2.18 Tropical Wedding Part 2

“Oh man, I feel so stupid right now,” Noah groaned.

“Man, stop yelling. I have a raging headache.”

“I’m not yelling dude.” 

Our girls are going to kill us.”

Leia is probably worried sick because didn’t call or anything. I mean, we didn’t really drink that much last night did we?”
“Well, do you remember what happened at all last night?”

“Nope. Do you?”

“Not a clue.” 


“Guys, you’re free to go early. I’m feeling a little generous. Call your fiances and smooth things over if you want them to marry you today.” 

Noah came home and found Leia curled up in a ball, makeup dried around her eyes. He leaned down and kissed her cheek. “I’m so sorry…” He whispered.

“Its ok you idiot. Just don’t do it again…” She whispered back. “Now shut up, I’m not getting married on only four hours of sleep.”

Noah smiled and kissed her forehead one last time before leaving to get ready. He lay in the sauna thinking, “How did I get so lucky?” But he was sure he’d hear about that night after the wedding was over though.

“You look incredible.” Noah breathed.

Leia giggled. “I can’t take you seriously anymore.”

“What? Why?” 

“You were arguing with a stop sign last night!”

“Aww come on!” Noah groaned.

“You know if you ever need anything, I’m here for you. I don’t know what happened last night and I’ll give you a pass…”

“I know I can come to you with anything, but I didn’t want to stress you out like Daisy was stressed this entire time. I didn’t want you to worry about me. I only drank as a temporary relief.”

“Are you having cold feet about marrying me?” Leia frowned.

“Hell no. Marrying you is the only thing I’m certain about. I’m just a little upset that my parents and siblings won’t be able to make it to our wedding.”

“They’re not coming!?” Leia cried.

“See, this is why I didn’t tell you.”

“Noah, I’m so sorry.”

“I have everyone I need right here. If you’re the only person I ever see for the rest of my life, I’d be lucky.”

“Do you Noah Gray, take Leia Relevart as your lawfully wedded wife?”

“Is that even a question?” Leia laughed and hit his arm. “I mean, I do.”

Do you Leia Relevart take Noah Gray to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do.” She beamed.

“You may now kiss the bride.” Cheers erupted from the party of three and some curious onlookers.

“Its our turn babe.”

“Thats so unromantic!” Daisy hit his arm. To say she was angry about the other night was an understatement.

“Listen to me babe. I didn’t do anything last night to hurt you. I was just so nervous that you would change your mind and not want to marry me…”

“Don’t be an idiot, of course I want to marry you!”

“Do you Cyrus Flint take Daisy Gray to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do.”

“Do you Daisy Gray…”

Daisy cleared her throat. “Daisy Flint…”

“Not until we kiss, babe.” Cyrus grinned. She pulled him close and planted her lips on his.

“I’ll take that as an I do.” 

That night they sealed the deal as husband and wife. Leia couldn’t have been happier and Noah thought he was the luckiest guy in the world.
They were all enjoying their remaining days in Sunlit Tides until Leia received a phone call.
“Whats up?” Lorie asked.
“We can’t leave Sunlit Tides.”

“Why not?” Daisy called out, overhearing their conversation.
“Noah and Cyrus are under investigation by the Sunlit Tides police department from the other night. Apparently, there was some big fire that happened that night and they think they might be involved.”
“But we’re not involved in that.” Cyrus protested.
“I know that and you know that, but the police don’t know that. They just have to investigate before we can leave.”
“Who cares? More vacation time!” Lorie cheered.
“No.” Noah sighed. “We’re suspects in a crime, there is no more vacation time.”
“Well not for you…” Lorie grinned. “Ok, I’m just kidding. Just talk to the police and everything will be cleared up and then we can go home.”
 A few days turned into a few weeks and a few weeks turned into a few months. They had stayed at the beach house for so long that the option to rent it had come up. They all insisted that the investigation would be over soon but Leia had more important things to worry about. She began to feel very sick. She was vomiting up everything she ate and she began to feel an immense pain in her back. She didn’t need a doctor to tell her she was pregnant. Now, she only had to break the news to Noah. He had a lot on his plate right now with all the police interviews and searches. 
“Ice cream this late?” Noah asked, causing Leia to jump. She had begun to wear loose fitting clothes to hide the bump from Noah. She didn’t know how long she could hide it from him though.
“Oh, um I was hungry. Why are you up?” 
“Same reason. I was craving some cereal. Weird right?”

“Its weird because I should be the one craving things.”

“Hmm?” Noah looked up.

“Come with me into the dining room and I’ll show you.”
“I’m pregnant!” She blurted out, her eyes shut tightly. 
“Thats incredible! I’m so excited!”

“What? Really? I thought you’d be upset, I know you wanted to wait until we went back to Lucky Palms but..”
“You know, I don’t think I really want to go back to Lucky Palms. Sunlit Tides is so peaceful and we’ve been here so long it’s like we practically already live here. The owner of the beach house is willing to rent us out this place and I think it’s perfect to raise a family.”
“Really?” Tears brimmed her eyes. 
He nodded. “What do you think?”
“Its a great idea!” She grinned throwing her arms around him.
That morning they all sat in the dining room, as per Noah’s request.
“I wanted to sleep in a little longer, whats this all about?” Cyrus asked rubbing his eyes.
“Hey, shut it!” Daisy hit his arm. “You’re the reason we’re still here.”
“Hey, what’s wrong with the sun?”
“I’m all sunned out!” Daisy complained.
Leia gulped. Then they wouldn’t really like their news.
“Guys, we’re having a baby.”
“What!?” Lorie practically screamed. “I’m going to be an aunt!?”
“Yupp.” Leia nodded.
“This is so great!” Daisy grinned, forgetting her aforementioned argument with her new husband.  “Do you know the gender?”
Noah shook his head. “No, but I hope its a girl.”
“Really? I want a boy.” Leia spoke. 
“And what about this whole investigation? How does that play into this whole thing?” Cyrus said.
“Don’t bring that up during their happy moment!” 
“Its alright actually, because we’re going to stay here.”
Sounds like you’ll be living the dream.” 
Daisy shot him a look that said, “We’ll talk later.”
Daisy wanted what Noah and Leia had but as she spent more and more time with Cyrus she couldn’t help but think that what they wanted was completely different. Daisy had wanted to move back to Lunar Lakes with her family. She had been missing her twin and parents immensely. She had wanted Kayden in her future child’s life. Cyrus didn’t want to leave Sunlit Tides and he loathed the idea of having children. He constantly reminded her to take her birth control pills before they got intimate. He wanted to enjoy their time together without little rugrats running around the house. Daisy wished she didn’t rush into the wedding. They should have had this conversation before they chose to get married. Now, she was beginning to  hate his presence. He was becoming everything she hated. His stupid antics had kept her in Sunlit Tides and away from her family and he didn’t even realize how much pain he was causing her. 

2 thoughts on “2.18 Tropical Wedding Part 2

  1. Double wedding on the beach, beautiful!
    Excited to see the start of Gen 3. Wonder what color of hair they'll have? Hoping for the pink to continue!
    Hmmm I wonder why the police suspect Caleb and Cyrus? Why is the investigation going on so long?
    Too late Daisy you really should have talked about children and family before you got married.


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