3.18 The Prophecy

“Ella?” Ethan’s voice echoed through the empty room. “Are you alright?”
“Yes, just thinking. You’re home late. Are you alright?” Her voice was soft, barely above a whisper.
Yeah, I’m sorry. I just had something I needed to take care of. Work stuff, you know?” 

“Who is he?” The older woman asked suddenly.
“What?” Ethan asked innocently.

“This presence, it’s different. You’ve been around someone haven’t you? You know we have to lay low, or the headmaster will find us.”
I know, but it was a customer. How else will we wake enough money to feed ourselves? You were the one who told me that stealing wasn’t acceptable..” Ethan paused and looked down. “I’m just trying to make everything work out for us.”
“This man, he wasn’t just another one of them, was he? We have surveyed every citizen of Moonlight Falls. He isn’t one of them. Something about him is familiar but I just…”
Ethan gently placed his hand on her arm. “His name was Apollo. He’s new here, said he was on some sort of business, I didn’t push him.”
“Doesn’t that sound suspicious to you? You need to find out more, tail him,” Ella suggested.
“Tail him? Ella, I can’t do that…

“Why not? Isn’t our safety at all important to you?  What if he is working with the headmaster?” Ella turned and began to pace. She didn’t know where she was headed, but she needed to move around, to clear her head.
Ethan could see the fear written all over Ella’s face. “What if he isn’t? What if he’s a comrade? He might be able to help us.”

 “Is he a human?” She asked.

“Yes, but…” Ethan allowed Ella to cut him off, to scold him for his stupidity like a mother would if he had one.

“He cannot help us. He has no powers to contribute to our search. He’d be more of a liability than anything.”

“I just want to talk to him once and a while, Ella. I don’t have any friends, and I’d like to keep this one.” He grabbed on to her arm and forced her to look at him. “I just want you to be happy, Ella and if it means dropping this, then I will.” 
“Is he cute?” She asked suddenly.
“What do you mean by that?” Ethan asked, a little disgruntled.
“Do you think that Apollo is good looking? It’s a simple question.” The woman was now smiling. 
“Yes, he is attractive,” Ethan admitted.
“Ah, fine you may see him then but please don’t allow this crush to be your downfall.” Ella patted his head affectionately, as a mother would. 
“Thank you.” Ethan nodded slightly. “But, I wouldn’t call it a crush.”

“Just don’t forget about little old me, would you?” Ella made her way back towards the mirror and leaned against the wall again. “I have something to show you and it’s quite important, will you seal the room?”
“Sure thing.” Ethan pulled out his wand and casted a spell. The room began to sparkle as it closed itself in. It was the most efficient way to wipe your presence off of any map. “I knew something was bothering you, what is it?”
I’ve got a lead on the child of the prophecy, I wasn’t able to find much but I’ve got a picture of her, so it should be a start.” 
She turned to the mirror and spoke to it. It revealed a picture of a floating green mask. “How can I help you Madam?”
“Please can you show Ethan what we’ve found?” 
“Most certainly. One moment please.” The face disappeared only to be replaced by that of a tan skinned girl with salmon hair.
“Are you sure that’s her? Ethan asked.
“I’m positive, just watch.”
“Lynette, please come out!” A male voice called. “It’s going to be alright, I promise he’ll return.”
That’s what you said six months ago! Ambrose, I’m practically popping and he’s no where to be seen. Why did he marry me if he didn’t want to be with me?”
I’m sure he’s just scared of having a baby. He just graduated college and he’s having a baby, it’s scary.”
“Three babies,” She sobbed.
What?” Ambrose paused, “Did you just say..?
He’s having three babies. They’re triplets, Ambrose. I can’t raise three children on my own.” A full sob racked her body. “What am I going to do?”
“I don’t know…I’m a teenager. What do you want me to do?” The boy’s voice was filled with panic and fear. 

“Ambrose! Where are you?” Another female voice called out, but it was distant.
Come quick, please! She’s having triplets!” Ambrose couldn’t hide the anxiety in his voice.
Do you mean Lynette? Right now!?” The voice called. It was much closer now.
“Lyn, please tell me you’re not having the babies early!” Ambrose shouted.
“I’m not…I’m not,” was all she could whisper as she cradled herself back and forth. 
“Don’t scare me like that, Ambrose!”
“Mom! She’s having three babies! How can I stay calm!”
It was then that the video cut off.
“I still don’t get it, how can you know that she’s the one?” Ethan questioned.
“She’s having triplets,” Ella answered bluntly.
“Every single chosen female in her family lineage has had triplets, and now it’s her turn, she’s the chosen. One of those three kids will have the mark. The end of the prophecy comes about when the heir doesn’t have triplets of their own,” The mirror spoke.
“That sounds ridiculous.” Ethan scratched his head.
“That’s what the legend says. The peace lies within the chosen. She’s the chosen of this generation and since the battle has ended, we will have to wait until the next generation for the child to show it’s true mark.” Ella saw the confusion written all over Ethan’s face. “Ethan, there’s a reason she looks nothing like her mother. We’ll have to go into more detail when I find out more, but for now I’m positive that she’s the one that we need to find.”
“Alright, but Mr. Mirror over here can’t tell us where she is, can he?” Ethan asked.
“We’ll worry about locating her, you just worry about building the time machine. With enough luck, we can meet her right as she has the babies and determine which of the three has the mark.” Ella pushed some stray hair from her face. 
“I’m going to the junkyard to find some scrap.” Ethan headed towards the door, which was now unsealed.
“Please be careful, and watch this Apollo boy, we don’t know who he is working for.”

3 thoughts on “3.18 The Prophecy

  1. It seems like everyone wants something from Apollo and he’s clueless. The only thing he wants is for Tommy to like him. I’m thinking he should just accept that this is his life and go home to his wife and be a good father to his babies. I’m afraid if he doesn’t his children are going to grow up hating him like Ambrose hates Noah. What is this prophecy?


    • Even though Apollo has the genius trait, he’s increasingly become more niave. The whole world is indeed against him, it seems but you’re right, he’s too focused on Tommy and Lynette really needs him. He needs to sort it all out, which hopefully he can. As for the prophecy, it’s what links Ella and Ethan. Ella believes so strongly in what essentially we’d assume was a myth, which supernaturals know otherwise is fact. Ethan lacks any form of family as we see it, and so, will do whatever to keep Ella present in his legs


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