3.15 Dimension Shifting

Frost Bite stretched her arms and yawned. Looking around, she realized that she was in a bedroom.

“You’re up,” David said.

“Congratulations Captain Obvious!” Frost laid a hand on his shoulder, causing him to jump. “I’m in Damian’s place, aren’t I?”

Mhmm, fortunately for you, that boy has an attachment to you. He somehow believes the crap that you’re spewing. He wouldn’t let the fairies heal him until he knew that you were ok as well. Hence, you being here,” David stated.

“Hmm, using me as a bartering device, impressive. Damian always was a cunning one. Unfortunately for him, his little reign of terror ends today. He isn’t going to be brainwashing MY little Apollo. I mean I did come here with him, right? So by the laws that he has created, Apollo is my responsibility. It’s a shame, if you guys didn’t treat humans as such outsiders, you’d be more in control.” Frost laughed.

“The headmaster is in control. You guardians are the ones who aren’t. Everyone here knows that you guys are nothing but a scam. Even worse than those prodding humans are you guardians. Who exactly chose you guys to represent us? Where are the vampires, werewolves, imaginary friends? We’re all insignificant to your little fairy queen, Angel. You’re lucky that you have that human backing you up!” David spat.

Frost crossed her arms. “Where is he?”

“I’m not ordered to give you that information.”

“Mark my words David Gardner, the guardians are a much stronger force than Damian alone will ever be. We’re fighting for the salvation of the future, and to secure that, we need Apollo. We will do anything to achieve our goals.” Frost lowered her eyes.

David began to laugh. “Are you serious?  What’s that old adage, ‘The end doesn’t justify the means?’ You need to watch yourself before your plans blow up in your face.”

Like you’re one to talk. You’re nothing but Damian’s little toy. But, that doesn’t really concern me right now. My little Apollo is worried bout me, right? So take me to him.”

David shook his head. “If it was up to me I’d get rid of both of you, but it’s not up to me, it’s up to Damian.”

“How do you feel?” Damian asked.
“A little weirded out,” Apollo answered honestly.
“I meant healthwise, Apollo,” Damian chuckled.
“Right, well…I’m feeling good. I don’t know what those fairies did but it worked.” Apollo patted his hair down and looked at Damian. “It’s kind of weird hearing you laugh. I didn’t think you had any emotions.”
“I had an image to protect.”
“Why…why were you in disguise? Were you undercover or something?” Apollo asked.
“Precisely,” Damian nodded. “I was alerted to Mason’s presence. I couldn’t send in any of my agents in fear of betrayal. Moonlight Falls is divided into three entities. There’s those supernaturals who are loyal to me. They believe in my policies and trust in me as their ruler. There’s those supernaturals who support Angel and her legion which she calls the guardians. Her supporters are rebelling against me and trying to end my rule. Lastly, there’s those supernaturals who don’t really care who’s in charge, as long as the humans are kept at bay.”
Wait, I don’t understand. Everyone keeps mentioning the guardians. Who are they exactly?” Apollo questioned.
“The guardians are a group of supernaturals and time travelers who believe that the future will be destroyed unless they intervene. There are nine of them in total, Frost being part of it. Apollo, you really should look into your family history. Two members of your family have been a part of this faction, a faction that is mislead in their beliefs.” Apollo looked at Damian with a bewildered expression. This was the first time he was hearing any of this. “Right now there’s a revolution going on and once again there’s three entities heading it. I already mentioned the guardians and their want to change the future. The other entity is a man by the name of Mason Moon. He’s a destructive force with more power than he knows what to do with. His intentions aren’t clear, but he has been interfering in the timelines of your family for years. The last entity is me. I believe strongly that both Mason and the guardians are wrong. They’re trying to change a future that simply doesn’t exist. The future they claim is being destroyed is Oasis Landing, rumored to be the future of Riverview. Don’t you think something as fragile as Time is destructive? Think about it, if everyone went into the future, wouldn’t it be destroyed? If your actions change the future, why hasn’t it been destroyed earlier?”

“What does that mean?”
Oasis Landing is not part of another time period. It’s in another dimension entirely. What I do here does not affect Oasis Landing. Think about it, how can all of these worlds lead to just one place in the future? Time travel isn’t possible and it never will be. it’s too dangerous of a thing. I don’t believe that Mason and Emit are time travelers, I think that they’re  dimension shifters.”
“I think I’m missing some information. So, time traveling, future, all of this is real? What you’re saying is the guardians want to make the future a better place by involving themselves with my family, and Mason is trying to do something that nobody knows about, that ultimately destroys my family’s life and you think that they’re both insane because time traveling to the future is insane. Did I miss anything?”
Damian sighed, “You summed it up pretty well, but I can tell that you still don’t really understand me. I think the only way you’ll understand is if you go to Oasis Landing yourself and see what I’m talking about. You just need to find a portal, which your father, grandfather and Frost Bite should know the whereabouts of.”
Apollo opened his mouth to say more when the door creaked opened, revealing an orange haired male. 

“My Lord, I apologize for my tardiness, and for David’s behavior.”
“Stop calling me that. I’m nothing of the sort. I’m a friend before a headmaster,” Damian shook his hand and motioned the boy to stand up.
“Tommy!” Apollo couldn’t contain himself. He stood up from his chair, only to be met with a harsh glare.
“What the hell is this Damian?” Tommy practically growled.
Apollo is here on an important mission,” Damian stated simply. “Which I need you two to work on together. How does that sound?” 
“You know the circumstances!”
“I understand that Tommy, but there isn’t anyone else as stealthy as you. There isn’t anyone else I trust with this job,” Damian said.
Tommy let out a sigh. “I really hate that you’re my boss sometimes.” Damian and Tommy stared at each other for a moment before Tommy spoke up again. “I’m sorry Damian, I’m thankful for everything you have done for me in the past few years, but I’m not working with Apollo. You can’t possibly imagine the torment this asshole has put me through.”
“What did I do?” Apollo asked desperately. He looked from the headmaster to the subject. Time hadn’t been too kind to him. Time had created such unimaginable torments and rifts, especially in his life. His almost sort of love life was destroyed instantaneously, his school life was snatched from him and new things he didn’t think were possible were tossed in front of him. He wanted to look Damian in the eye and tell him that his theory was absurd. Seeing Frost Bite had convinced him that supernaturals were real. He could even jump on the time traveler band wagon, but dimension shifting was out of the question. That couldn’t be true, otherwise time couldn’t have sped up three years. Unless, he was in another dimension completely. His eyes glided over Tommy’s muscular shoulders, down his well built chest and then back up to his handsome face. All of Apollo’s other thoughts seemed to drift away as he thought about how good looking Tommy had gotten. Tommy was Apollo’s childhood friend and college buddy in those jocky outfits. Now, in his tight red top and even tighter grey jeans, Apollo couldn’t look away. Those tattoos and piercings were sexy. What exactly had happened in those three years? What was going on right now? It didn’t matter if he got to stare at Tommy for just a few more seconds.
“You know damn well what you did.” Tommy lowered his eyes. “I never thought that my half sister would become more important to you than me.”
Apollo felt like Tommy had just punched him in the gut. No, Lynette wasn’t more important to him than Tommy was. Maybe Apollo was jumping too early onto the love train, but he knew that he’d be happier taking the risk with Tommy than playing perfect family with Lynette. How had a time skip changed his life so drastically? How was it so easy for someone like Mason to manipulate him? He kept pinching himself, but he hadn’t woken up yet. “She’s not…”
You have some nerve. Yeah, Lynette and I don’t get along all the time but at the end of the day she’s still my sister and I’ll be damned if you try that stupid crap on me while you’re married to her!”
Once again Apollo was interrupted by the door slamming open. All eyes were fixed on the blue girl as she ran towards the front of the room. David chased after her, swooping her into his arms easily and tossing her over his shoulder. “Damnit, you don’t listen do you?”
“Leave him alone. Don’t brainwash him!” She squirmed in David’s grasp.
“I’m simply telling him the truth, one that your group just can’t seem to grasp. You can’t shield him forever,” Damian said.
What the hell is going on David?” Tommy asked.
“This little devil is from the guardians,” David chuckled. “I didn’t really think that nine people alone could cause so much damage, but it looks like they found a way.” He used his free hand to point to Apollo. “This idiot right here is apparently really important.”
I’d appreciate it if you didn’t pound his face in anymore,” Damian said. “Now let her go.”
“What?” David’s eyes widened. “No way! Do you know what we could do with her? If we hold her hostage, those other guardians will come to get her and we can weed them out, one by one!”
That’s idiotic,” Tommy said. “We don’t exactly know what they’re capable of.”
“We won’t sink down to their level.” Damian motioned for David to drop the girl. “Apollo isn’t some tool that I’m using to save the world. He’s far from it.” Damian looked at Apollo before speaking again. “He’s a friend, and as such, I’d appreciate if you guys would treat him as one as well. With Apollo comes Frost Bite and so we must treat her as fine as we would any other guest.”
I would reconsider that statement,” Tommy said bluntly. “With all due respect headmaster, I’m your friend. Apollo is far from that. He brings despair everywhere he goes.”
“Loosen up, would ya?” David slinked his arms around Tommy’s waist. “He’s just a little pest. Don’t let his presence bother you too much.” David’s lips trailed Tommy’s neckline, causing him to close his eyes in content. 
“I love you,” Tommy murmured.
“I love you too and I won’t let this little shit harass you. You’ve had enough crap to deal with, without his sorry as showing up.”
Tommy’s lips curved into a small smile. “You remembered everything I told you?”
“Of course,” David whispered.
Frost crossed her arms defiantly. “If you’re going to treat me like one of your guests, then I demand some sort of compensation. This man needs to be punished. He attacked Apollo because of his past relationship to Tommy. That’s unacceptable!” 
Damian smirked. “Wait…you knew that all along?” Apollo cried out. 
Sorry,” Damian shook his head. “I couldn’t get to you in time. I didn’t think the idiot would use magic on you though. For that, I’m deeply apologetic. He will be punished for using magic on a human. He’ll be staking out the cemetery with you, since Tommy is so against the idea of going himself.”
“What!?” David, Tommy, Frost and Apollo all exclaimed.
“That’s all I have to say to you guys right now. Apollo, go and get some rest. We’ll have time to talk about things later. David will teach you everything you need to know about your mission. You guys will leave tonight.
“You trust this guy with such a big task?” David asked in disbelief.

“Mhmm.” Damian stood up from his chair. “Go and show him to his room Tommy. If I find out that either of you has shown any ill-will towards Apollo or Frost Bite, you’ll perish and I won’t hold back.”
Tommy lowered his eyes but left the room, hand in hand with David.
“Couple of jerks!” Frost huffed.
“What exactly happened three years ago?” Apollo demanded.

“How am I supposed to know?” Frost asked.
“I need to know the damn truth if I’m going to even think about trusting you and your plan. I need you to sum it all up for me.” 
Frost sighed, leaning against the wall. “I knew Damian would say something. Ok, well one day Emit Relevart, the time traveler of the guardians realized that Oasis Landing was falling apart. It wasn’t the strong and prosperous town that he had imagined it would be. Slowly, technology had consumed everyone’s lives. One program malfunction would leave the city vulnerable. It was a horrible way to live. People were becoming less social and eventually, as silly as this sounds, the populations began to die out. New species like me had been created to maintain the balance and somewhere along the breeding, fairies, werewolves and other supernaturals were created. Once again, the humans and their plumbot companions took over Oasis landing, shoving us supernaturals to reside in Moonlight Falls. The guardian’s goal is to repair this future but still keep these races alive. In order to do that, we have entrusted this task onto your family whose goal is to ultimately live ten generations out in a way that will potentially have an effect on the future. Your grandmother was the target after Emit had wrongfully traveled to Lunar Lakes rather than Riverview. From there on, she married a guardian who renounced his membership and gave up his near immortality. That’s Levi. The only problem was Mason. He and your grandmother were married, and Caleb was their child. But, Athena chose Levi, his little brother, over him.” Frost Bite continued to tell Apollo everything she knew about Mason’s past, his father’s relationship to the guardians and his loss of memory. She even told him about his mother’s relationship to Emit and how the time traveler was really Apollo’s grandfather. Frost left no stone unturned and after all was said and done she let out a huge sigh of relief. “Mason has been destroying our plans and I don’t fully understand why right now. He’ll most likely interfere in your kid’s lives as well, but we have to fight. He’s nothing but a small threat. We’ve worked so hard to get this far. What I can tell you about the last three years is this: You graduated college with honors. You were offered a big corporate job which you accepted. Tommy had not returned to college because of his parent’s move. Lynette on the other hand took out loans to stay in University with you. Without Tommy as a distraction you found out your true feelings.”
“There’s something missing from that,” Apollo said. “What was the real reason I fell for Lynette? What aren’t you telling me?”

I told you everything. You two were really close. Katherine wanted nothing to do with you or Lynette. Damian returned here, Mason left and Tommy wasn’t there. All you really had was Lynette to turn to, and we all know how clingy and easy you are to fall in love with something.”
“Excuse me?” Apollo asked, offended. “What exactly is that supposed to mean?”

Frost pondered telling him but thought that it was a terrible idea. She turned to leave with a smirk playing on her lips.“Oh, nothing.”
The house used in this chapter and future chapters is this one here: Castle of Dark Age by -Shady- on Mod the Sims. NOT BY ME.

2 thoughts on “3.15 Dimension Shifting

  1. I feel so bad for Apollo. He's attacked because David is in love with Tommy and Tommy hates him. Then he finds out his family isn't what he thought they were. Now all these factions, time travel and dimensions. He must be going out of his mind. Worse yet he has to work with David and trust he won't attack him. I have no idea what's going on.


  2. Just for a lttle clarification, dimension shifting is just Damian's belief as to whats going on. The guardians believe it's time travel and so does Mason. Apollo is stuck in the middle because he has no idea about any of this stuff.


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