Special Post [Liebster Award, Check out these great Sim Stories!]

So, there’s something floating around the sims community (well the blogging community in general) to help get small blogs noticed. They call this the Liebster Award and you can get nominated by another blogger who thinks you have a nice blog! I was nominated by Jaxxis and Littlesims2chick, so thank you both, you’re awesome! (Jaxxis nominated A Graying World and Littlesims2chick nominated Sim Star Idol)


Here are the official rules:

  1. Post the award on your blog.
  2. Thank the blogger who presented the award and link back to their blog.
  3. Nominate 5-11 bloggers whom you feel deserve this award and have fewer than or equal to 3,000 followers.
  4. Answer 11 questions posted by the nominator, and ask your nominees 11 questions.

I’m not going to nominate Jaxxis (I’ll list her other story though) and Littlesims2chick since they were already nominated, but do check out their stories at the links above! I’ll be nominating some people that I know already got nominated for the simple fact that I love their stories and want you guys to know about them. So, if you were already nominated and don’t want to do my questions, thats fine too. Now on to the lovely stories:

  1. Dandylion240 (Not So Ordinary Life and The Vanwinkle Legacy) Both of these stories are great! Not So Ordinary Life features your not so average family complete with alien abductions, house fires, drug lords, car crashes, drama and all of that exciting stuff! Van Winkle Legacy is just as exciting. The two merge together later on in the story to create one huge crossover of awesomeness. Check it out, Dandylion is a very talented writer and these are definitely some of my favorite stories! (Not to mention two of my sims show up in these stories ;D)
  2. Jaxxis (Insanity Doesn’t Compare) I’m sad to say that I’m not fully caught up with this story, but Jaxxis is an incredibly funny writer. I have my sim in her bachelor challenge and it is the funniest thing. She writes such light hearted humor which is good for any reader. The only thing I hate is that when I’m caught up, I have to wait for updates lol! No, but seriously, check it out, funny stuff!
  3. Phyrcracker93 (The Lee Legacy) I’m not exactly caught up on this story yet either >_< I will get to it though, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t good. I mean, just go and read the first chapter yourself and tell me that the story isn’t set up in an incredibly creative way. I’m looking forward to reading more, and you guys should check it out as well.
  4. Blythelyre (The Torres Legacy) Bly is an INCREDIBLY TALENTED writer. You can tell that she just pours her heart and soul into every chapter that she writes. Her legacy is so well written and a definite page turner for sure. Just make sure that you have a lot of time when you start this story because you will not want to stop reading until you’re all caught up, it’s that good!
  5. Rose (The Monroe Legacy) I’m not sure whether or not Rose will continue this, but I do think she is a great writer. You guys should check this out regardless of it she finishes it or not. It’s another very creative story and I just love the way she writes. The story starts with Marilyn Monroe’s sister as the founder, come on, that’s pretty awesome!
  6. MsMidnightBlonde (Another Life to Live) This is another story that I really love. If you read the comments on her blog, you’ll see my crazy reactions to each of her chapters. She writes and decorates very well, and you can tell the effort that she puts into her writing. This is a Bring Me Back to Life challenge so if resurrection and the like is your thing, check it out!
  7. Notjustabook (The Hartfields) Oh man, this is another well thought out and well written story. She creates her own world and supernatural stuff to go along with the story. This is a must read you guys, especially if supernatural/fantasy/sci fi id your thing. She does do her legacy style gameplay a bit differently but it’s still a very good read!
  8. Lovesstorms (The Ramsey Wishacy) This story starts as very light hearted and gets deeper with each little twist. It’s a very fun read and very easy to get through. This is another story that you’re going to want a lot of time with so that you can finish it in one shot lol. Check this out if you haven’t already 🙂

Here are Jaxxis’ Questions:

1. If you could restart one generation or a couples chapters from your story; would you?

I actually want to do this for Gen one of AGW, but I haven’t yet because I want to finish the legacy first. I don’t want to change the plot, rather just make the writing style consistent because I start with script form and then change to narrative. So, I’d just change it to narrative. It’s a legacy and if you change one thing you change the whole story xD

2. If you were allowed to know one thing from the future, would you take the chance to know? And what would you want to know?

I probably would. I know it’s taboo, but I want to know who I marry, you know so I can scope him out and prevent any mistakes xD No, but seriously, time is a really dangerous thing to mess with. Just read my legacy. The future is always changing, so I think it’d be impossible anyway.

3. Sims 2, Sims 3 or Sims 4? And why.

I’m a Sims 3 girl all the way. Sure, Sims 2 was fun, but I prefer Sim’s 3 opeen world. I feel as if SIms 4 missed the mark completely. I caved in and bought it, and I haven’t played for more than twenty minutes. Maybe it’d be more fun with Get to Work? WHo knows, for now I’ll stick to Sims 3. 

4. What are your goals for your current story, legacy, isbi?

Ten generations of the Gray family. I don’t know where that will lead me but I can guarantee more plots from Mason and more cute genes xD

5. Do you plan on starting another challenge or story after your current one is finished?

Yes. I’m always starting stories lol I have four running currently. There’s How to Be a Star which features Caleb from Gen 1. That story is complete. Sim Star Idol, Escape Pennbrook Estate and Color My World, a bachelor challenge turned story. I plan on doing more bachelor challenges and hopefully second/third seasons of stories I already have out. 

6. Do you like expressing to people about your stories? Or would you rather keep it personal?

Yes, I love it! I can talk my writing all day. I love when people comment on my stories and ask about my characters/plots/settings. SO, ask away!

7. What is something you love to do besides playing Sims?

I love playing video games in general and writing. I actually think I want to go into the Video Game writing field. So, if I write the storyline for a big game you guys better go out and buy it! 😉

8. Do you ever think you’ll change your writing style? You know, give yourself a challenge?

Yes. My ideal style is actually first person past which I’m using on the current heir of gen 4. It’s actually really tricky weaving together all of the storyline from only Alistair’s point of view. I will always try new and creative ways to write because, why not? It’ll be a fun challenge to try!

9. What is your favorite animal? Why?

Hmm, I really love Penguins. But I’m not sure if they’re my favorite. I think I’ll choose puppies because who doesn’t love puppies?

10. What is something you love about your writing? (Yes, give yourself some love! You deserve it.)

My writing? I think just my storylines in general. I do come up with some very tricky situation, plot twists and story ideas in general that I’m really proud of. For example, the bumper cars puzzle in Escape Pennbrook Estate (link above). I’m shocked I even came up with that!

11. And lastly, who is someone you admire?

My mother, and Ellen Degeneres. First of all, my mother for raising me to be who I am today and for just being a strong woman in general. I had an amazing foundation growing up and I couldn’t be more blessed. In the publice eye I’d choose Elen because she’s just so amazing. She helps out so many people not only with her charity but with her humor as well.

Here are littlesims2chick’s questions:

1.) What do you love most about writing?
The readers. I love writing something and having someone on the edge of their seat. Writing is fun, but it’s even more gratifying when others are involved.
2.) What is one quality from one of your characters that you wish you could posses?
Oooh this is a good question. If I had to choose just one character, hmm…I think I’d pick to be as loyal and understanding as Ethan always was. He’s from gen 3 of AGW.
3.) If a director wanted to use your story for a movie would you allow them… Yes or no? Why or why not? And if you would, is there anything in your story you would change plot-wise, or character-wise like appearance and the setting?
I probably would. If a director wanted to use my story, it must mean its good right? But, take for example they want to use Sim Star or Pennbrook, then I’d have to get permission from those who sent me sims in, because after all, they’re a huge part of the story! They set the foundation and I built it. I would have to change a few things to make it televission/movie ready but thats a given for anything visual.
4.) Do you set limits for yourself as far as raunchiness goes? (Ie: Nudity, violence, sex, language)
Yes. I don’t read or write mature stories. The whole rated r thing is not for me. I of course mention drugs, violence, language, sex but I will not go into detail about that stuff unless I feel it absolutely necessary. It’s out of my comfort zone, but I do think that I will explore those topics as I grow as a writer. 
5.) If someone you know in real life were to find your blog would you feel embarrassed? Even if you know the person well and there’s nothing too ‘risque’ on your blog?
Yes and no. I’m always a little embarassed sharing my writing with people who don’t understand it. Because when you don’t understand, you’re quick to judge. I do have close friends who don’t play sims who check out my sims blogs, but other than that, I’m pretty low key about it in my real life. 
6.) If there’s one character you could spend a day being who would it be, why, and what would you do?
Ooh another good question! I think I would be Scarlett. She’s an interesting character. Despite her rough past, she has an incredible guy in her life, who happens to be her imaginary friend come to life. SERIOUSLY, I would want to bring my imaginary friend to life. What would I do? Cuddle with Night because I ship those two lol.
7.) When and what made you start writing?
Oh man, I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. I’ve always loved making stories. It wasn’t until I was around 11 ish I believe that I started sharing my writing with others and actually putting the words down on paper. You can thank fanfiction for that because without it, I’m not sure if I’d be as into writing as I am today.
8.) What are some other things that you like to do in your free time?
Same answer as above. Video games! I am a hardcore gamer and I am not ashamed of it lol.
9.) Would you rather have a lesson learned within your story or just tell your story and let it stand for what it is whether or not there’s a lesson to be learned?
To be honest, I rarely ever plan out my stories. Well, my sim stories at least. I don’t go into it with a lesson in mind, but if it happens, I’m not going to shove it to the side. 
10.) Do you feel like you have a specific writing style?
Yes. I think everyone does. Some people write certain things and you just know it’s theirs. We each have our own quirks to our writing that always show up. I’m not sure what mine is, it’s hard to categorize these things. 
11.) How do you think you’ve evolved creatively and do you think writing has changed your outlook on life?
I’ve gotten more confident in my writing over the past few years. In fact, my entire life is wrapped around writing. As I mentioned above, I want to make a career out of writing. While most of these sims blogs are for fun, mine are great practice for honing my skills. I of course love sharing my writing with you all, I’m just pointing out that I want to write for a living. Has it changed my outlook on life? Absolutely, 100% it has. I see things as a writer would. I often find myself critiquing plot and pointing out things in televsion shows/movie/commercials/video games/etc. that I think were done for a specific reason. For example, killing off a character. I always thing of it structure wise rather than plot wise. 
Now, for my 11 questions. Answer if you wish!
1. Sims has a lot of quirky things that aren’t possible in real life. If you could choose one thing (for example, traveling to the future) what would you choose?
2. Name one NPC in any town that you’d like to be best friends with, and explain why.
3. Legacy/isbi/plotted story etc….what is your favorite sims challenge and why?
4. If you could be a berry sim, would you? (Colorfu;l sims with food names)
5. Quick, you’re trapped in an elevator with five sims from your last chapter. Who are they and what would most likely happen?
6. Is writing only a hobby of yours or do you plan on making a career out of it?
7. More sims questions because I think its fun. If you could MARRY any of your sims, who would it be and why?
8. Why do you write?
9. Your favorite thing about the simming/writing community (Let’s spread some positivity)?
10. How would you feel if you found out you were a video game character and someone was controlling and documenting your life? (If you put it like that…LOL)
11. Finally, any upcoming spoilers you want to share in your story? 😉
Thanks again for the nomination!

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