2.25 Surprises and Disappointments

This chapter is a bit text heavy but it’s massive in continuing the story line. I hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to leave me a comment if you enjoy reading this story! 🙂
“This is awesome,” Daisy laid onto her towel.
“Isn’t it?” Leia smiled, pulling out a book. The two mothers decided to take a trip to the beach, both needing some time to themselves.
The baby is constantly kicking. One day I’m craving something sweet, then something spicy. It’s exhausting honestly,” Daisy sighed.
“It’ll all be worth it once you see her precious face,” Leia assured her.
“I know, I know.” Daisy smiled. “I’m glad you had this idea, I needed the stress relief honestly.”
“With this arson case. my sister leaving, the constant harassment from the paparazzi and even more…I couldn’t just sit in my house any longer. Everyone seems to be on each other’s nerves at this point. You know…I just don’t get it. Noah went through so much to get his memory back, even more than what me and Lorie could have helped him with. He finally got back on track and then this happens? He, of all people, doesn’t deserve this headache.”
“Nobody deserves this headache, but things happen for a reason. A situation like this may have eaten up any other person but Noah, he’s strong. The memory loss was much worse, he was physically fighting for his life at one point. He will do everything in his power to keep this family together. Don’t worry about it.” 
“That’s exactly what I’m worried about!” Leia cried out. “I don’t want him to take on this burden. it’s all of our burden, we’re family.”
“I don’t have all the answers, and I wish I did. But, trust in Noah…he won’t ever steer you wrong.”

 Leia looked into the sparkling blue water ahead of her. Life was vast. It was too much for one person to take on by themselves. That’s why people are destined to be with each other, to help carry the burden. No one should have to carry it alone. She was brought into Noah’s life for a reason, she was sure of it.
Meanwhile, Noah had been at the lawyer’s office. He had requested that Noah come in early, the news was urgent. Noah sat patiently wondering what the news could possibly be.
“Hello Mr. Gray. Pleasure to meet you in person. You didn’t bring the Mrs.?”
Not today, she’s stressed enough as it is.” He had told her about the meeting but he neglected to mention that it had been moved up a couple of days. Of course he denoted the urgency of the matter to his family as well. Apollo was at Lorie’s house. She had cooled off since the incident quite a bit. The only thing keeping her away from the house was her stubbornness. Lorie and Leia were sure to make up soon.
You might want to wait to tell her this news.” His tone was grim. “Somebody came forward to the media about the case. It was the person whose house was allegedly burned down by you and your accomplice.”
Noah felt a pit in his stomach grow. “They want to press charges, don’t they?” He had saw it coming. He would be even more alarmed if they hadn’t wanted to make him pay for it all. 
Of course, people will take any opportunity to make money. But that wouldn’t be much of a problem if they didn’t have any valid proof against you.”
They do?” Noah asked confused. He hadn’t done anything wrong, at least to his knowledge. No one had really saw anything, and though Noah and Cyrus were both backed out, he doubted they did anything as crazy as burning a building down.
“Unfortunately, yes.” Noah racked his brain for some sort of explanation. He was sure he hadn’t burned down the house. “The owner of the house was a Mr. and Mrs. Lutz, an older couple, do you know of them?”
“Lutz? I know of a Curtis.” Corrine’s husband.

“That would be their son. He’s stepping up with the accusation that you have a vengeance against him because he married an old girlfriend of yours. Also flying around are some old police records that show you being arrested for staying passed curfew in Lunar Lakes and rumors that you were a troubled teen and these accusations don’t help your case at all.”
“You’re saying that an old flame has the potential to decide this case?” Noah was hurt. He had thought he and Corrine left off on a good note. Neither had been particularly vicious to each other before Noah left to Sunlit Tides. He watched as the lawyer in front of him gave a short nod. “Wait…I have some dirt on my accuser…would that  help this case at all? It could show the people who he really was.”
“Well, it all depends on what it was, how it relates to the case and if you have the valid proof.”
“He’s a police officer.He takes advantage of young girls by letting them off the hook if they sleep with him…”
“That could sway the opinion of the people but you need valid proof. Like a video tape or a witness. Somebody who it’s happened to. But even then, without seeing it for their own eyes, the jury might not believe her. It has the potential to backfire as well on both your reputation and the girl’s. In cases like this, the girl is often looked on as a harlot and the cop, because of his position, is left untouched. If it all works in your favor, it could warrant an investigation into the validity of Mr. Lutz’s accusations.”
“I guess I don’t have any proof then…” Noah mumbled. He thought back to Lorie. He was sure that she’d testify for him, but it’d ruin her reputation. Potential suitors would look at her differently, paparazzi would follow her around like they were doing to him now. Was it all worth it? Unraveling all that pain in her life just to save his ass? He didn’t think so. “What are my options now?”
You fight. It’s the more expensive option. You’ll have to pay me to defend you in court, whether you win or lose. Unfortunately that’s our policy. Then you ride it out. If you win the case, you’ll be left alone, slowly fading out of the public eye. But it is worth it to mention that because of your brother’s influence and fan base, there will be camera’s everywhere. It’s something you must be prepared to expose your family to. Or there’s option two. We can end this quietly and bargain on a plea deal with both the judge and the plaintiffs. Taking into account the building was one in which people could have possibly been inhabiting at the time, determines that it’s first degree arson. I could probably get you a reduced jail time of ten years instead of twenty with minimum fees. Well, you and Cyrus Flint.” 
Noah held his breath. Ten years? That was a long time to be away from his family. A long time for Cyrus to be away from his baby girl. They had finally gotten their lives together. Noah had been away from his family several times in his lifetime. He was used to it, Cyrus was not. This could all be avoided if he went to court. Would he be able to live with himself knowing that he allowed his family to be swarmed by insistent paparazzi? They would have no peace, their anxieties broadcasted to all of the world. It would also leave his family struggling to make ends meet, especially if he ended up losing and going to jail for twenty years. Right now it was clear to him what decision he had to make, and for once in his life he wasn’t involving his family.
As much as it hurt him, Noah kept quiet about the case around his family, even Cyrus. He had made a final decision on his own and he didn’t want anyone talking him out of it. He wasn’t sure it was the best way to go about this all, but he was positive that his family would be well taken care of in the future. When Daisy had gone into labor, Noah had even more reason to be secretive. This was one of the most exciting moments of her life. She was bringing life into the world, and Noah should be the least of her problems. At 2:30 am, Tasha Flint was born. Daisy had opted to set up the crib in her room, wanting never to lose sight of her precious creation. 
Cyrus Flint was absolutely in love with his daughter. As he held her, he sang to her, one of the songs he had learned working at the opera house. He was completely still as she nestled into his neck and fell asleep. 

“Put her in her crib, Sweetie,” Daisy commented.
“I can’t…I don’t want to break her!” He let out a large breath and dragged his feet slowly and quietly across the carpeted room. Daisy couldn’t help but smile, knowing that Tasha would be one spoiled girl when she got older. “Maybe we should give her a brother.”
“I couldn’t get you to have kids at all, and now I can’t stop you from having them!” Daisy laughed.
Caleb was infatuated with the little princess as well. 
“We don’t have many girl’s in the Gray family, have you noticed?” Caleb commented to Daisy who had been feeding Apollo.
“Yeah, just me, mom, Leia and aunt Erin. Maybe Lacey too.”
“Lacey? You mean Kayden’s crush?”
“His girlfriend actually. You know, now it’s ok if he wants to go back to Lunar Lakes to be with her! It’s wonderful that he’s found someone. I was afraid that he was getting lonely without his twin.”
“More Auntie, more!” Apollo cried out. 
Apollo honey, too much junk food is no good for you,” Daisy scolded.
“Hmph, fine” he whined. 
“Hey, be a good little man, alright?” Caleb said.


“You guys are quite the parents huh? I think everyone in the Gray gene pool is meant to have a family,” Leia commented from the doorway.
“Not everyone…” Caleb said softly. “At least not a child.” He placed Tasha delicately back in her crib.
“Why not? You’re so good with children and -“
Daisy shot Leia a quick look and shook her head. “Oh umm, it’s ok if you don’t want kids..!” She answered quickly.
“Girls, it’s alright. Some people just aren’t meant to be parents. You two definitely are.”
It wasn’t until later that week that Leia had confirmed with a test that she was indeed pregnant. She was overjoyed and couldn’t wait to share the news with everyone, especially Noah. Apollo would have a baby brother or sister. Tasha would have another cousin. Lorie, Caleb, Daisy, Cyrus and Kayden would have another niece or nephew to spoil. Athena and Levi would have another grandchild. Leia only hoped that her timing wasn’t off and that her child would grow up in a tame environment. This arson case couldn’t end any faster, she was ready to get back to her carefree family. 

2 thoughts on “2.25 Surprises and Disappointments

  1. Oh, now I'm worried. I know what's going to happen, but I truly feel Noah's making the wrong decision here. I can't believe that the Lutz family is getting away with this. I can't believe Corrine is letting this happen, what a horrible woman. I can't believe she had such an amazing man as Noah and ended up choosing a creep like Lutz.


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