3.25 Return


Things between Jordan Askew and Lynette heated up pretty quickly. Jordan wasted no time asking her on a date after he heard the news of her split with Apollo. Apollo didn’t care much, Jordan had been working as a maid for the Gray family since Apollo’s return from university. Of course Apollo only remembered him the years following his return from Moonlight Falls, but time didn’t matter in this case. Jordan knew about the triplets and he was willing to accept them. Finding someone to take on what others would assume was a lot of baggage was hard, not only that, but his mother had assured Apollo that Jordan was a good guy. The only thing that bothered Apollo was the thought of someone else coming in and raising his kids. If things between Lynette and Jordan got more serious, where would Apollo end up? Would he be resolved to just visiting his children on the weekends? Would Ken, Scarlett and Bailey be calling someone else “dad”? He had been there for them for most of their lives and he was terrified of that being taken away from him. He didn’t think it was possible to love someone so much that he’d be willing to give up anything, but his three bundles of joy seemed to melt his hard heart.Β He wouldn’t tell Lynette until the situation actually arose. For now, he’d keep quiet. What if it was the other way around? He tried to relate but of course it was different. Lynette was their mom and nothing would change that, even if Apollo brought someone else into their lives.


“Hey kid!” Ethan stood outside what he believed was the Gray household. It was pouring and his clothes were soaked. He had stayed like that for at least a half an hour debating whether or not he should knock on the door. Would Apollo be happy to see him or had he already moved on?

The newspaper girl snapped around to see who was making so much noise behind her. “What?”

“Who lives here?” The red haired male asked.

“I can’t tell you that.” She crossed her arms over her chest and glared at the man. “It’s against company policy.”

“Company policy? You’re a newspaper delivery girl. I don’t think that applies to you much,” Ethan chuckled.

“Oh yeah?” She gave him a competitive look before turning to the door. She banged on it furiously. “Mr. Gray! Mr. Gray! There’s some crazy guy out here trying to kidnap me!”

“What!?” Ethan exclaimed in disbelief. “I wasn’t even doing anything.”


There was some shuffling behind the door. it was enough of a distraction for the girl to run from the stoop. “I’m going to report you!”

“Wha–no!” Ethan tried to explain but he was cut off by a very disheveled Ambrose.

Ambrose lowered his eyes. “You think it’s okay to scare children like that?”

“I wasn’t doing anything, I was just asking her who lived in this house,” Ethan defended.

“I live in this house. Why do you care?” Ambrose scoffed.

“I’m looking for Apollo. I need to talk to him,” Ethan said. “Does he live here?”

“No talk to daddy!” Scarlett said fiercely.

“Yeah, our daddy!” Ken chimed in.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Ethan said.

“It doesn’t matter. Give me a reason why I should let you in.”

“I don’t want to be let in. I just want to talk to him for five minutes. It’s important. I’m an old friend of his and I wanted to reconnect. If now is not a good time, I’ll come back later. I’m not trying to bother anyone but it looks like I’m causing trouble. So I’ll leave.” Ethan turned around but Ambrose stopped him.

“Five minutes, and I’m supervising. Anything more and I’m seriously going to kick your a-” He looked down at the two kids in his arms. “Butt, I’ll kick your butt.”


Ethan couldn’t help but chuckle. He hadn’t expected it, but he was really fond of the idea of children. Watching the pink haired boy in front of him curb his language for the children was adorable. He wondered if Apollo was this way around the children? It would certainly drive him insane. He had to get his mind out of the gutter. He was almost positive that Apollo wouldn’t be so willing to accept him, especially after his absence.

“Whats your name?” Ambrose asked as they entered the doorway of the tiny house.


“Apollo!” Ambrose nearly shouted. “Ethan is here to see you!”

“Five more minutes, it’s your turn,” Apollo mumbled from his spot on the couch.

Ethan nearly gasped at the sight of Apollo asleep on the couch with his daughter in his arms. She looked just like him. Seeing Apollo being a father was just what Ethan expected, hot as hell. He was honestly at a loss for word.

“Well he’s asleep, so you can come back another time,” Ambrose said, ushering the man towards the door.

“Wait,” Apollo murmured. “Did you say Ethan is here to see me or am I dreaming?”


Apollo groggily stood up with Bailey in his arms walked towards the crib that was in the living room. He kissed her forehead as she lay there before closing the crib and walking over to the two males. “Ethan?”

“So you do know this guy?” Ambrose asked skeptically.

“Mhmm.” Apollo rubbed his eyes, trying to shake the sleepiness from his body. “We go way back.” He turned to give Ambrose a look but Ambrose quickly dismissed it.

“Oh no, I’m not leaving. There’s toddlers in this house now, there’s no way that I can just trust this stranger.”

“You let him in,” Apollo yawned. “So it’d be your fault.”

“I understand,” Ethan cut in. “I don’t want to be any kind of hindrance. I’m sure you have a lot of questions and I’m willing to answer them. Maybe we can meet up, just the two of us? That way there’d be no danger.”

Ambrose opened his mouth but Apollo cut him off. “I’m the older brother here. We’ll go right now, Ethan. You’ll watch the kids, Ambrose.”

“Whatever you say, you sound like dad now. I moved to get away from him, remember?”

“You’re living here rent free.” Apollo told him. “Lynette will be home soon, so you don’t have to worry. Just tell her I met up with an old friend, Tell her he helped me bring Tommy back home. That’s all you guys need to know.” With that Apollo grabbed Ethan’s arm and they headed outside.


“So, let me get this straight. Damian called off the search?” Apollo asked.

“Not exactly. He’s just postponed it. He wants to see if he can lure you out. Unfortunately for him, I kind of casted some pretty pesky spells using that weather stone you followed me to. The weather has been completely disastrous. The sun boils, the snow freezes, the rain causes floods.”

Apollo’s eyes widened. “That’s possible? I get if you can change the weather but to cause floods?”

“I’ll admit that I didn’t do it on my own. Lucas, head mage helped as well. Turns out, nobody wants that tyrant in power. I took advantage of the distraction and escaped to here. The problem is, I don’t know how much longer he’ll be distracted before he starts the search again,” Ethan admitted.

“Meaning that you won’t be able to return anytime soon?” Apollo asked.

Ethan nodded. “Or anytime at all, if I value your safety. I know it was stupid, but I needed to see you again and make sure that you were ok. Everything checks out.”

“That’s it?” Apollo could feel his voice deflating. “That’s all you came here for?”

“Of course not. I’ve been painfully lonely ever since you left. Ella, or whatever the hell she calls herself has fled to the other side. She turned herself in to Damian, and Frost, she’s working with Lucas who’s promised to protect her. I think they have a thing going on, but I’m not sure. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I hate being alone. I can tolerate it, but it becomes unbearable when I’m forced to watch the raindrops fall torrentially and sit back with my stupid invention table as company. Rainy days means cuddling on the sofa watching cartoons. I don’t have someone to cuddle, a sofa or even a tv.”

“What I’m hearing is that you miss me,” Apollo smirked.

“I thought that was obvious? Of course I missed you, you idiot. It’s been years. I had a choice, try to forget you and stay in Moonlight Falls or come back and find you. Forgetting you wasn’t an option. I tried so many times, but it rains a lot in Moonlight Falls and I just keep thinking about, well you know…”

“Me too!” Apollo nodded his head furiously. “I’ve noticed that it rains here a lot too. I’ve been distracting myself with my children, but…I still feel like I’m missing something. I’ve always known what it was but it’s painful for me to admit because I feel like once it’s in the open, someone can take that from you.”


Ethan placed his lips forcefully onto Apollo’s, unable to stand the separation any longer. “Please tell me that I’m that missing piece or I’m going to feel really stupid right now.”

“You only gave up your entire life to come and see me.” Apollo said sarcastically.

“What life?” Ethan asked. Both men were still dangerously close to eachother. “It wasn’t much of one. Not without you.”

“Are you sure you don’t have a television?” Apollo chuckled, leaning in for more. “Seems like you watch a lot of chick flicks.”

“Romance books are kinda my thing,” Ethan smirked pulling Apollo in for another kiss. “I can teach you a thing or two. You know, when you don’t need to go home to your kids.” He winked.


“You don’t mind that I have children?” Apollo asked. It had been a thought that had been haunting him. If he ever found someone, would they care about his children? Would they understand his past? Ethan was there through it all thankfully. Apollo didn’t have to explain anything.

“You heard Frost, you didn’t have a choice in the matter and I think it’s sexy as hell how you decided to step up and take care of them. They’re a dedicated bunch and I think if you allowed me to, I’d love to get to know them,” Ethan said honestly. “I’m a bit of a child myself.”

“Yeah, I know. You’re a goof,” Apollo grinned. “I think they’d like you. Ambrose on the other hand, well you can work on gaining his trust.”

“He’s really attached to those kids,” Ethan commented.

“Yeah, he was there through it all with Lynette when I was in Moonlight Falls. The only problem I have with that is that I don’t want him to get too comfortable. I want him to go get himself a wife.”

“Give him some time. He’s still young. Ah, youth.” Ethan playfully pushed Apollo.

“You shouldn’t be talking about youth! You’re still young,” Apollo joked back. Ethan was only two years older than Apollo, but even so he acted like a big kid. He was so childish. Despite that, when things got tough, Ethan really took charge. He was someone that Apollo could really count on.


“Apollo Gray, tell me, what is that machine behind you?” Ethan asked.

Apollo turned around and stared. “You’ve never seen a karaoke machine before? They’ve got to have them in Moonlight Falls.”

“They probably do,” Ethan shrugged. “But, living in a sealed two room place, I’ve never seen one.”

Apollo instantly felt bad. “Right, sorry.”

Ethan ignored him. He didn’t really care much for sympathy. It all felt forced to him, even if Apollo did mean well. “What do you with a karaoke machine?”

“You sing. You can pick a song and sing into the microphone. The words will show up on the little screen.”

“Can we try it?” Ethan asked excitedly.

“You can try it,” Apollo shrugged. “I’m not singing.”

“You’re no fun!” Ethan pouted. “At least watch me okay? I want to sing you a song.”

Apollo nodded and Ethan began to sing. He was really good! Shockingly good! Was there anything that this man couldn’t do?


“Can we play?” Ethan asked like a child at a candy store. Ethan had been dragging Apollo all around to try out new things. Ethan was having the time of his life.

“Yes,” Apollo nodded. “Sit over there. The rules are pretty self explanatory. Red button to shoot fire. White to shoot ice. The analog will move you around.”

“And we have to kill the bad guys?” Apollo nodded once again. “Alright. Let’s go kick some alien butt!” After the game was over, Apollo looked at the red haired male. “Is there something on my face?”


“No.” Apollo smiled. “This is just my first real date. I’ve been kissed a bunch of times, but I’ve never been on an actual date.”

“Date?” Ethan thought for a moment. “You know what, I didn’t even realize that this is what people do on dates! So, technically, we’re dating and so I don’t have to ask you to be my boyfriend, right?”

“You still have to,” Apollo laughed. “You can’t just assume that I’d say yes.”

“Really?” Ethan leaned in towards Apollo until his lips were hovering over the black haired male’s. “So, what you’re telling me is that you’re going to reject a face as pretty as mine?”

“You know,” Apollo pulled away from the man. “It’s almost my curfew. I need to go back home before my children get worried. Thank you for this nice experience.”

“Is that a no!?” Ethan’s eyes widened.

“It’s a yes. I’ll be your boyfriend.” Ethan let out a relieved sigh. “Do you have a place to stay?”

“Yeah, I’ve actually been here for about a week. I haven’t gotten the courage until today to confront you, and I wish I would have done it much sooner. I don’t know what I was so afraid of. The feeling returned instantly when I was with you, I thought it would have disappeared or you would have just hated me or something.”

“Hate you? Never.” Apollo shook his head. “I was just coming to terms with being without you. I didn’t think there was any hope of you returning, but here you are.”

“Let’s go, I’ll drive you home before your brother kicks my ass,” Ethan put his arm around Apollo’s shoulders.


“Daddy home!” Bailey exclaimed. “Daddy!”

“Yes, Daddy is home.” Apollo picked her up.

“Luv daddy!” She giggled.

“Daddy loves you too babygirl.” He kissed her forehead.

“See? This is what I’m talking about,” Ethan said, coming up behind him. “Kind of a turn on.”

“Shut up,” Apollo blushed.

“Shup?” Bailey repeated, or attempted to repeat.

“She’s so adorable, but I really should get going. I’d like to keep my distance at least until I’m sure their mother is okay with all of this. With us I mean.”

“Why wouldn’t she be? She has a boyfriend of her own,” Apollo said.

“I don’t know, but I’m heading out. I’ll see you some other time. Bye.” He waved before walking off.

Apollo wanted to say something but his attention was pulled back towards the little girl in his arms. “Huwngy! Food please!”

“Alright, let’s go get your bottle.”

3 thoughts on “3.25 Return

  1. I was so excited to read this when the notification popped up in my email. Ethan’s back and the spark is still there between them. I hope Ethan stays there and that it takes Damian a long time before he starts after Apollo again. The triplets are so cute and that picture of Apollo and Bailey asleep is too adorable. I agree with Ethan ‘hot as hell’. They need a bigger house so that the boyfriends can move in and Ambrose can move out once he finds himself a wife. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad that you liked the chapter. I just love Ethan and Apollo, they’re both so adorable. They definitely need a bigger house, the one they’re living in now has only one bedroom. Once the toddlers age up, they’ll have no where to sleep xD I love the triplets, I don’t want them to age, but at the same time I want to see how they look all grown up! Ambrose will be moving out soon for the BC challenge, I’m just afraid to put him into the town because of story progression. He’ll end up getting married or something LOL.


      • I never want toddlers to grow up – they’re to darn cute! LOL
        But I understand about story progression – you just never what it’ll do to your poor simmies. NRAAS progression is much better than EA’s though.
        I want to see more of Ethan and Apollo πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

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