In Another Time [Special]

The winner of the poll is...In Another Time:  The story of Emit and the twin’s [Lorie and Leia’s] mother. How did he meet this girl, who is she, and how did he fall head over heels in love with her?

Without further adieu, I present to you this very special chapter.

“I know you said you had some news you wanted to tell me in person, but so do I,” Lorie told her sister. 

“Ok, then you go first!” Leia said excitedly. “Are you getting married?”

“You never let me go first…what’s going on?” She looked at her sister skeptically.

My news is huge, so I think it’ll be the icing on the cake.”

“My news is pretty big too…”

“What’s your news about?”

“A dream I had.”

“Nope, my news is definitely bigger.” Leia shook her head.

“How old are you?” Lorie grumbled. Leia snickered and urged her sister to go on. “Ok, well last night I had a dream about mom. Not just any dream, it was like the time we got to speak to Emit.”

“It’s just a dream Lorie…” Leia began.

“No it wasn’t! It was so vivid, I was watching her move around and I couldn’t do anything but watch. It was about how she met dad and how we were born…mom didn’t abandon us because she didn’t want to, Leia!”

“Enough!” Leia shouted back. “It was only a dream!”

“Even so, shouldn’t you just hear me out before you judge?”

I…“Leia paused before letting the curiosity get the better of her. “Go ahead.” 

Meet Cora Lyons, resident of Lucky Palms, up and coming architect. Well, she wanted to be an architect, but sadly she had to settle with an office job until she could make enough money to make some business cards to get her name out there. Work was scarce in Lucky Palms at the time. People were worried about how their next meal was going to get on the table, not how their house could be redecorated. Cora was living paycheck to paycheck but she was fortunate to get a secretary job that payed enough for her to survive with a few extra simoleons to play around with. Besides interior decorating, Cora loved fashion. She was always up to date on the trends of the time and she would never leave the house without make up on. 

 Cora lay motionless. Just minutes before, she saw a flashing blue light outside her window and a peculiar blue man. It was as if he had just appeared out of thin air. His clothes were lighting up as he walked and his blue hair stuck up in long spikes. It was strange . When he approached the house, Cora made a run for it. She figured if she hid, he wouldn’t think anyone was home and she could formulate a plan. 

Tap. Tap. Tap She could hear him banging on the door. “I know somebody is in there, I can see the television’s light!” He called out. 

“Crap…” She thought to herself. Cora lay silent for a few more moments until she heard nothing but the crickets chirping outside. She was about to slide out from her position when her arm was grabbed. 

AHH!” She let out a blood curdling scream. 

“Hey! Be quiet!” He placed his hand over her mouth. 

She tried to stutter an appeal to the man but it only came out in muffles. “Who are you and why are you in my house?” The blue haired stranger asked.

When he released her she turned around angrily. “I should be asking you that! This is my house, who are you and how did you even get in? The door was bolted shut!”

“How did you get this house?” He ignored her questions.

She shrunk back in a frightened manner. “I bought it from the bank?” She looked at him as if he was insane, which she had every right to believe.

The bank? Why did the bank have my house?” He asked mostly to himself. He heard Cora shuffle backwards and he looked at her sharply. “Where do you think you’re going? You can’t call the police on me, I have technology that can outsmart them easily.”

“The police?” Cora laughed nervously. “I would never…” At least not while he was looking. This man was insane. His hair, his outfit, the way he spoke. All of it was nuts. “The bank had this house because it was abandoned by it’s previous owner…if you wanted the house, you shouldn’t have left it…”

“I don’t care about this ugly house. I’m looking for a time portal. Have you seen it?”

Cora began to laugh. She had finally caught on with the stranger. There was only one way someone would call her house, of all the houses on the block, ugly. “I’m on some hidden camera prank show right? That flash of light was a bunch of special effects, you were able to get into the house because somebody gave you a key, and your outfit…you must have had a professional stylist dress you like that.”

Emit sighed in annoyance. “No, this isn’t some kind of joke. I’m from the future and this is my landing point. I have a time portal in each and every world that helps me keep track of everything happening in the timeline. I’m not even supposed to be telling you this, so I’ll probably have to wipe your memory of it later. Listen, it’s vital that I find that time portal, or else I can’t monitor Lucky Palms.”

Cora shook her head. “Ok, real funny, but I’ve got to wake up early for work tomorrow, so if you’d get out of my house…” Feeling confident that it was just a joke, she led the man to the door and forcefully pushed him out of her house. 

“Hey! Let me in!” He began to knock on the door furiously. “This is important. The fate of the future depends on this time portal!”

“Yeah, yeah. Film somewhere else. I’ve got work tomorrow.” 

“I’ve already told you, I’m from the future!”

“Hey, you weirdo, go to bed before I call the cops!” One of the neighbors called from their window.

Emit, seeing as he was getting no response from Cora, and the inconvenience the cops would bring, he decided to leave for the night. He would be back to erase this girl’s memories later on. For now, he had to lay low before the guardians found out about his mess up. He had broken two rules. One: He lost track of a time portal, making it impossible to track the time in Lucky Palms. Two: He told a human that he was a time traveler. Yes, she thought he was joking, but if Angel found out, he would be in serious trouble. 

Cora let out a long sigh. She was exhausted. She never really found out what was with that freaky guy from last night. Even though she was pretty sure it was some kind of joke, her anxieties kept her up all night. Now, sitting in front of the computer made her realize how tired she really was. Her eyes began to droop when her boss yelled out her.


“Yes, sir? I wasn’t sleeping, just resting my eyes!” She answered quickly.

I’m going to pretend that I didn’t hear that. You have a visitor, he seems really important.”

“A visitor?” Cora asked herself before feeling a hand on her shoulder. 

“You!” She lowered her eyes. “Here for another filming shot? Just tell me and I’ll pose. It’ll be easier for everyone.”

How dense are you, Cora Lyons?”

Well of course, he’d have to know her name. Someone must have sent it in. “Hmm, who set me up? Was it Barry? It was definitely Barry, he’s such a jokester.”

“Ok, I’m going to level with you here. Your boss isn’t the nicest guy, is he?”

She turned around and eyed Emit. “He is not.”

“Well, how would you like to skip work for today and help me find this time portal?”

She let out a long sigh. “Time portal? That isn’t real. But, a day off does sound nice…wait! My boss will never allow that.”

Emit held up a device. “How do you think I got him to let me in? I’m not a very important person to your time’s standards.”

“Glad you know that…” Cora mumbled. 

“Watch this,” He held up the device and pointed it towards the door. “Call over your boss.”

“You’re going to get me into some serious trouble,” She sighed but did as she was told anyway. “Mr. Marco, I’d like the rest of the day off!”

He came out of his office angrily. “Absolutely not. I can get another secretary in a minute, don’t think you’re something special! As a matter of fact, go home and don’t come back.” She looked at him fearfully. Whoever this man was, just got her fired. Emit pressed a button on the device and it shone red. “That’s what I would say if I was a mean boss.” Mr. Marco’s personality did a 360. “Take as much time as you need. Take today, tomorrow, next week, and I’ll even pay you for it!”

“Oh my gosh!” Cora looked excitedly at Emit. “How did you do that? You really are from the future! Mr. Marco would never…unless he’s being sarcastic?”

“He’s not being sarcastic.” Emit held his hand to his forehead. He thought he had just gotten her to believe him. “Even if he was though, you have nowhere to be right now, because it’d mean you were fired anyway.”

She glared at him, but she went with him anyway. That was the crazy thing about Cora. She tried to rationalize everything in her head, but in the end, she decided to say screw it, and be free for the evening. She was tired of her job, tired of her life. She wanted so much more and maybe this one trip with this supposed time traveler would be just the inspiration she needed to actually do what she wanted.

 The taxi driver was less than thrilled to be driving Emit around. If it wasn’t for the wad of cash he held out, the pair would have been turned down. 

“Where to ma’am?” The driver asked, not taking Emit seriously.

Uhm…my place, I guess? We can go there and talk about your portal or whatever.” At Emit’s nod, she told the driver her address and they departed.

“So…is it weird, being from the future? Can you tell me who I end up marrying?” She asked quietly.

He shook his head. “Until I find the portal, I can’t tell how anything will turn out in Lucky Palms.”

“Oh,” She said quietly, not knowing whether to believe him or not. She felt as if she could trust him, weirdly enough. He was absolutely ridiculous, but it thrilled her. Even if all of this was some kind of joke, she’d have fun with it while she could.

The rest of the ride was quiet. Emit looked out the window and Cora played with her thumbs. It was definitely awkward.

“You’re sure you’ve never seen a time portal?”

What does it look like?” She pondered.

“Kind of like…an upwards claw.” 

“An upwards claw? Definitely not. I’ve never seen anything like that.” Cora shook her head. “And this is real?”

“Yes. 100% real.”

Well, is 100% the whole thing in the future, or do you guys measure the whole as 200%?”

“All of the measurements are chiefly the same.”

“Don’t you have some sort of device that can find it for you?”

“I do, but I can’t use it. I’m out of titanium ore, and pressurized metal. If I had even a few pieces, I’d be able to locate the portal and be out of your hair.”

“Titanium…does it have to be ore? Can it be, you know, made into something already?”

It’s worth a shot, I guess,” Emit shrugged.

“Then I know just the place we can find you some metal. Come on, before all the good stuff is taken.”

“Eww,” Emit shook his head as he stepped over the piles of garbage.

“All of the garbage has to end up somewhere.” 

“In the future, it’s disintegrated. We would never do this to the planet.”

“And that’s why you don’t have any power for your little device,” Cora rolled her eyes.

“I just forgot to change it. Its similar to the batteries you guys use.”

“So the great Time Traveler made a mistake?” Cora taunted.

“Hush and find some titanium.”

“You better come here and help me, I’m not doing all this work by myself.”

“You see, my job is the most important. I have this little box right here that will scan an item to see the metal content in it. So you dig, I check.”

She stared up at him, “Even in the future, guys are jerks.”

After a few hours, Cora and Emit, well mostly Cora, had found enough pressurized metal to start Emit’s machine. “Let’s go, come on. We have to find the portal.”

“Already? Can’t we eat first?” Cora complained, but smiled up at the blue haired man. Something about his presence excited her. He was so different than everyone around her. So exotic.

There’s no time. Let’s go, come on.”

“So…this is it? We found it…?” Cora asked in shock. Emit waved the recharged device in front of the yard and the time portal appeared instantly.

“Yes.” He nodded.

“Now what?”

“I erase your memory.”

“What!?” Cora gasped. “You can’t do that!”

“Why not?” Emit asked. “You won’t even know that you lost your memory.”

“But, I had fun with you today, Emit…I want to remember this day.”

Emit stepped towards her and held up another one of his gadgets. He was about to wave it in her face when he saw Cora crying. “Are you…crying?”

Yes, I am. I want to remember you Emit. I won’t tell anyone about you, I promise, I won’t. But please…don’t let me forget you.”

He looked sadly at her. He was also having a great time with her. She was bossy, pushy and annoying, but he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her when he was around her. Technically, he didn’t even need to go through all that trouble to involve her. He could have used his scanner from the beginning to find the metals he needed. It didn’t stop his duty as a guardian. He couldn’t let her remember him. “I have to wipe your memory…”

“Ok…you can wipe my memory, but can we at least meet up one more time before you do?” She asked innocently. “Just once more?”

Emit thought for a moment. He only knew this girl for the better of a day, yet he was entranced by her presence. Maybe it was because women weren’t as sassy in the future, or maybe it was because of her beautiful orange hair. He didn’t know, but he did want to see her again and he’d be able to keep the guardians in the dark a little longer.

“Tomorrow night, you can meet me at the park. The one with all of the fountains.”

“Where?” Cora frowned.

He sighed, “I’m not even from here and I know where it is…”

The day dragged by slowly. She couldn’t wait to see Emit again. She had hoped she’d be able to change Emit’s mind. Maybe he’d bring her to the future with him. When she arrived at the park, she saw him standing there, looking into the many fountains. She grinned as she pounced behind him, scaring him.

“Cora!” Emit held his hand over his heart. This kind of fear, it was new to him. He hadn’t experienced several different emotions while watching the future. He had been only close to a select few. Most of them being the guardians and Mason.

“Hi Emit, did you miss me?” He let out the breath he didn’t know he was holding and nodded nervously. “I missed you too,” She couldn’t contain the smile that now formed on her face.

He stared at her wistfully. Maybe he was getting caught up in the moment. it had been so long since he’d felt anything towards another human being, let alone a woman. She was toying with him, that much he knew. He was trying to fight the urge to find out more about her. Part of him saw the two together, even if it just meant as friends. The other part of him was telling him that mortality wasn’t worth a single human female.

“Emit, are you okay?” She asked him, a bit worried. He was staring into space and not answering her.

There was only one way to get the thought out of his head. Despite every consequence he thought about, he pulled her body close to his and kissed her roughly.

Emit…” She breathed. “It’s only been a day, you know…”

“And I can’t get you out of my mind.”

“I know we said we would only meet one more time, but just one more night, please?” She begged. Her tiny frame felt so right in his arms that he couldn’t refuse.

That night turned into several more and Emit actually thought about giving up his spot as Time Keeper. That was until one day when he was notified by the guardians. Levi nor Mason were old enough to take over as the full time keeper of Oasis Landing. In order to carry out what they had planned out, Emit needed to be loyal to the guardians and only the guardians. As much as Angel hated to do it, she gave Emit no choice but to return to them. They would exterminate her if Emit disobeyed. He loved her too much to do that and he left her. It killed him inside but he couldn’t face Cora. She meant the world to him. He left without ever telling her why.

His timing was terrible. Cora found out she was pregnant shortly after Emit left. He didn’t wipe her memory, but everything about Emit seemed to disappear even the portal they spent so much time finding. Emit had concealed it so she wouldn’t chase after him. Cora was shocked to find out she was pregnant with twins. She waited and waited for Emit to come back but he never did.

Balancing work and two kids by herself began to be too much for her. She couldn’t do it and she owed it to her children to give them a good life she couldn’t provide herself. She placed them up for adoption and the orphanage quickly took over. She hoped to get her children back one day, but no one knows what ever happened to her, not even Emit who watched over her timeline constantly.

“That’s a really elaborate dream,” Leia told her sister.

“I’m telling you, it’s the truth. I can feel it in my heart. Mom loved us. Don’t you think we should go out and try to find her?”

“Lorie, this is too much!” Leia cried out suddenly. Her head was spinning and she couldn’t think straight. She didn’t even believe that Emit was her father. Lorie knew that the one thing Leia always wanted was a mother, and she wouldn’t joke around with it. If Lorie felt like the story was true, there might have been some merit for it. “Noah is coming out of jail early!”

“That’s good news, Leia…what’s the problem?”

The kids…I don’t know how they’ll react to their own father, I don’t have time to chase a mother that probably isn’t even real. You don’t even have any leads.”

“I’m happy that Noah is on his way home, and I know that life is tough right now but please, just think about it.” Lorie begged her sister before leaving.
Whew! That was a long one. I had no idea how to go about what happened between Emit and Cora. It took a lot of brainstorming. This special is extra special because it will come back later on in the story. I hope it doesn’t feel too rushed, it was just a lot to fit into only one chapter. I could only do so much before going into a whole separate side story. 

3 thoughts on “In Another Time [Special]

  1. So many things could have bee different if the guardians hadn't stepped in and made Emit leave Cora. I'm beginning to really not like them.

    I can understand why Leia doesn't believe Lorie though. It's kind of difficult to put all your faith in a dream. She needs concrete evidence plus with Noah coming home soon, why would she want to run off looking for Cora when she never knew her?

    I wonder what Cora has been up to all this time and why doesn't Emit know where she is? I have a sneaky feeling that the guardians have something to do with this.


  2. I loved this story!! I feel terrible for Cora, but I feel like she knew some of the risks. So, I don’t know. It was good of her to give up the babies, though. I’m hoping what you meant is that Cora will come back again. Or Emit and Cora will get together. Hmmm…..

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