4.7 Poison Kiss

***Mild Trigger Warning***Screenshot-5

“Happy Birthday Alistair.” I looked up from my trance to see Miles.

“Oh, uh thanks,” I murmured. I couldn’t fathom that it had been a litte under a year since I had arrived in Moonlight Falls. That was months I spent away from my Madelynn, Emil, uncle Ambrose and my dad. He promised me he would be alright, but I couldn’t be sure. I hated that I couldn’t contact my family at all and Xerxes hadn’t shown up either. There were no new leads on the whereabouts of my siblings. There was only one plus side to all of this, I had been perfecting what Ethan had taught me. Turns out, he only taught me the weakest spells because he didn’t want me to get hurt. He probably didn’t foresee this journey in my future. I hadn’t had another vision, but Lucas still made me have a babysitter no matter where I was. Hanging out with Miles was my favorite. He was calm, cool and collected. Sienna always had some elaborate plans that she dragged me off to, usually involving Patrick and the gang. I was sort of part of their group. They stopped talking about their plan to escape in front of me because I had told them off. I was shocked after my passionate rage that they had still wanted to hang out with me. Then, there was Declan. He was another story. His presence was unbearable at times, yet Lucas made sure he was with me the most.

“I take it you don’t have any plans for tonight?” Miles asked.

“I do, I’m going to watch that supernatural sitcom that you guys showed me. A new episode is on tonight,” I commented.

“Or, you could come out with the gang. We want to celebrate your birthday,” Miles suggested. “We know just the place. It’s called the velvet lounge. It’s a formal place that you have to have weeks reservations in advance. Despite our misfit outlook, we do enjoy a night out of fine dining and upscale partying.”

“Upscale partying?” I laughed at the thought. “You just mean drinking in a suit.”

“Pretty much,” He said. “What do you say? We won’t give you any alcohol because the last time Sienna got drunk, Lucas had her do this insane punishment. I won’t get into it, but let’s just say that Lucas does not want you hungover at his magic lessons.”

“He’s too much sometimes,” I mused. “Do he and Declan know about this plan?”

“Kinda.” Miles looked away for a moment. “They think we’re taking you out for dinner. Declan and he are using the time to do some more training.”

I reached for the necklace that I had safely secured in my pocket. “It’s fine, gramps already gave me my gift anyway. This used to be my dad’s, like when he was 17 or something.” Miles and I talked like that for awhile until he suggested we go home and change. It was going to be a long night.


“Do you always wear glasses?” I peered over at Patrick.

He chuckled. “I only wore this to avoid getting noticed. I hate these things. He slid his large coat off and placed it on the counter, with his glasses on top. “It’s hard sneaking around when everyone in Moonlight Falls knows what you look like.”

“Oh hush, you’re a master at it.” Sienna’s hand grazed over Patrick’s and I couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy. That should have been me and Madelynn. Last year for my birthday, we stayed up and watched movies all night until her dad came and picked her up. Now I was third wheeling because everyone else had decided to be fashionably late, even Miles who insisted I go on with Sienna and Patrick.

He leaned over and kissed her cheek. Then he made eye contact with me. “Happy Birthday, half breed.”

“Dec calls him that, it drives him nuts,” Sienna pointed out. “Be nice.”

“Whatever,” I murmured. “I could care less what you call me. I could beat you in a fight any day. I know spells that not even a werewolf could stop.”

“That sounds like a challenge.” He smirked. “Maybe one day when Sienna loosen’d her grip on you. I can’t kill someone she likes so much.”

“That’s my line. I care too much about pinkie over here to destroy her boyfriend.” I poked her hair for a brief moment before dropping my hand. “Do you guys know who that is? She looks familiar, I think she’s in my family history book.”

“Her?” Patrick pointed to an orange haired woman. “Her name is Cora Lyons.  I don’t know how you would know her.”

“I need to check,” I said standing up. “Maybe she knows something about my siblings.”

“Be careful,” Patrick told me. “No one knows much about her at all. She could be very dangerous.”


“Ma’am?” I asked quickly.

She turned around and a huge grin formed on her face. “Mr. Gray! You’re just the person I was looking for!”

“Really?” I asked skeptically. “What for?” I was hoping and praying that she knew something, ANYTHING about where my siblings were.

“Your father, Ethan and I were very good friends,” She began. “When I heard his son was here, I just had to meet him.”

I lowered my eyes. “How did you hear about me?” I was sure I had flown under the radar.

“I know a lot more than you think, I have a very nice magical mirror who tells me everything I need to know. That’s why I knew you were going to be here tonight. I brought a guest with me, a very important person who’d like to meet you,” She said. “She may have some information that you need. Regarding your siblings, correct?”

“Yes,” I answered rather quickly. “Tell me you know where they are!”

“We can’t talk here, there’s too many prying eyes. Come with me.” She grabbed my arm and began to drag me along with her to another room.


Patrick’s ears perked up. “What’s wrong babe?” Sienna asked. She had been trying os hard to flirt with him tonight. She wore her tightest dress that showed off all her curves, and yet here he was ignoring her.

“It’s Alistair, I don’t trust that woman.”

“Cora? She’s harmless! We’ve done recon on her several times. There’s nothing noteable about her. Can you just forget about Alistair for a second and look at me? Look what I did for you!” Sienna stepped back so he could see her full outfit.

“Sienna, just stop it for a moment.” He held his hand up. “This is serious. You know how important Alistair is. Besides, he’s our friend. We have to look out for him. We took him out tonight, we have to make sure she isn’t leading him anywhere suspicious. See that room over there? They’re in there.”

“Isn’t that where we…” Sienna blushed. “You know, had fun on our first date? Who knows, maybe Alistair is getting lucky.”

“She’s old enough to be his mother,” Patrick commented, eyes never leaving the door. “I’m giving them five minutes tops before I bust down that door.”

“Whatever Pat!” She hit his arm, angry that he was paying more attention to Alistair than her.


“Hello Mr. Gray.” That voice sent shivers down my spine. Something about her was so alluring. Her shiny hair, golden eyes, tight dress…What the hell was I thinking? I had to look away, anywhere, but I couldn’t move my eyes from her own. “My name is Aria. I’ve heard so much about you.”

“Like what?” I squeaked out. My palms were sweating and my breath was caught in my throat. She looked so lovely. I wanted to taste her lips… Damnit, why was I thinking like this? What was going on? I put my hand on my head to stop the onslaught of voices I was hearing in my head. “Not another one,” I mumbled. “Not now.”

“Lookie Cora, you were right! He does have visions! Look at him trying to fight it off, it’s amazing!” She clapped her hands together mechanically. “Bravo Mr. Gray.”

I held my head as I dropped to my knees. It wasn’t a vision. I hadn’t seen a piucture forming. I only heard voices, and none of them were familiar. “What the hell?”

“It’s not a vision,” Cora clarified. “He’s different. Your powers are too strong for him to even be in your presence. He’s probably hearing voices.”

“Is that right?” She laughed. “Fine, I can turn them off this one time. Those voices you hear, they’re the demons that follow me. You see, they like to make sure that I’m alright. But, today, I don’t have to listen to them. You’re okay in my book.” She motioned for me to sit down.

“I need to go.” I stumbled on my feet, almost tripping. I tried to open the door, but something had stopped me. Physically. I couldn’t move at all. And then suddenly, I felt my body walking on it’s own. It had approached the couch and sat down next to Aria.


“What the hell!?” I nearly shouted. “What are you doing to me? What are you?”

“It doesn’t matter what I am, it matters that I want you,” She said simply. “I have never, in my 100,000 years of being alive, seen a half breed with such impeccable, well everything.” She licked her lips seductively. “Someone with your potential shouldn’t be wasting your time with people like Declan Gage and Patrick Black. Even Lucas is beneath you, and he’s been training for years.” I tried to move my body, but she still had it under her control. “Oh no, Alistair. You’re going to stay here and listen to what I have to say. It’s important. I’m trying to announce my undyinglove for you. I’ve been watching you and I can’t help but think that you’d make a perfect husband. What do you say, me and you against the entire world? We could take on Damian together, and find your siblings. That’s be wonderful right?”

“You know where my siblings are?” I questioned. “Please just tell me where they are.”

“Seriously? You’re just going to ignore the fact that I just proposed to you?” She smirked. “Why do I always fall for the jerks!” She laughed bitterly. “And daddy said I could have whatever I want. I want you Alistair, that’s it.”

“I want to find my siblings,” I answered. “Just tell me. If you really loved me, you’d tell me.”


“You’re right.” She pushed me backward, not releasing her tight grip on my movements. “But, it’s going to cost you.” Her voice was smooth like velvet and her lips were so close to mine. It took eveything I had in me to refrain myself from attacking her lips with my own. “Don’t fight it Ally. This is what you want, this is what you need. I’m good for you, I can help you.”

“I don’t even know you,” I whispered, my chest heaving up and down. “You don’t even know me…”

“Oh, don’t I?” She leaned down closer so her chest was pressed against mine. She leaned closer and closer until her lips were practically pressed against my earlobe. “I know that you love comic books and manga. You wanted to study graphic design at Sims University, but the guardians made you come here again. You have this girl at home that you think is waiting for you, Madelynn is it? Your father, he’s dead. What else can I tell you? That you like to use lilac scented shampoo? Alistair, I’ll spoil you. I will not turn anything you say down, but you have to marry me.”

“Get off of me,” I whispered. “Please.” I hadn’t the strength to raise my voice, let alone push her off of me.

“Ally,” She whispered again. “Just be with me.” She ran her finger down my chest. I was beginning to feel extremely uncomfortable. This wasn’t what I wanted, not in the slightest. “If you marry me, I’ll briing you directly to your siblings, and then, you find them and come live with me. Forever. Let’s seal the deal.” She leaned down to kiss me, but the slamming of the door caused us both to jolt. Regaining all feeling in my body, I pushed her off of me.


“See, what did I tell you?” Sienna said. “He’s hooking up with someone.”

“Alistair,” Patrick warned. “Don’t let her kiss you. She’s a vampire.”

“Vampire? Like Damian?” I quickly hurried over to my friend’s side.

“He’s my father,” She said happily. “That’s why I can tell you where your siblings are.”

“Nothing happens if you kiss a vampire,” Sienna said. “That isn’t a thing.”

“She’s not a full vampire. She’s special. Venom pulses through her veins. One kiss will cause you to fall into an obsessive infatuation with her. You become her little follower and then, she drags you into bed, and that’s when the real curse begins. She has her way with you, and in the end, her poison leaves you not able to have any children,” Patrick answered.

Aria laughed. “Oh Patrick darling. You were just for fun. But don’t feel bad, you were a warm up. Think about it like this, you helped me get better fpr when it actually counted. With Alistair. He’s much easier on the eyes than you.”

Patrick began to grownl but Sienna stood in front of him. “What is she talking about?”


“Isn’t it obvious, you wench?” Aria began to laugh. “I was Patrick’s first. I garuntee you, that no matter how many times you were in bed with him, he was thinking of me, because that’s the kind of effect I have on people.”

“You stupid-” Sienna tried to slap her but Patrick stopped the girl. “Let me go! Why didn’t you tell me!” She cried. “Why did you keep this from me!?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” She laughed. “Whatever. Alistair, my offer still stands. Be mine, forever, and I’ll lead you directly to your siblings. I’ll be checking in on you soon, so start thinking about it darling. I promise I won’t toss you aside like Patrick. You mean the world to me.” She waved for Cora to follow her and both of them walked away.

“When did you meet her?” Sienna cried.

“We don’t have time for this, we have to make sure-” He was cut off by Sienna’s hand across his face. “This was why you asked me if I’d alwayss love you, all those years ago?” SHe wiped a stray tear from her face.

“Sienna, it wasn’t like that!” He reached out for her but she stormed out. “Damnit.” He punched the wall, causing a picture to fall off the wall and crash on the floor. “We have to get you back to Lucas and let him know what just happened. She’s after you, that isn’t good. She’s going to tell Damian that you won’t give her what she wants and you’ll have a target on your back.”


“Patrick!” Robin called out. “You need to get Alistair out of here!”

“Already on it!” Patrick grabbed my arm and forcefully dragged me out of the building.

“Woah, woah, what do we have here? Little Mr. Gray, and Patrick Black? Heh, two of the most wanted on Damian’s list! A Gray and a Black!” A green scaled guy clapped his hands together.

“Shut up!” Robin pulled his wand out and shot it at David. “I got this. Kat and Hayden are nearby scouting. Keep an eye out for Sienna, she just ran off!”


“Sienna, thank the watcher you’re here!” Patrick exclaimed. “Please don’t scare me like that again.”

“Get the hell out of my house!” An enraged Declan stood up. “I told you to stay away from my sister, and then you go and date her anyway and cheat on her?”

“I don’t exactly understand.” I held my head to try and stop the throbbing.

“Patrick and I have been seeing eachother for almost our entire lives!” Sienna cried. “He made me wait years to even go on a date and yet he slept with this girl! You don’t get it because you haven’t tried so hard to keep his attention. All this time I thought it was with everyine, but I guess it’s just my attention you undermine.”

“You’ll never fucking understand what I did for you!” Patrick shouted. As soon as he said it, he covered his mouth. “When our parents died, how do you think I got the money to support Kat, you, Declan and me? I was young, but I slept around because it was the only way to make money! Aria came along one day and showed me that sex wasn’t so bad if you had it with someone you love. For a long time, I was turned off completely from love because of what I had been through. Aria was there, for a few months until she ripped my heart out and tossed me to the side. Then I found out about the curse.”


“You fucking idiot!” Declan shouted. “Why didn’t you ask for help! I’ve been here this entire time!”

“Help? You wouldn’t even look at me once your sister started showing some interest!” Patrick stammered.

“So, you think that I didn’t notice my sister sneaking off at odd hours of the night or pretending she was sick and skipping magic lessons? I know about you guys, and the little group you’re a part of. I’ve known it for a while. If I didn’t think you could be trusted, would I let my sister continue to sneak away?” Declan asked.

“You knew?” Sienna’s voice was barely above a whisper.

“Sienna, we’ve been through so much crap. I had to keep an eye on you at all times, because I didn’t want Damian to attack or for Patrick to turn on you. Lucas didn’t like their group, but I knew that you did. That’s why I sent Miles to watch you.”

“Miles? What the, I thought you were on my side!”

“I am, that’s why I was watching you. I never told your brother anything specific, he just wanted to know if you were safe,” Miles said. Screenshot-21

“So, I’m just going to go to sleep.” I began to stalk off when Declan began shouting at me.

“To hell you are! You know the damn rules. You’re nineteen not twelve! You had specific orders to reain in a group at all times! What if that woman was able to have her way with you? All it takes is one fricking kiss, and you aren’t even strong enough to fight her off!”

“I’m sorry that I’ma damn half breed!” I shouted back just as angrily. “Your highness, I’ll just make sure that I get my actions approved by you before I do anything!”

“You’d save your ass a lot of trouble that way!” Declan claimed.

“Pat, I understand, but I’m still hurt. I want to talk about this, but not tonight, okay?” SHe leaned up and kissed his cheek.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Declan turned his attention to Patrick who had been getting ready to leave. “We’re ALL going to Lucas right now!”

“It’s like three in the morning,” I whined. “Let’s just go in the morning.”

“I think you fail to recognize the severity of having Damian on your case. If Aria knows about you, then there is no doubt that Damian does because we saw David today,” Patrick said. “So, for once I think this moron is right.”

Declan glared at the man. “We don’t have time to chit chat, so let’s go see what he has to say.”

I sighed in annoyance. I couldn’t understand how one night out turned so drastically. Would I be able to accept what Lucas had to say? Would I risk my safety and comfort and marry Aria to find my siblings? What did she even want with me? What was this curse about, and was it really real? I didn’t know but the answers would become clear soon.

4 thoughts on “4.7 Poison Kiss

  1. Oh I really hate Cora. How could she just hand over her great grandson to Aria? So Damian has a daughter who seems to be as bad if not worse than he is. Poor Patrick! I want the curse to be lifted because he and Sienna would make really cute babies. This chapter was really intense and I can just feel Alistair’s turmoil. Don’t do it. Aria is up to no good and there’s no guarantee that she’ll take you to your siblings.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cora wasn’t even ever supposed to show up again, but I used the old Midnight Hollow save and took out Ethan and Apollo, because I didn’t want to have to give Damian his castle again lol. I forgot about her and David who both happened to show up at the velvet lounge, so I just went with it. I kind of like Aria’s hair, and I was thinking about shipping her and Alistair, but then my imagination got out of control and she turned unspeakably evil lmao. Oopsies xD Sorry to torture Patrick so much, but I do like him a lot and he’ll play a huge part later in the story. Poor Alistair 😥 He really just wants to find his siblings. Lucas has a solution, but I’m sure you’re not going to like it! As for Aria, she’ll be back for sure, and she is up to no good at all. The curse would prove too much for Alistair, it’s ruin the entire plan of the guardains, no children = no legacy. We’ll see how it turns out. Thanks for reading ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

      • Aria is really pretty but now I’ll never like her because of what she did to Patrick and tried to do to Alistair Sometimes characters take on a life all their own and you just have to go with it. I’m not sure I like the sound of Lucas’ solution but I’ll take that as a warning. Alistair needs a powerful vampire to stand up to Damian and Aria then maybe he’d have a chance.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ooh, a powerful Vampire? That may be an idea, hmm…Actually there is someone coming to help 😉 You’ll have to wait and see who exactly. Aria makes a good villain, and I do have a lot of plans for her.

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