3.14 Intruder Alert

Apollo heard a sickening thud as he fell on the ground. There was a darkness surrounding him, he couldn’t see a thing, only feel the pain in his limbs.
“Apollo, wake up!” He felt someone shake him and then light illuminated the area.
“What the…?” Apollo, with the help of Frost Bite was able to stand up. 
“Crap!” She exclaimed. “We’re right in the open. Couldn’t Angel have landed us in a more secluded area?”
“Frost!” Apollo shouted to her. “What the hell is going on? Where are we!”
You said that you wanted to see Tommy right? Well, here we are. Tommy is here, in this place unreachable by humans on their own. Exciting, huh?” Frost twirled to face the now frantic boy.
“Wait, what? I didn’t mean right away! What about my parents, and Ambrose and Lynette?!”
“I don’t think you should be worrying about that too much now. What you really should be freaking out about is if anyone saw us land here! Remember how I said this land was unreachable by humans alone? Theres a rule set in place here. In order to bring a human to Moonlight Falls you have to fill out a request form and have the headmaster approve it. He knows the scent of every inhabitant. We’ll be able to lay low for a few days until he find us, as long as no one saw us here. I don’t see anyone, but stay hidden ok? I’ll be back in a few moments.”
“Wait a second!” Apollo called out, but it fell on deaf ears. Frost Bite hurried away anyway. Apollo had so many questions. First of all, if they’d be in trouble if they were caught, why did she leave him here? She knew he couldn’t fend for himself if he tried! Secondly, if humans had to be approved…than what species lived here?  Were they vampires? Werewolves? Demons? Who was the headmaster? Filling out a paper and handing it to the headmaster was something you did in school. Getting permission to live somewhere was unnatural. Who got to decide these things?
Apollo was so deep in thought that he didn’t realize the person who was now standing in front of him, arms crossed.
“Frost, thank goodness you’re back—“
Without any warning, Apollo felt himself being thrusted backwards. “You have some nerve showing up here, you human scum. This park is a sanctuary only for supernaturals. Get the hell out of here. NOW.”
Apollo moved to sidestep the angry green male but he only advanced closer. “Where do you think you’re going?”
“You just told me to leave…” Apollo said nervously. This was exactly what he feared. Frost, where are you!?
“You weak little humans, you do whatever we say, huh? Just not to get the crap beaten out of you. Pathetic.” The green male spat. “Tell me, who is the supernatural that brought you here? Where are they? Abandoning their little human pet.”
Apollo stayed silent, unable to answer. What would he tell him? He couldn’t exactly sell out Frost Bite, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to get home. 
“Nothing? Just what I expected.” Apollo felt himself flying backwards as the stranger’s fist made contact with his face. “Absolutely pathetic.”
Apollo could feel the blood spewing out of his mouth. The stranger’s fist felt like a ton of bricks. Apollo tried to wipe his mouth but he had no energy to even lift his arms. “What…what did you do to me?” Apollo choked out.

“It wouldn’t be much of a problem if you were a supernatural,” he smirked. “Let this be a lesson to you. Go back to where you came from and don’t come back. You have no damn business here. I don’t know who you are or what sorry excuse for a true supernatural brought you here, but this will be my ONLY warning. I’ll make sure you never leave here alive.”
“David….” A low but intimidating growl made it’s way to Apollo’s ears. He involuntarily flinched. Apollo tried to cover his face and hide to the best of his ability. He was in a bad situation, he could feel it. What the hell was he thinking, letting Frost just whisk him away to a strange land? Love made you do stupid things. Apollo tried to push himself up from the cold pavement. He needed to get out of here, he needed to get to Tommy. If Apollo was in this much trouble, what did it mean for Tommy?
“Headmaster…” David stuttered in shock. He took a step back from Apollo’s struggling body and whipped around to face the angry black haired male. “It isn’t what it…I didn’t….he was…”
“Enough, David. I don’t want to hear it. I am the only one who gets to decide which people stay here and which go. Not you. This is the last strike. You will be punished.” The headmaster’s words were calm, yet menacing. His very presence was enough to strike fear in even the most courageous of people. 
“Punished?” David’s eyes widened. “You can’t do that…! I’m just trying to teach these humans a lesson. I refuse to be prisoners to their experiments any longer! Those people are like vultures, poking and prodding us supernaturals, trying to diagnose us like we’ve got some sort of disease!” 
“Not every human is like that, just as not every supernatural is a victim. Humans are scared of our presence. It’s understandable that they want to see what we’re made up of. One human being will not be able to destroy everything we’ve built, especially not on his own.” The headmaster’s eyes bore into David’s fearful, yet impassioned face. “I cannot tolerate someone trying to dictate the will of the people.”
Apollo began to speak, not even fully realizing it himself. “What about you? What are humans to you, pets? Not all of us are disobedient animals? Don’t punish him.” Apollo let out a hoarse cough, with more blood dripping from his open mouth. “I get it, you’re afraid that I’m going to come in and take over. I won’t. I know someone who would hate me if I pulled an ignorant move like that.” Apollo thought back to his conversation with Tommy. All of this was for Tommy. Apollo lifted his eyes to meet with that of the headmaster and what he saw nearly took his breath away,
It was the same pearl orbs he had spent the last three (well, sort of…) months with. “Damian….?” Apollo coughed.
“Nice to see you again,” Damian smiled kindly. His entire demeanor had changed. He held himself like a prince or a noble would, with such honor and class. It was so unlike the brooding man that quietly roamed the dorms. 
“What…the hell?” Damian leaned down to lift Apollo off of the ground. 
Damian scowled at David and spoke again. “You used your magic against him?” 
“I…uh…” David looked away.
“How does your face feel?” Damian turned to face Apollo once again. 
Like you stood up on the top of a building and dropped a bag of bricks on me, while I was looking up straight at it.” Apollo rubbed his jaw, startled by the amount of blood that had dried around it.
“David, take him to the nymphs, they’ll heal him right away. When he’s done, make sure you personally escort him back to my house and we will talk then.”
“Wait…!” Apollo tried to protest, but Damian cut him off.
I already know why you’re here, and I can assure you that he is safe. We will discuss things at length once the nymphs have healed you. Magic should not be used on humans. If you go untreated, your wounds could grow worse and at an accelerated rate. So please, go fix yourself up.”
Apollo reluctantly began to follow a not so happy David. He had questions for both David and Damian but he needed to fix his jaw and quick. Apollo didn’t have the strength to move and fell back down to the ground.
“Apollo!” A girlish shriek rang out.
“Apollo, you brought along a guardian?” Damian shook his head disappointingly. 
“This ice freak is a guardian?” David scoffed. 
Excuse me?” Frost said angrily. She kneeled down to check on Apollo. “Which of you idiots used magic on him? Damn it Apollo, I leave you for five minutes and you go and get yourself blasted.”
“He’ll be fine once the nymphs heal him. David, get going now.”
“Right.” David nodded and moved to help Apollo up.
“Oh hell no!” Frost jumped in David’s way. “There is no way he’s going with you after you did this to him!” 

“He needs to be healed, or the damage could get worse. You know that,” Damian said.
“No!” Frost crossed her arms. “Apollo’s safety is of utmost importance. I don’t need any of you guys to step in the way of that!”
I didn’t want to have to do this, but you guardians interfere too much.” Damian blinked and fangs sprouted from his mouth. Without even a slight movement, Frost fell to her knees and shrieked in agony.”David, do not stop anywhere else. Get him directly to the nymphs.”
“Frost…” Apollo mumbled as he reached out to grab her. He didn’t know who was right, or who to trust, but he couldn’t just leave her there wriggling in pain. 
She’ll be fine, it’s just a temporary spell. You need to get your jaw checked and fast. We don’t have time to convince Ms. Guardian over here. Just go.”
Apollo felt his body go limp in David’s arms as the green man ran through the forest. Maybe trusting David would be his downfall, but right now, all he cared about was the comfort of sleep as his gaze drifted into darkness. 

One thought on “3.14 Intruder Alert

  1. Damian is the headmaster and decides who lives there. I'm glad he's there, I think he'll help Apollo find James. Frost what was she thinking in leaving Apollo alone in a hostile environment? I don't like her anything to do with the guardians. I think Damian is correct when he said they interfere too much. It might be their undoing.


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