2.28 Gray Days

Running. It cleared Caleb’s head. After Lorie had come over to talk to Leia, Caleb took his chance to escape. It was stuffy and he felt trapped in that house. He couldn’t bear hearing Leia cry anymore. It had been several days and the warden had finally announced that Noah was settled in and able to receive mail and visitors. It had been nearly a week since his arrest, and no one was able to function without his presence. The day after his arrest, Athena, Levi and Kayden had made a trip to the Gray household to talk about everything. Caleb shook his head remembering how it went down.

Caleb had been the one to break the news to his parents. Instead of calling them, he decided to visit the bed and breakfast they were staying at. “Caleb! Are you here to say goodbye to us before we leave?” His father asked.

“What? No! When are you guys leaving? You never told us!” Caleb exclaimed.

“Tomorrow night, your mother didn’t tell you? Geez, I love her but sometimes she can be so forgetful…”

“Is there anyway you can postpone your flight?”

“Why, what’s wrong?”

Caleb bit his lip. “I’d rather tell you all when you’re together. It’s….not looking good.”

Levi grabbed hold of his son’s arms. “What is it son? You know you should tell me so I can lessen the blow to your mother.”

It’s about Noah…please come to the house tomorrow morning. I can’t tell you now, you won’t be able to go to sleep.”

“Sweetie! Who’s at the door?” Athena called.

It’s no one dear!” He turned to Caleb. “If I tell your mother what you just told me, she won’t be able to sleep. We’ll be at your place tomorrow. Goodnight son.”

“Night dad. I love you.”

Leia sat nervously on the couch. Her eyes were red and puffy.

“What’s wrong with you?” Kayden asked before taking a seat at the far end of the couch.

You know….just some things...” She looked away.

Leia dear, it’s been so long. How’s life been treating you?” Levi asked softly, not realizing what he asked.

“Terribly!” She began to cry into her hands.

“What’s going on!?” Kayden jumped from his seat. “Don’t cry!”

“We just got her to stop crying. ” Daisy frowned. “Sweetie, it’s ok. Everything will be okay.”

“What’s going on in here?” Athena asked.

Mrs. Gray! I’m so sorry, it’s all my fault! I couldn’t stop them from taking him!” Leia sobbed.

“What is she talking about Caleb, Daisy? Where’s Noah!?”

Mom…he’s in jail!” Daisy exclaimed.

“Jail!? What for?” Kayden rushed to his sister’s side.

“He confessed to burning down that house…”

“He told me that he didn’t do it!”

He confessed because any other way would have put his family in danger.  You taught us that family is everything. Noah said himself that if he didn’t confess, his family would be in danger and he wouldn’t let that happen!” Daisy said.

And what about your husband? Is he in jail too?”

“No…” Daisy said softly.

“So, Noah took the fall for both of them then?”

Yes mom, he knows I have a daughter. He didn’t want her to grow up without a dad…”

“And what about Apollo? Doesn’t he get to have a father?”

“Mom please calm down. Oh my gosh…Leia!” Caleb reached out to grab the falling girl. “She just fainted! Crap, call 911 Kayden. Mom, Daisy…please calm down! Leia has barely any energy as it is, do not cause her this much stress. Dad, pass me that pillow!” He slid the pillow under Leia’s head and they waited for the paramedics to come.

I didn’t mean to upset her, but Noah is my son!” Athena cried. “What am I supposed to do? My baby is in jail!”

“Mom, she’s pregnant. She’s already feeling like crap as it is,” Daisy intervened.

“Pregnant!? Now I think I’m going to faint!”

What a disaster that night had been. Caleb and Daisy explained everything they knew to their parents while the paramedics were reviving Leia. They gave strict orders to the family not to upset her because if she had any more attacks she could hurt the baby. Athena, Levi and Kayden decided to stay in Sunlit Tides for the time being. They were working tirelessly to try to find a way to get Noah out of jail. So far, there wasn’t anything they could find. Noah had signed a written confession and the plea deal had already been made. Any evidence otherwise would probably be dismissed. They would have no sympathy for someone who confessed, even for the reasons Noah had. Because Noah wasn’t able to work every week and make an income, Leia was able to claim some money from the government of Sunlit Tides. It wasn’t much, but it was something. Caleb had thought about returning to work but the only interviews his manager could land him were centered on his brother’s arrest. It had only been a week but everyone was already abuzz. How could something like that matter to everyone in the world? Noah’s arrest had to do with the Gray and Lutz family and no one else. It was a way to point and ridicule at him and his family and he didn’t like it at all. 

That night, Leia was especially jittery. She could finally visit Noah in jail. He was only gone for a week, but the thought of being without him longer put her on edge. She had become completely dependent on him and those in the house were beginning to think that she literally couldn’t live without him. She had begged his family to let her go and see Noah first. She wanted to face him alone.

“Hi, I’m here to visit my husband, Noah Gray.”

“Gray, Noah. Let me see.” She watched the lady behind the window scan the page for his name and nodded. “Cell 215 on the top floor. I’m going to need to see some ID and then check your name in our system to make sure you don’t have a record of any kind. Is that alright, ma’am?”

“Definitely. Here’s my ID.” 

With a few beeps and pounding of the keys, Leia was ready to go. The lady politely informed her that because of a renovation in the jail house, the visitor room was unavailable and Leia had to speak to Noah through his door.

She found it to be a very awkward set up, as she had wanted to say some lovey stuff to her husband and a police officer was standing very close to her. She understood the precautions but Noah wasn’t dangerous! 

“Noah?” Leia asked.
“Leia!” He jumped from his bed and to the door. He held his finger on the lock but the officer shook his head. Noah let out a long sigh. “This is better than nothing right?”
“I’m just glad to see that you’re alright! I wish I could hug you right now!” 
“We’ll be able to hold each other soon, don’t worry about it.”
Noah….how can I not worry? You’ll be in this place for ten years. You don’t belong here, you belong at home. Apollo’s birthday is next week….”
“My little man is turning five years old. Tell him dad said happy birthday.” 
“He misses you so much. I wish I could bring him to see you. I know it’s only been a week, but it feels like forever to me.”
“Leia, are you alright?” He could tell from her face that she had been crying before she had even gotten to him. 
“No, I am not okay. I need you out of jail!”
“Leia, listen to me!” He said sternly. “Before you met me, you were able to live your life perfectly fine. You’re the strongest girl I know. Don’t waste your tears on me. It’s not worth it. I’m not miserable here. The only thing that I ask is for you and everyone else to come visit me often and bring me pictures of the family because I want to know how everyone is doing alright?”

“Anything for you, Noah.”
They talked a little bit more, Leia telling Noah about his parent’s reaction, conveniently leaving out that she had fainted as not to worry him. She also told him about how much Caleb, Daisy and Lorie had been helping her cope. 

“Ma’am, I’m sorry but visiting hours are over. I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”
Ok, just one more thing.” She turned back to the door and held her hands in the shape of a heart. “I love you Noah. I’ll be back the same time next week.”
“I love you too. Can’t wait babe.”
She waved to him before being ushered out. She had felt a lot better just being able to talk to Noah. Ten years was a lot, but as long as she could talk to him every week, she would be able to pull through. 
I know it’s kind of short. Sorry about that, I wanted to stop it before I got into a whole other topic that I wanted to save for a chapter of it’s own. The age thing may not be clear as I’ve kept it very vague before, but Apollo is four years old now. So if I’ve mentioned any other age or something doesn’t match up, just pretend that he’s four lol Thanks for reading as always!

2 thoughts on “2.28 Gray Days

  1. Oh this is so sad! 😦 I want Noah to come home and it better not be in 10 years. I feel so bad for his family. He shouldn't have confessed to something he didn't do and he shouldn't have taken all the blame. What's up with Daisy and her husband for letting him do this? Her husband could have gone in and accepted part of them blame and maybe Noah wouldn't be looking at 10 years all by himself.

    It' nice that the Gray family are all back in the same place but it's not the same when Noah can't be there too.

    Caleb is doing a good job of looking after Leia even though he takes refuge in running. Too bad the only interviews he can do is about his brother. But maybe he can turn that into a good thing, like bring up questions about the Lutz family, highlight how good a father Noah is, get people interested in him as a person. But it has the possibility of backfiring too. What a mess!


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