3.6 Plan B

Lynette was doing her nails when she heard a knock on her door. It was probably Katherine. She had been spending most of her nights at the library. Finals weren’t for another few weeks but Lynette didn’t mind so much, she was enjoying the alone time.

“Mason?” Lynette blushed furiously. She was only in her pjs! Of course she walked around the house in her pjs quite often, but somehow being in her room alone with the older male made it feel even more intimate. 

“Hey, I’m really sorry to bother you so late but I kind of had something on my mind and I couldn’t sleep, thinking about it.”

“Oh…” Lynette said softly. He thought coming to her was the right thing to do? “What can I do for you? Do you want advice?”

“Not exactly. I’d like an answer.” Lynette stared at him dumbfounded. What was going on? “Let me explain before you say anything. I thought you were cute the moment I met you at orientation. Your bubbly personality is infectious. I want to be around you all the time. My schedule is preventing me from seeing you as much as I’d like to. I want to have an actual conversation with you. A hello isn’t enough for me. I want to know more about you, and I want you to know more about me. I know I’m older and this may be a little inappropriate but I can’t go to bed unless I know if you’d like to go on a date with me or not.”

“A date?” She began to stutter. Yes, she was a college student, but that didn’t change the fact that she was an eighteen year old girl. She still got giddy when the cute senior noticed her. A date would be harmless, right? “I’d love to meet up one day. I’ve actually been disappointed that we don’t really see each other that often.”

The conversation was broken up by a sluggish Katherine entering the room and collapsing onto the bed. “I think I better go now, I’ll stop by your room tomorrow and we can choose a place to go.” Mason kissed her hand before leaving.

“Are you dating that student teacher guy?” Katherine yawned.

“No! But we might be, soon. He asked me on a date!” Lynette gushed.

“I don’t know, he seems like bad news. You guys have never had a real conversation passed the first day of school and it’s been a month already. Tommy is his roommate, and he says that guy is never in the room. Like ever.”

“I think you’re the last person to talk about someone else. I may think my step brother is a jerk, but it doesn’t give you a right to step all over him.”

Excuse me?”

“Nothing. I’m going to bed.”

At the breakfast table, Apollo was quieter than usual.

“Hey, something the matter?” Tommy asked.

“Is it that obvious?” Apollo let out a sigh.

“Kinda. you’ve always been like this when you were upset. Remember that time we were playing soldiers over the internet and Johnny’s character fell off the cliff? It was so funny and Johnny and I were in tears from laughing do hard. You were silent. You were upset about your little brother, remember?”

Apollo nodded. “Those were the best days. There was nothing for me to worry about. When I was with you, Johnny and Katherine I felt invincible. You guys made me forget that my father wasn’t around for ten years. You guys got me through everything. Now, I miss that dynamic.”

“It’s still like that. Well for me and you at least, right? I know Johnny is over in Twinbrook and Katherine…” Tommy’s voice trailed off. He didn’t know if he should continue or not.

“Katherine is another story altogether. I know she’s your girlfriend, but I think I won’t feel better until I tell you everything I feel about her…” Apollo bit his lip.

“Wait, let me go first,” Tommy said. “I think what we’re going to say will sound a bit similar. You’ve noticed something different about Katherine lately right?” Apollo nodded. “I remember when she first came up to me, mascara running down her cheeks. It was the first time she decided to wear makeup, the start of her transformation. I couldn’t stand to see one of my best friends upset. We talked and she told me all about how she kissed you and you totally freaked out. I was so mad at you, because I had the biggest crush on Katherine ever, and she never noticed. Yet, you had her affection and you didn’t want it. I promised her that I would always be there for her. I took her to the freshman fling, and then when I asked her to be my girlfriend she said yes. I was so happy. We completely took over high school. Then my parents began to fight and tensions were always high in the house. The only thing I looked forward to was how in control of everyone I was in high school. I was the star baseball player, all I had to do was tell someone jump and they would. Katherine loved the attention from everyone too. I started to lose myself, and you, Johnny and the old Katherine. Katherine and I were the power couple but when we came here, none of it mattered. Nobody knew us. I was lucky that you were here to snap me out of it all. I began to realize that I missed what we had. Katherine, no matter how hard I try, won’t go back to how she was before. Now it’s makeup and fashion, not video games and sports like it used to be. I loved her anyway and I put up with it because I thought it was all I had. Now, I know that I’m not who I was in high school and I don’t want the new Katherine. I fell in love with the old one. I’m going to break up with her.”

“What?” Apollo asked in shock. It was a lot to take in. Tommy wasn’t the villain Apollo originally made him out to be, and it became more and more clear with each conversation they had. Tommy felt helpless and clinged to the attention he was getting from everyone in school. Now, he was aware that that guy wasn’t him. If only Katherine would notice that too. Tommy deserved so much better.

“Am I making a mistake?” Tommy asked frantically. He really had no idea what to do. Apollo could sense the helplessness in his voice.

“Actually, what I wanted to tell you might help you make that decision,” Apollo began. Tommy looked up at him hopefully. “I didn’t know how to tell you this, but I saw Katherine flirting with Damian.”

“Huh? You’re joking right? Damian would never…I mean besides his personality being you know, kinda strange. He’s my friend…he wouldn’t let her flirt with him and not tell me.” Apollo swallowed hard, remembering how Katherine had kissed him the summer before university. Would Tommy be upset? He decided not to tell him, it wouldn’t hurt him not to know, would it?

“It happened, I saw it with my own eyes. She stopped me on my way out of class to try to explain it. She said something about not being in control of her body or something. I don’t know, but I told her that she shouldn’t be leading you on like that, it isn’t right,” Apollo said sincerely.

“You’re sure thats what you saw? You aren’t making things up?

“I’m not making it up. I don’t have any reason to. I care about you man. I don’t want to see you get hurt. Honestly, I hated the thought of you all throughout high school, but seeing you here again made me realize that I really missed having you in my life. We were young and stupid, but now I know better than to let the people I care about slip right through my fingers.”

Tommy beamed at him. “Thank you.”

Tommy knew what he had to do. Hearing Apollo’s words had reassured him that what he originally thought about doing was the right thing. There was one thing bothering him, how long had she been cheating on him? It wasn’t like he hadn’t thought of other people. In fact he had done this, often while he was with her. He couldn’t get this one person out of his mind and he felt bad about it because he was committed to Katherine. He hadn’t acted on his feelings like Katherine did though. When he entered the dormitory after class, he was greeted by Katherine’s smiling face.

Hey babe, how are you feeling? You looked really upset this morning.” She placed her hand lovingly on his arm.

I’m feeling much better. Thank you for asking. Actually, I need to talk to you, it’s important.”

She leaned up and kissed him full on the lips. “I’m glad you’re feeling better. I love you.”

Katherine, can we take this to the next room, please?” He asked nervously. People were beginning to pile into the dorm one by one. He didn’t want to embarrass her.

“Please be honest with me, how do you feel about Damian?” Tommy asked.

What…where is this coming from?” She asked innocently.

“Please don’t play games with me. I wasn’t born yesterday. Words gotten around that you were caught flirting with Damian.”

“Apollo told you didn’t he?” She asked in annoyance.

“It doesn’t matter who did! Is it true or not?”

“Kind of…well, I mean it was me, but I wasn’t in control of my body. It was like I was in some kind of trance! I love you, I don’t mean to hurt you in any way. You have to believe me.”

Tommy looked at her in disgust. “I don’t understand why you can’t be upfront with me. I have been with you haven’t I? I think we both know that there isn’t any love in our relationship anymore. We both clinged to each other because we were both going through some messed up stuff. You wanted to be accepted and I needed someone to tell me they cared. We can’t keep pretending that what we had in the beginning is still there. We both need to move on.”

“Are you breaking up with me?” She asked in shock. She had noticed a change in Tommy’s personality recently. He had no longer been her prince. She knew she had strung him on for too long. She loved the idea of Tommy but her heart was somewhere else.

I’m sorry.”

She looked up at him with tears brimming her eyes. “There’s somebody else isn’t there? It’s ok. There’s been somebody else for me too, but it isn’t Damian. I promise you that.”

Tommy looked at her and frowned. How had she seen right through him. They had both realized that they were in a loveless relationship but instead of ending things, they both began to put their attention elsewhere. He only wondered who this other person was.

With a heavy heart Tommy made his way into the common room. He had been expecting a much more rewarding feeling. It was over, yet he already felt like crap. Where was the feeling of a burden being lifted from his shoulders? He wouldn’t feel any better until he told the other person how he felt, and there was no way he was going to do that any time soon. There was just too many complications. He felt himself drifting off into a deep sleep until he heard some footsteps.

“I’m sorry, did I wake you?” Mason asked softly. “I was just trying to find a place to relax. Our room feels a bit stuffy.”

“Tell me about it.” Tommy groaned. “I feel like the room is closing in on me up there. I hate it.”

You don’t look like you’re feeling too well. Want to talk about it?”

“Not really, it’s just a breakup. No big deal.”

“You and Katherine finally broke up huh?”

“Finally?” Tommy frowned.

Yeah, I mean she was cheating on you right? At least thats what the rumors said.”

“Seems like everyone knew she was flirting with Damian except for me,” Tommy shut his eyes.

“Damian? Oh, nevermind then.” Tommy didn’t see the sinister smirk that played on Mason’s lips.

What are you saying?” Tommy asked impatiently. Did Mason know about the other guy?

It’s Apollo dude. Katherine kissed him right before you guys came here to Sims University. Didn’t you know that?? She’s been thinking of him every time she was with you.”

“That’s bullshit. Apollo would have told me about that!” Tommy said angrily. “Besides, how would you even know that?”

Mason began to laugh. “I know about everyone’s secrets in this dorm. I know Damian’s secret, Lynette’s secret, hell I just told you about Katherine and Apollo’s not so little secret. I’m especially interested in your secret though. The person you’re in love with is really-“

“Shut up!” Tommy shouted. “I don’t want to hear anymore! You’re freakin despicable!”

Alright alright. Say what you want, but Katherine is in love with Apollo and Apollo didn’t tell you anything. That’s the truth. Why don’t you go and ask them?” Mason smirked as he left an infuriated Tommy on the couch. Tommy held his hand over his heart. He didn’t know how much Mason really knew about them but if the guy really knew his secret, he was in for a surprise. He couldn’t let his little secret out, not before he told this person how he really felt himself.

3 thoughts on “3.6 Plan B

  1. Mason is up to his old tricks again. I wish he would stay gone! Poor Tommy if he only knew that Katherine's feelings for Apollo are only one sided, at least that's the way it appears and I hope is the case. I wonder who Tommy likes and I hope he has the courage to tell them how he feels.


  2. As usual, Masono’s up to his old tricks. Glad that Tommy and Katherine broke up. They were weird together. I’m wondering about Tommy & Lynette. It’s weird, but that was my first thought when Mason almost said who Tommy liked. Anyway, probably not, just my thought.


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