Halloween Special and Heir Poll


~Gen 3 is almost here! I’ve aged up both Apollo and Ambrose to young adult so you guys could see what they’ll look like in Gen 3. Well, minus the Halloween costumes. The special sets up the heir poll. It pretty much explains to the boys that one of them have to be Noah’s successor. If you don’t want to read the special and just want to vote, scroll all the way down!~

“Welcome to my Halloween party boys!” Frostbite exclaimed.
“Who are you?” The boys asked in unison.
“Wait a minute…who are you? You look a lot like my little brother…” Apollo looked over at the pink haired boy in front of him.

“Me?”  Ambrose raised his brow. “I am your little brother! But, why do you look so young, Apollo?”

“I want to know why you look so old!”
“What are you talking about?” Ambrose held his hands out in front of him. “The only thing different is this blood all over me, which I hope is fake.”
“You should be a teenager!”
“You should be an adult!” Ambrose fired back.
“Boys!” Frost bite called out, annoyed at being ignored.
They both turned around. “What?” Ambrose asked. 
“Who are you, and what’s going on?” Apollo asked.
“If you boys would be quite and listen to me, there’d be an explanation!” Once she was satisfied with the silence, she spoke again. “My name is Frostbite and I’m your guardian. Well, the guardian of whoever Noah picks as his heir.”
“That guy?” Ambrose spit out in disgust. 
Come on Ambrose, cool it and let her finish. What do you mean guardian?”
“Well, let’s discuss it Apollo,” She stood up from her seat and walked over to him.
“Hey!” Ambrose exclaimed.
“If you weren’t so rude to me, after I invited you to my Halloween party, I’d be talking to you too!”
“That’s why this place looks like a pumpkin vomited all over it?”
“I think it looks good,” Apollo offered, trying to keep the peace.
“You’re rude, aren’t you?” Frost Bite looked at him in disgust. “Well, you can see why I dressed you guys like I did right? “
“I don’t even know whats going on!” Ambrose shot back.
“I’ll explain once you look at your costumes. I worked hard on it, I had to beg Emit to cooperate with me!”

“Fair enough,” Apollo said. 
She ushered him over to the mirror on the wall. “You first, since you’re the oldest. Look!”
“Am I supposed to be some sort of sports player?”
“Yep!” She beamed.
Ambrose began to laugh. “Apollo is the least sportiest guy I know. If he’s a virtual athlete it makes sense.”
“Shut up! I can totally play sports!”
“Act your age!” Ambrose smirked. “You’re not a teenager anymore.”
“Hey, I’m still your older brother!” 
“Doesn’t look like it!” Ambrose smirked.
“Alright pinkie, shut up.” She turned back to Apollo. “You’re dressed as an athlete because you’re sweet and playful. All of the star players are looked upon as role models for everyone. They symbolize dedication. It fits you perfectly.”
Apollo smiled sweetly. “Thank you.”
“Also, who doesn’t love a guy in uniform?” She laughed at Apollo’s reddening face.
Ambrose was looking at Apollo with his brow raised. “This is ridiculous!”
“Don’t be jealous, you’re next, come on over!”
“No, this is stupid.”
“Fine then. I’ll just put you back where you belong and make sure Apollo is the heir!”
What does that even mean!?” Ambrose shouted back.

“She’ll tell you if you look at yourself. I just did it, it’s not bad,” Apollo said.
“You’re afraid of what you’re going to see right?” Frostbite taunted.
“I am not! Let me see!” He stood in front of the mirror. “I don’t get it.”

“Of course you don’t. Do you see the horns? You’re a demon.”
“Hey, wait a minute! Why does Apollo get the hunky sports player, and I get the demon!?”
“Isn’t it obvious?”
“I’m not a bad person…” He said suddenly.
I know you’re not. It represents something else. It represents the demons that you’re fighting, with your dad. You and Apollo both have things in your life that you’re going through, but your demon is much stronger than his. Your relationship with your father is what’s holding both you and him back.”
Ambrose turned away. “How I feel about my dad is none of your business.”
“As your guardian, it is my business. To truly be happy, you have to face your demons no matter how messed up it gets.” She began to walk towards the center of the room. 

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to explain to you guys what’s going on, now that you see what you guys truly embody.”
“What about you? What are you supposed to be?”
“A bunny, can’t you see the ears? Oh, you mean you thought this whole thing was a costume? No, I’m an ice person. Real original name right?”
“He didn’t mean anything by that…!” Apollo said suddenly.
“It’s alright. I’m not offended. I was created in an experiment by a scientist. My species doesn’t come into existence until way after your children have their own children. Because of my genetic makeup, my skin is frozen and so I don’t have any chance of catching diseases. The only thing that can physically harm me is time of course, and the heat. If it makes you sweat, it’ll kill me.”
“That’s so cool,” Ambrose grinned.
“Terrible pun, bro.” Apollo hit his head with the palm of his hand.
“Whatever man.” He rolled his eyes.
“I’m part of an organization called the guardians. We were formed to save the future. It’s turning into a terrible place, if it keeps going as it is now, the entire world of Oasis Landing will be gone! That’s home to a ton of people! When Oasis Landing falls, it’ll inevitably lead to the destruction of many races, including mine. So, the other guardians and I came together with a plan. Your grandmother Athena was the founder of the Gray legacy. In ten generations, the Gray family is supposed to help stop the corruption and eventual fall of Lunar Lakes which will then stop the destruction of Oasis Landing. You guys would be generation three. In order to decide who will continue the legacy, I brought both of you back here. I took you, Apollo, from the timeline where you’re heir and I took you, Ambrose, from the timeline where you’re heir.”
“How is that even possible?”Apollo racked his brain for some sort of logical reason.
Your grandfather is the timekeeper. Not Levi. Your mom’s father. He’s watches over the timelines of all the people in the past and the future. It’s tough work. He helped Noah, and now it’s my turn to help one of you. He says I should let Noah do the deciding for who gets to be the heir, but Angel said I could do whatever I want for the third generation. I can’t wait to work with one of you boys!” 
“Wait…I still don’t get it!”Ambrose cried.
“Well of course you won’t. There’s far too much for you to know about us and the future, especially for me to explain right now. Our time together is almost up. I’ll try to simplify it as best I can. Your grandmother gave birth to some kids, and she chose your dad to lead the Gray family and make sure it prospered. Either you or Apollo have to step up to the plate and do the same thing. One of you will have to make sure the Gray legacy continues. It is so important for the future that the Grays reach ten generations. I just wanted to meet you both now and see who I think would make the better heir. I’m going to present my choice to grandpa time and let him relay the message to your dad and see if he agrees. No matter what the choice, I think both of you will be great candidates to continue your family name.” Before she could say more, or the guys could ask anything else. Frostbite began to fade away. “Guess my time is up, you guys won’t remember any of this ever happened, but I do look forward to working with whoever is selected as heir! Happy Halloween guys!”
Ambrose turned to Apollo who was already looking at him. “What?
Don’t be such a twerp,” Apollo grinned.
“Don’t be such a stick in the mud,” Ambrose shot back with the same grin before each of them disappeared as well. 
Apollo Gray. 
Apollo is sweet and caring. He loves to play video games with his mom and best friend Katherine. When he was reunited with his father after ten years, he was ecstatic and welcomed him with open arms. As the older brother, he feels like it’s his job to make sure Ambrose is safe and doing the right thing. He’s so focused on keeping his family together that he’s oblivious to what others are feeling outside of his inner circle. Despite him being an academic genius, he isn’t the brightest when it comes to understanding the real world. Nothing is like it is in the video games.
This is what Ambrose will look like in gen 3, without all of the blood and demon horns!
Ambrose inherited the Gray family’s signature pink hair. Despite being the perfect look-a-like to his father Noah, Ambrose hates his guts. Unlike Apollo, Ambrose didn’t meet his dad until he was ten years old. He doesn’t understand why he needs a dad when he has his Uncle Caleb, who practically raised him. Ambrose is trying to tolerate Noah for Apollo’s sake, but when he becomes a teen, he may not be able to be so accepting of his father’s sudden appearance. Will he be able to sacrifice his true feelings to keep his older brother happy? Ambrose will find solace in his artwork, but will it be enough to repair his relationship with his father?
Well, I have my favorite of this generation, but either way I will enjoy writing for either of these boys! 
Who should be the heir of Gen 3?
  • Apollo
  • Ambrose

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Ps: Enjoy this picture of Frostbite and the boys!

3 thoughts on “Halloween Special and Heir Poll

  1. The special was interesting. The boys appear to be so opposite of each other and either would make a good heir. I voted though because I definitely have a favorite! But even if he doesn't win I'm still looking forward to gen 3.


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