3.21 Safe


“Sleeping in feels great,” Apollo yawned. He had forgotten what had happened the night before, only to be dragged back in with the sight of bodies stretched across the floor, sleeping. “Still not home,” He mumbled to himself. He half hoped that this would play out like some movie. The magician would flick his wand and the boy would be home, kissing the ground. Apollo didn’t regret his trip, no…he wouldn’t have been able to free Tommy from Damian’s grasp if he stayed home.

“How are you feeling?” Frost asked Apollo.

“I’m good. Sleeping on the floor just takes some getting used to.” Apollo stretched out his arms. “How about you? Did you sleep well?”

“Mhmm,” Frost nodded. “I want to apologize again.”

“How many times do I have to tell you that you don’t have to apologize?”

“I do,” Frost looked down. “The guardians didn’t want you to know about the therapist, if I had just told you the truth from the beginning, we’d all be ok…”

Apollo opened his mouth to ask a question, but he heard a mumble coming from the bed. “What the hell happened?”

“Tommy!” Apollo exclaimed, both him and Frost rushing over to him.

“I feel like crap. My head is pounding and my body..I don’t know…I can’t move it…” Tommy tried to stretch out, but only his arms would move. “I need help.”

Apollo helped him sit up. “Thank you. You saved our lives. WHy the hell would you do something as stupid as jumping in front of us?”

“Because Apollo,” Tommy looked away, a small blush forming on his face. “You’re on everyone’s radars right now. I couldn’t let Damian be the one to take you out.”

“You’re very popular,” Ella said.

“Yeah, unfortunately my family’s been on high watch. It’s complicated, I don’t really understand it myself.” Apollo ran his hand through his hair.

“He’s the key to the future,” Frost said simply.


“Where’s Ethan?” Apollo asked, once the questions all died down.

“He’s in the study. He wakes up early every morning and practices his magic. He’s very adamant about it,” Ella told him.

“Could I go in and talk to him?” Apollo asked.

“Mhmm, just knock first, you don’t know what kind of spell he’s practicing.” Ella nodded.

Apollo tentatively knocked on the door to the study, awaiting a reply. “Who is it?” Ethan called out.

“It’s me, may I come in?” Apollo asked.

“Yeah, come on in.” Ethan’s eyes glided over to the door. “What’s up?”

“I don’t know…” Apollo sighed, trying to find the right words. He hadn’t really had anything specific to say to Ethan. The 24 year old had really taken charge and it seemed like nothing would go wrong under his supervision. Apollo wanted that security right now. He was putting up a brave front, but his entire world was turned upside down. He was married to a woman, she was pregnant with his child and he was locked in Moonlight Falls with no definite chance of return. He didnt want his child to grow up like he had to, with no father.

“Something’s bothering you…” Ethan stopped what he was doing and walked over to Apollo. “I know we don’t know each other that well right now, but I promise that I’m going to get you home. We’re in this together.”

“How do I know that I can trust you?” Apollo asked. “I’ve been betrayed left and right. I just don’t know who to believe anymore.”

“I saved your life,” Ethan said. “I’m risking my own life and Ella’s to keep yours safe.”

“You’re right,” Apollo said softly. His eyes were wandering across the ceiling. “I’m just…”

“Scared?” Ethan crossed his arms over his chest. “I dont know why everyone is out to get you, but it must be terrifying. I’m sorry that someone has to go through that. You’re a nice guy, and it’s a shame. But, with me there isn’t going to be any of that. I’m going to protect you, so you can rely on me.”

“I don’t want to be protected.” Apollo shook his head. “Tommy did that and look at him.”

“I don’t mean any disrespect by this. What your friend did was honorable, but you guys are only human. I can keep us hidden. You have to just trust that everything will work out. I promise, even if it’s the last thing I do, I’m getting you home.”


Apollo could do nothing but wait for Ethan. Day after day, week after week, everything was the same. Every morning, Apollo would help Tommy stretch out his muscles while Ethan worked on his spells in the study. Ethan had gone out and picked up some books to keep everyone busy. Unfortunately, given the circumstances, it was all that Ethan could manage to procure. Apollo and Tommy would spend their mornings reading or talking, while Ethan worked tirelessly trying to build a time machine. Ella was happy to have another female around and the two would sit and talk for hours. When it was night time, Apollo and Ethan snuck out to get some supplies for the group. They took things like books, food and even medicine. It wasn’t a very exciting lifestyle, but Apollo had taken to it easily. He had enjoyed spending the extra time with Ethan every night. He had told Ethan all about his life, from his childhood with a father, to dealing with Katherine. (He had conveniently left out losing his memory and being married, in fear of causing more trouble) Knowing that someone was going out of their way for him was soothing. But even more than that, Apollo loved that Ethan was real. The male wore his heart on his sleeve and if something was bothering him, you’d know. He hadn’t skirted Apollo’s attention or told him lies. Ethan was one person that Apollo knew he could really trust.


That particular day, all tensions were up. Apollo had just propped Tommy up in the recliner chair and he collapsed on the floor. “How much longer will I have to deal with this?” Tommy whispered.

“I don’t know…” Apollo said quietly.

“I’m not a child, don’t baby me, Apollo. I know that you know,” Tommy said impatiently.

“You won’t be able to walk again,” Apollo looked down at the floor, avoiding Tommy’s gaze.

“Don’t be stupid…” Tommy rubbed his eyes. “I know that. I mean, how much longer until we’ll be here?”

“Ethan is trying as hard as he can. Just give him some time.”

“It’s been almost 7 months, I don’t know what you want to do any more. I can’t live like this, I need to see my family. I know you’re really comfortable here with Ethan, but I’m not. I am sick and tired of this place. It’s hell.”

“Well excuse me, it’s not like I’m working my ass off or anything,” Ethan turned around sharply.

“Mind your own business,” Tommy growled.

“This is my business. If you don’t like how slow I’m working, then go find someone else to help you. I didn’t have to save you, I could have left you there!” Ethan began to shout.

“Guys, cut it out!” Apollo yelled, jumping in between the two. “I get it, we’re all a little stressed, but please this isn’t going to solve anything.”

“You’re right, I’m gonna go take a breather.” Ethan walked towards the study.

“Tommy!” Apollo scolded. “What the hell?”

“Why do we have to rely on him?” Tommy looked away. “We don’t need him!”

“You may not, but I do,” Apollo said.


“Ella?” It was the mirror talking.

“Nope, just me. Sorry dude.” Ethan walked passed him.

“I’ve got a breakthrough in the family of the child of the prophecy,” The mirror spoke.

“Would it be ok if I looked?” Ethan asked.

“Sure, I don’t think lady Ella would mind much. here, take a look.” The mirror’s face disappeared and a scene began to unfold.


“Thank goodness you’re here,” Lynette said.

“Yeah,,” Ambrose looked away. “I just texted my mom, she said she’ll meet us at the hospital.”

“Ok.” Lynette held her hand on her stomach. “Please hurry up! The babies are coming!”

“I’m trying my hardest,” The taxi driver said. “Hold out a little bit longer.”

“I’m trying!” Lynette screamed frantically. “There’s three of ’em trying to come out at the same time…” The taxi driver hit the gas pedal. Ambrose looked out of the window, thinking. “Talk to me Ambrose, say anything. Maybe I can take my mind off the pain…” Lynette said in between breaths.

Ambrose’s eyes widened with fear. “I can’t do this! Where the hell is Apollo. I’m eighteen…what the hell am I supposed to do?”

“She isn’t your wife, kid?” The taxi driver asked.

“No, my brother’s! Oh my…you need to breathe Lyn. Come on! Damn it…Apollo fucking owes me one!” It was a mess in that car, people were yelling back and forth.

“Apollo?” Ethan thought, but shook his head. It couldn’t be his Apollo, because he was sure he heard him say he was gay…

Screenshot-30 The scene changed to one after the birth of the babies. Ambrose’s face was pale. “How did you pop out three of them?”

“You’re acting like you’ve seen a ghost, you weren’t even in the operating room,” Leia laughed, ruffling her son’s hair.

“I’m so happy that I wasn’t,” Ambrose looked away. “What are they? Genders, I mean.”

Lynette smiled as she looked into the basket. “Two girls and one boy.”

“Any names?” Leia asked. Lynette paused for a moment. “You know you can’t wait for Apollo to name them. Otherwise they’ll never know their names. He won’t be too upset when he comes back.”

“I know.” Lynette nodded. “I’ve decided to go with Ken for the boy and Scarlett and Bailey for the girls. My childhood best friend’s names were Bailey and Ken and I’ve always liked the name Scarlett.”

“Apollo will love them.” The blue haired woman held up her phone to tell her husband the news.

Ethan blinked. it couldn’t be…could it? “Can you zoom in on that woman’s face? Yeah, the one with the blue hair.” There was no mistaking it. The similarities were striking. That woman was Apollo’s mom. But..he was a father, and a husband? Ethan couldn’t believe his eyes. Not only that, but he was linked to the child of the prophecy? Suddenly, Ethan felt himself getting sick. He was completely honest with Apollo, so why couldn’t he do the same.


For the rest of the day, Ethan seemed pretty unresponsive to Apollo. Everytime Apollo tried to talk to him, he’d pull out his phone and pretend like he had something else to do.

“Hey, Ethan…we need to go out and get some supplies,” Apollo said, trying to get his attention.

“Yeah, hold on..” He took the phone from his ear. “I’m talking to someone important. Don’t worry…I’ll get the food on my own.”

“Isn’t being on the phone risky?” Apollo asked.

“No…this guy’s clean. Yeah…can I call you back? Thanks. He’s being a pain in the ass.”

“pain in the ass?” Apollo’s eyes widened. “What did I do?”

“I’m getting the supplies. You stay here,” Ethan ignored him and walked out of the door.

Apollo stood up as well. “Didn’t he say he wanted to go alone?” Frost asked, coming into the room.

“Yeah, he did but I need to know what happened…what did I do?”

“You can’t go out now, wait like five minutes before you tail him. Don’t let him know you’re there or he’ll just get mad. He might be more responsive if you just surprise him,” Frost suggested.

Apollo agreed and waited for his chance.


“Stop…Ethan..wait!” Apollo tried to catch his breath.

“You were following me?” He asked angrily.

“You really do suck at sensing me huh?”

“I was just lost in thought.” Ethan looked away, annoyed.

“About what? Is it that fight with Tommy because-” Ethan held his finger to Apollo’s lips.

“Stop talking. How many times do you have to lie before somebody gets hurt?” Ethan demanded.

“What are you talking about?” Apollo wore confused face.

“Your family…your life. You told me you were gay, but I find out from my magical talking mirror that you’re actually married and your wife just had triplets!” Ethan said angrily.

“Please tell me you’re joking. She didn’t really have triplets did she? Has it really been nine months already? Oh crap…I’m turning into my father. I have to get home right away…” He said, more to himself than anything.

“Yeah she did. Ken, Scarlett and Bailey.”

“Ken, Scarlett and Bailey…” Apollo repeated.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Ethan looked hurt.

“Look it’s complicated…”

“I have time, Apollo. Tell me everything. I thought I told you that I would be here for you. Why the hell are you keeping secrets from me?” Ethan looked like he was on the verge of tears.

“I didn’t think you’d believe me,” Apollo let out a breath and looked around. “This guy, Mason…he fast forwarded time by four years. He’s some sort of time traveler. One day I’m eighteen and in college and the next, I’m 22 married and having a kid. I don’t know what happened and it sounds ridiculous…”

“It does sound ridiculous,” Ethan agreed.

“Tommy…he confessed his feelings to me, what I would say was about 10 months ago. After Mason sped up time, I had no idea why I was married to a woman, his step sister and my college best friend. I don’t even remember sleeping with her…but she’s pregnant, or she was pregnant, and this was really irresponsible of me, but I left her to come get Tommy and everything went south.”

“So you came for your one true love?”

“Yeah, but it isn’t working out at all. Tommy…he just isn’t the guy I once knew. He’s trying, but the spark is gone,” Apollo admitted. “I haven’t told my feelings to anyone in a long time.”


“I believe you,” Ethan said quietly. Apollo was relieved. “Do you know why I’m out here by this giant rock?”

“Because that’s where I stopped you?” Apollo asked.

“No…” Ethan chuckled. “It’s a weather stone. I can change the weather with my magic.”

“No you can’t.” Apollo was skeptical. You couldn’t control mother nature, could you?

“Yes I can. I came out here because I wanted to make it rain.”

“Why exactly would you want to do that?” Apollo asked.

“I love the rain. It’s liberating. It helps to clear my mind.” Ethan was wearing a huge smile. “That’s something I haven’t shared with anyone. I know it doesn’t seem like such a secret, but it’s just something I kept to myself.”

Ethan struck the stone with his wand and rain suddenly came pouring out of the sky. “What the…holy crap, it’s really raining!” Apollo exclaimed in awe.

“You know, there’s something I’ve always wanted to try in the rain,” Ethan smirked.


“Wha–” But he was cut off by Ethan’s lips. A shock of electricity flew threw Apollo’s body and he couldn’t help but melt into Ethan’s strong arms. He was outside in the pouring rain, kissing a guy. Was he in some kind of chick flick? He let his arm trail up Ethan’s tattooed one and rest on his broad shoulder. Somehow…even if nothing made sense in his life…he felt like, in this moment, he’d be okay. Ethan meant everything he said and Apollo felt the same way. Apollo let Ethan pull him closer until finally they both had to pull away for breath.


Ethan was smiling but his words seemed to betray his true feelings. “I’m sorry, I can’t do this…”

Apollo reached out to Ethan’s arm, stopping him from pulling away. “You can’t just make it rain, kiss me and then leave. My blazer is all wet, and you don’t work at a clothes store anymore.”

Ethan cracked a small smile. “Stop making me want you. This is wrong…you have a wife, and three kids. Right now you need to sort things out.”

Apollo leaned his head into Ethan’s shoulders and let the tears flow that he had been holding in for months. “It isn’t that easy!” He grabbed Ethan’s shirt tightly. “She has my children, but…how can I explain marrying her and getting her pregnant. I don’t even remember any time we spent together as a couple…I just..” He sobbed harder.

Ethan rubbed Apollo’s back soothingly. “Hey…you’re the strongest guy I know. Yeah, you’re a bit ditsy but there isn’t anyone else on this earth that could deal with all of the crap that’s been thrown at you. A vampire tried to kill you and look at you, stronger than ever.”

Apollo laughed but he still held onto Ethan. “I’ve never felt more right in my life than when I’m with you.”

“Lucky for you, you chose the right guy because it’ll only be a few more days until I finish the time machine.” Apollo finally looked up, happiness written all over his face. Ethan didn’t have the heart to tell him that he wouldn’t be making the journey with him.

2 thoughts on “3.21 Safe

    • Yeah, it’s not going to be easy to break the news to Lynette. Apollo just keeps tangling himself in everything he comes across and it doesn’t help that he’s clueless. He needs to put his feelings aside because now he has three children that he needs to protect


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