2.20 What it Means to Be a Family

Hey everyone! I’m up to 3,000 views! I know it may not seem like a lot, but it is! I’m really grateful for all of those who are reading this story, so thank you! I’m thinking about doing a special chapter to commemorate the moment, but I haven’t thought of anything yet! I  might do a chapter of the Gray family back in Lunar Lakes. We’ll see. Thanks again for reading! Also, if you haven’t, check out Not So Ordinary Life written by DandyLion! Thank you for all of the support and comments, it means a lot to me! 

Despite Noah’s wish to live in the moment with his new baby boy and Daisy’s feelings towards her crumbling marriage, life moved on. The two Gray siblings couldn’t be feeling any different. On one hand there was Noah. The longing feeling in his heart after not being with his parents and the stress he felt from the arson case all melted away when he held Apollo for the first time. The only thing that would make his life better would be to get the Gray family all together once again and he knew it would happen eventually.

On the other hand there was Daisy. She couldn’t be feeling worse. Watching Noah and Leia’s relationship bloom, made her feel worse and worse about herself. She looked to Lorie as a source of comfort but couldn’t find any. Lorie was in love with her nephew. She couldn’t stop talking about him. Not once did she look at Leia and feel jealousy. It made Daisy sick to her stomach. She was jealous of her own brother’s relationship and there was Lorie, being nothing but the best sister. Daisy spent most of her free time swimming, and away from everyone else. She was becoming less and less sociable, not knowing how she was supposed to feel. It wasn’t that she hated Cyrus. She loved him immensely, but they didn’t have what Noah and Leia had and it wasn’t fair.

It was on a rainy tuesday that Cyrus approached Daisy. He knew the stress of case details was piling up on her as well as her job and being away from her family. He wanted nothing more than to hold her and tell her that everything would be alright, but she was so distant. If something was bothering her about him, he wished she would come out and say it rather than just write him off. They swore until death do them part and he meant every word.

“Hey babe, how are you feeling?” Cyrus asked.

“I’m okay,” Daisy answered coolly.

“Thats good.” Awkward silence. “You can tell me if something is bothering you.”

“Nothing is bothering me,” Daisy sighed, not looking her husband in the eyes.

“We’re not dating anymore, Dais. We’re married. I know that something is bothering you. You’re not that happy cheerful girl that I met in Lucky Palms. Whats going on? If I did anything to you, I’m so sorry. Just tell me and I’ll fix it. I’ll make it better!”

“You can’t fix me.” She leaned back and closed her eyes in reflection. “I’m the problem. Not you.”

“Daisy please…” Cyrus begged. “Tell me whats wrong. We can work this out together.”

“I’m a jealous, bitter woman. I’m sitting here making a list of everything thats wrong with Leia in my head. I’m writing her off for the stupidest things, like the way she walks and talks. I’m trying to convince myself that she’s no good for my brother because I want to see them both be miserable. I want to know that I’m happier than them. But, everytime I get the courage to tell Leia about my list of lies, I chicken out. I can’t find anything really wrong with their relationship and it’s killing me. What kind of a person wishes unhappiness on their brother’s marriage?”

“You’re a human being.” Cyrus breathed. He was suddenly nervous. He swore that everything would be different in his marriage. He would be Daisy’s knight in shining armor. He promised he would never see her like this, and yet here he was. He knew where the hatred for Leia was sprouting from. It was from their failure of a marriage. He wasn’t that guy that Daisy wanted. She had changed her mind. “What you’re feeling is natural. It isn’t your fault. All of this stress with the arson case and….”

“There you go blaming the case again!” Daisy cried out. “I’m not stressed about that stupid case. I’m not happy in our marriage okay? I want what Noah and Leia have! I want to see my family in Lunar Lakes without you complaining all the time about how you can’t stay and relax in Sunlit Tides! I want to go for romantic walks after work, not just lay in bed and watch the same stupid shows over and over again. I want to have a child! You’re so immature. You want to live the single life forever. Whats the point of being married if we’re both just going to live the single life!?” Daisy shouted.

“Babe, please calm down!” Cyrus coaxed. He wanted to make everything better, he really did, but she was playing unfair. Sunlit Tides was his paradise. Sunny beaches, salt water and tanning oil. It was everything he wanted. After a long day of work he could sit by the pool and sip drinks. He completely felt at ease for once in his life and Daisy was having a problem with it.

“Calm down!? You asked me what was wrong and you said you could help fix it!” Tears fell from her face.

“What do you want me to do? Spend every waking moment with you?”

“I want you to step up and be more mature about our relationship. We’re sharing a last name, a bed and an income. So theres no need for you to ct like you’re single. I want a family one day. Not now, but some day and it looks like you don’t even care.”

“Daisy, I do want a family. But, we just got married! We’re technically still newlyweds, it hasn’t been that long! I want to enjoy my time spent with you now and then think about children later.”

“Fine, whatever.” Daisy sniffled and went upstairs.

Meanwhile, upstairs Leia was holding Apollo. She couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky she was. She had an amazing husband and the sweetest baby. In a couple of days it would be Apollo’s birthday. It was bittersweet for Leia. She was of course excited but she wished he could stay that small forever! Leia was broken from her thoughts by the sound of heavy footsteps and low sniffles.

“Who’s crying?” Leia asked aloud. She peered outside to see that it was Daisy. “Daisy, are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Was her muffled response.

“No you aren’t. If you were fine you wouldn’t be crying. Come in here.”

“Listen, I appreciate what you’re trying to do but I’m fine, really.

“Daisy, you and Cyrus are fighting aren’t you? I can sense the distance. Your brother is oblivious and I haven’t mentioned anything because then he’d kick Cyrus’ ass. Please tell me it isn’t that serious.” Leia pleaded.

“It’s really none of your business.” Daisy said coldly. “Why would you care about my broken relationship when you’re living every girl’s dream?”

“Here, will you hold Apollo for me?” Leia smiled. She understood where Daisy was coming from and it wouldn’t help for Leia to get snippy with her.

“What?” Daisy was taken aback. She held the tiny baby in her arms. She had been so worried about her family with Cyrus that she was ignoring the family right in front of her. Apollo snuggled into Daisy’s arm and began to fall asleep. “Oh, he’s so precious….” Daisy cooed.

“I want you to be his godmother,” Leia decided. “Apollo has been blessed with an incredible family and I want you to be n active part in his life.”

“Really?” Daisy frowned, remembering all of the things she thought about Leia before. “I’ll do it. I’ll spoil my nephew rotten!” Cyrus wanted a family, just not now. Until he was ready, Daisy would spend her time with her nephew.

Lorie had heard about an opening at Barney’s salon and she went down to talk to the manager. He wasn’t too keen on hiring an inexperienced worker but with some pleading, he agreed to have her work a 90 day trial period.

So far, the clients loved her! Lorie loved the praise she got after giving a successful makeover. If she knew it was this much fun, she’d have looked for a job sooner.

Cyrus took to playing guitar to keep his mind off of everything. Daisy had been the moneymaker in the house. She was a line chef at the Midnight Moon Bistro. Her prior work experience in Lunar Lakes had secured her a job. He figured he’d make a career out of his music and make enough money eventually to move back to Lunar Lakes with Daisy. He had thought long and hard about it and if it meant keeping Daisy, he’d give up anything.

Noah had finally used his degree from Sims University and joined the medical profession. Leia quit her job as a school teacher. She loved children but she now had one of her own to deal with. She wouldn’t be leaving her child with a babysitter everyday. Noah, having had a rough day at work, went straight to the nursery. He had accidentally left the anesthesia on and knocked out him and the rest of the surgeons preparing to operate. Luckily, there were other doctors on hand to go into surgery. If it wasn’t for such an impressive degree, Noah would be out of a job. He had to get back into the work mindset. He hadn’t had a steady job since he was in Oasis Landing.

“Rough day at work?” Leia asked.

You don’t even want to know.”

“I kind of do.” Leia grinned. She listened intently to Noah’s story before bursting out into laughter. “You knocked the whole team out!?”

“Hey, it’s not that funny!” Noah protested.

“Of course it is!” Leia grinned.

“What were you doing in here anyway?” Noah said, changing the subject.

“I was…uhm…changing the baby?”

“That’s not what it looked like.” Noah smirked.

Fine, fine. I was just playing in front of the mirror. I don’t really look like a mom, do I?” Leia pulled at her Katy Perry concert Tee.

“It doesn’t matter what you look like.” Noah smiled, remembering their first date and what he told her. He loved her t-shirts and jeans.

“Yes it does. I want to be taken seriously by Apollo’s future teachers and classmate’s mothers. I used to work at a school, remember? I know what people think of unprofessional mothers.”

Noah sighed, “You don’t really have to impress anyone. You’re perfect.”

“I won’t do anything drastic, I just want to look a little more mature and I know just the person who can help me.”

A few days later it was Apollo’s birthday party. Daisy had offered to clean the house and cook the meal while Leia went out and got a makeover. With Apollo aging up, it was a perfect time for Leia to become more “mature.” Daisy had insisted on helping out, it was her godson after all!

“Hmm…let’s see. Are you going for mature and sophisticated or sexy mom?” Lorie smirked.

“I don’t know. I just want to be taken seriously.”

“You’re still a young adult. So, we’re not going to make you look older than you are. We have to keep Noah interested too you know.” Lorie winked.

Despite the lack of party guests (a year in Sunlit Tides didn’t amount to many friendships. A lot of people strayed from Noah and Cyrus because of arson rumors. The only people who showed up were the maid and Lorie’s co-worker.)  Leia was feeling better than ever. She loved her sunny new look. She felt like she fit in perfectly with the natives and it was all thanks to her sister. “Happy Birthday Apollo!” 

Apollo had black hair just like his uncle Kayden. Noah couldn’t wait for the two to meet.

“Wow, it’s like having a mini Kayden here.” Daisy grinned, poking his cheeks. Apollo laughed in response.

“He does look like him a little from the pictures you’ve shown me,” Cyrus agreed. “More reason for us to go to Lunar Lakes then.” 

“What? Really?” Daisy’s eyes lit up. “But, you know, much later. I want to spend as much time with my nephew as possible.”

Cyrus groaned, “I can’t win with you, can I?”

“You love me.”

“More than anything.” Cyrus grinned and kissed her forehead.

“Finally, a happy family moment!” Lorie cheered.
Hopefully I’ll address the arson case in the next chapter (or the one after that!).  I was really hoping Apollo would have blue hair! Guess Leia is going to keep having kids until one has blue hair! LOL. If you like this story, check out: How To Be a Star, written also by me.

2 thoughts on “2.20 What it Means to Be a Family

  1. Well I was hoping Apollo would have pink hair like Noah. But at least he looks like someone in the family.
    Poor Daisy! She wasted so much time being jealous she didn't see all the things she had right in front of her. Cyrus may not have appeared to be what she thought she wanted but I like he's willing to make adjustments to make her happy. Just as long as he doesn't try to change too much because then he will be the one unhappy.
    Leia and Noah are so cute together. Can't wait to see what's in store for them.
    Thank you for linking Not So Ordinary Life to yours. Really appreciate it!


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