrong that weekend. Caleb had called and told them that no matter how hard he tried, his manager wouldn’t let him miss the awards show the same night of the wedding. Apparently it would make or break his career. His parents weren’t able to make it passed security and they were told if they tried going against security’s final decision, they would be arrested, which neither Noah or Daisy wanted.

One drink led to another and the two guys were having the time of their lives. Nobody was in the small bar, yet they were having a blast. The music was blasting and they were so drunk they weren’t even feeling their feet move to the beat.

Its almost two in the morning and Noah isn’t answering his phone. Have you heard from Cyrus?”

Daisy shook her head. “No, not yet. I hope everything is alright.

“Of course it is!” Lorie chimed in. “Its their last day as bachelors and they’re on a tropical island. Why wouldn’t they be having the time of their life? I don’t know about Cyrus, but Noah wouldn’t do anything stupid.”

Leia sighed, “I guess you’re right. Maybe his phone died?”

“Exactly! Don’t worry about it. We should be worrying about having a good time ourselves. Its the last night you two will be bachelorettes so lets do something fun.”

No bars.” Leia warned.

“Who said we have to leave this beautiful hotel?” Lorie smirked.

Lorie and Daisy forgot all about the boys. They were acting like twelve year old girls. They had a pillow fight, did each other’s nails and talked about past relationships like they were having a sleepover.

¬†They even spent time in the beach house’s sauna. Eventually at around six in the morning the two girls crashed and had no other choice but to sleep. Leia on the other hand couldn’t let herself have fun. She refused to hang out with the girls and told them that she was tired and just wanted to sleep before the big day. She lay in her bed wide awake until finally around four am she got a phone call from Noah.


“Hey baby…you’re bea…uttifulll.” His voice slurred.

“What? Noah…are you drunk?”

“Pssst…Psst…give me the phone, I want to talk to her.” Cyrus giggled.

Give me the phone.” A deep voice growled.

Come on man….let meeee tawk to my wifie.”

Cyrus began to laugh again. “Nah man…thats my wifie….Daisy.”

“Its totally my babe Leia.”

Excuse me ma’am? My name is officer Jameson. I have two guys in my custody. Noah Gray and Cyrus Flint. Do you know them?”

“Yes, Noah is my fiance and Cyrus is engaged to his sister. What happened officer?” Her voice was full of worry.

“They were stumbling home and making a ruckus. One of the neighbors called in a complaint about two drunk guys causing a scene. They were arguing with a stop sign ma’am.”

“Oh man…you can’t be serious!” She sighed. “I’m so embarassed. I apologize for them officer. It’s just that they’re getting married in a few hours, so they wanted to enjoy their time as bachelors…”

It doesn’t give them the right to cause trouble for the people of Sunlit Tides.”

“I understand sir. I am so sorry and when they’re sober I’ll have a word with them. Can I stop by and pick them up?”

“Not until the morning ma’am. I have to file some paper work.”

“Isn’t there anything you can do officer? Please!” Leia begged.

“I’m sorry ma’am. Just be happy it’s only one night.”

“Thank you for calling me officer. Have a good night.” Leia curled up into a ball and cried. Noah had never drank before. Daisy had absolutely no care in the world for where her husband was this late at night. She was knocked out along with Lorie. Leia had no one to turn to and so she just cried and cried until she fell asleep.

4 thoughts on “2.17 Tropical Wedding

  1. How sad that the Gray family can't make it to the wedding:(
    Poor Leia for spending the night before the wedding worrying about Caleb and getting the call from the police about his drunken disorderly conduct. I hope she's not too made at Caleb when he finally gets home.


  2. Well, I understand about save files. I’m also sad that the rest of the family couldn’t make it. ūüė¶

    The boys causing distrubances. Hehe…well, not good to get drunk, I guess. Thankfully, they didn’t get thrown in jail longer.

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