Special Poll: PLEASE READ!

Hey everyone! A Graying World is almost up to 4,000 views! [It’s about 85 views away.] So, in honor of that I’d like to release another special. There’s a few ideas I have but I can’t really decide what to write about so I’ll let you guys decide. The choices are as follows:

In Another Time: The story of Emit and the twin’s [Lorie and Leia’s] mother. How did he meet this girl, who is she, and how did he fall head over heels in love with her?

Game Night with the Guardians: The guardians have a little fun and play truth or dare. This takes place before generation one, where Emit and Levi are both part of the guardians. See how the guardians kick back and relax. They’re not so serious all the time!

The Apprentice from Hell: Mason has just begged Emit to take him under his wing. Under Emit’s training, Mason becomes a skilled time keeper. This story takes place on the day that teenage Mason betray’s Emit and leaves Oasis Landing.

Giving it All Up: This one shot focuses on Levi Moon. It starts when Levi finds his way back to Oasis landing, chronicles the time he trains to be the next time keeper, and then ends right after he confesses to the guardians that he wants to become a mortal and live with Athena.

The Little Things: This is a compilation of scenes from all your favorite duos as children! It will include Levi and Elliot, Lorie and Leia and Athena and Erin.

Voting will stay open until AGW reaches 4,000 views. Thank you for all of your support!

Which story would you like to read?
  • In Another Time
  • Game Night with the Guardians
  • The Apprentice from Hell
  • Giving it All Up
  • The Little Things

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