Gen 4 Spouse Poll

Last generation I didn’t have a spouse poll, because I knew that Ethan was the one for Apollo. This time, Alistair is a little confused with all of the time distortions. He needs your help, who does he really love? Below I will include some biographical information, a past scene with the two together, and a future scene if they were to get together.

First up we have Madelyn:


Bio: Madelyn is Alistair’s best friend and Ex-girlfriend. He found out that he was promised to the guardians as a tool to help carry out their plan. With his journey to Moonlight Falls to strengthen his magic, he knew he’d have to say goodbye to the girl he loved so much.  She promised to wait for him, as she headed off to University and he went to find his grandfather Lucas. When the time distortions happened, Alistair found out that she was engaged to be married to a successful man named Clarence. He’s the exact opposite of Alistair. He’s got a good job, a wealthy family, and he’s nothing but a respectful gentleman. Alistair is a little more spontaneous with his plans. Will he realize that he’s loved this normal human girl all along? Will he return to the past he knew all along?

A Past Scene with Madelynn: [Chapter 4.2]


“Just come here, I know you’re tired.” She reached out her arm to grab me, but dropped it, too lazy to get up.

“You’re the tired one,” I said, climbing into the bed next to her. “Why would you come all the way over here so late?”

“Because I love you, and love makes you do stupid things,” Madelyn answered. “I love you, Alistair. I don’t want you to have to deal with this alone.”

“You won’t ever let me deal with anything on my own, will you?” I asked, snuggling close to her. She was so amazing, coming all the way here, for me..

“Nope,” She murmured. She was on the verge of sleep. “You–”

“Shh….” I whispered, stroking her soft hair. “We’ll talk in the morning. Just get some sleep, okay? I love you too.”

She didn’t answer, but I could see her smile. I was so happy to not have to stay alone tonight. Kissing her forehead, I mumbled, “I love you so much,” before I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

A future with Madelyn:


“I can’t believe that you just showed up to my house like this!” Madelynn laughed. “I look like a hot mess! My hair isn’t done and I’m in my bummy clothes-”

“I think you look beautiful,” I cut her off. She was always the one for me, I had known it from the very beginning. Every path I had followed, every choice I had made always led my thoughts back to her sparkling grey eyes, beautiful dark skin and bright personality. “Tonight is the big fight, I’m not just going to let you watch it alone. Our favorite wrestler is fighting for the title tonight. Isn’t this how we spent our first date?” I thought fondly of the time I had kissed her during one of the pay per views on television. It was a huge thing in her family and she had invited him over to watch it with her. She hadn’t expected him to kiss her when her favorite wrestler won the championship belt.

“After all this time you’ve been gone, and you still remember our first kiss?” She had long since crawled into my lap and placed her head on my chest. I was sure she could hear my beating heart.

“How could I forget? I never stopped loving you Madelyn. You’ve been the only person on my mind for as long as I’ve been away from you. Every minute away from you was painful, and I’m not exaggerating.” I pulled her face closer to my chest and held her. “When I found out about Clarence…I…I just didn’t know what to do. I was lost, confused, upset even though I’m the idiot that told you to move on in the first place. Still, I felt like the biggest moron in the world. I didn’t want to hurt you-”

“I’ve done nothing but hurt since you left Alistair. Clarence was just some guy my parents were forcing on me. If I couldn’t have you, then I didn’t want to make a decision. There was no one else I’d rather be with and since my parents didn’t think I could handle myself alone, I just let them decide for me. I gave up. I couldn’t live the life I wanteed without you. I’m happy that you interrupted the wedding. My parents kinda hate you, but you know, they’ll survive.”

I leaned up and kissed her nose. “What about the girls? Maddie, they’re different.”

She stroked my hair. “I know that I’m young, and I…well, I’m not too happy that you have two kids but…I don’t want to be without you. I don’t want to have to live another minute without you. I don’t know if I’m mother material, but I can try.”

“I don’t need you to be their mother,” I said. “At least not right away. But I do need you to understand that they mean the world to me, and I won’t compromise their happiness for anything. We’re a package deal.”

Can Madelyn accept Alistair’s children? What will she think when she finds out that they’re vampires? What about Alistair’s powers? Will she be able to adjust to this new lifestyle? What about Clarence? Will he give up on Madelyn so easily? Find out the answer to these and more if you choose Madelyn!

Bachelorette Number 2 is Pepper:


Bio: Pepper is Alistair’s imaginary friend come to life. She’s anything but normal. Only having been alive for a few years, she doesn’t quite grasp what it means to be a human being. She is adjusting to her newfound feelings, but one thing is certain. She loves Alistair immensely. She harbors a little bit of hurt because as he grew older, he naturally forgot about her. It wasn’t until Cora brought her to life that she rediscovered her best friend. In the three year span that Alistair has forgotten about, Pepper has been the nanny to Alistair’s twin girls, Adeline and Charlotte. Apparently, made clear by a vision, Pepper and Alistair had a romantic relationship while he was “married” to Aria. She’s bound by a connection with Cora and a deal she made with Damian to protect Alistair. Is love hidden in the one person who has been there from the beginning?

A Past Scene with Pepper: [Chapter 4.10]


“That was uh…explosive,” Pepper whispered.

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that, did I wake them up?” I asked.

“Charlotte’s up, but she usually wakes up in the middle of the night. She’s a vampire, so she likes the night, you know?” She turned to me with a hesitant smile.

“Can I ask you something?” I asked quietly. She gave me a small nod. “Why are you so distant? I understand that we’ve grown apart but Pepper, we were best friends. You just don’t forget a bond like that-”

She held her hand up to silence me. “I don’t care about that. I did that first time we met while I was in this form. But, not anymore. I-” She stopped herself.

“It’s something else?” I asked fearfully. “Is it something I did within those three years? You know I don’t remember any of that, and I wouldn’t be a jerk to you intentionally-”

She placed Charlotte in her crib and turned to me. “I know you didn’t mean it, that’s why it hurts.”

“What do you mean?” I blushed watching her come closer to me.

“I didn’t think that touching lips could make you feel a certain way.” She placed her finger on her upperlip. “You humans feel funny things, right in your tummy. And then, you can’t control your thoughts anymore and you only have that one action on your mind all the time and it makes you feel all different things that a doll could never ever feel!” She covered her mouth realizing her exclamation. “Forget I said anything.”

A Future with Pepper:


I knocked on the door, awaiting an answer. Everything was over and had settled down. The only thing left to do was appease my heart. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. She had promised to move on and live a life where she wouldn’t cause anymore trouble. The problem was, that I wanted her trouble. I didn’t care if we ended up knee deep in trouble, as long as I was sorting through it with her. “One second!” I heard her distant voice call. My palms were sweaty, when would she open the door!?

“Alistair?” Her shocked voice mimicked my expression.

“You look different,” I stammered. “The tattoos are a nice touch.”

“Oh, you like them? I’m adjusting to this whole human thing. I don’t want to look like what you imagined me as anymore. I want to have my own style. No offense of course,” She added quickly.

“No, I get it. I did come up with you when I was a toddler, so I don’t blame you,” I laughed nervously.

“I dunno. I kinda like the crazy hair and orange skin.” She held her arm up to examine it. “I just needed an update I think, not a change. I want to keep my past but just become more of me, you know?”

“Well, you look great,” I said, and she did. She looked truly beautiful. “Can I come in?”

“Oh yeah!” She stepped back. “Come in, did you need something?”

“It’s uh, well it’s hard for me to put this into words, you know?” I paused for a moment, my whole speech that I had practiced, vanishing from my memory. “Well, remember when we had our first real talk since the time distortions? You said to me that humans feel all sorts of weird things, like you start to think about the person and you can’t stop? You always thought of me like that, and I never realized it. But, when you left, I found myself thinking about you non stop, I couldn’t even eat without staring at the Pepper shaker and zoning out. It sounds corny, but, I guess what I’m saying is that I need you. I love you. There, I said it. I love you.” I grabbed her by her waist and kissed her. No fear, no regrets. Whether she returned the feelings or not, I needed her to know that what I felt for her was true.

Is Pepper the right girl for Alistair? Are her emotions the way they are because she’s an imaginary friend? Is she still connected to Cora? Will Pepper hand Charlotte over to Damian? All these questions and more will be answered if you choose Pepper. 

Last but not least is Declan:


Screenshot-15 (Take two pictures because I don’t know which version of Declan I like better, with the hat or without).

Bio: Alistair met Declan when he first arrived at Moonlight Falls looking for his grandfather. Declan was one of the three mages who would train alongside Alistair. Declan and Alistair didn’t quite see eye to eye when they first met. It’s only later that we find out it’s because of Alistair’s resemblance to Declan’s former lover Altiere. When Lucas paired the two up for a field project, they found themselves growing inseperable. Once the time distortions started and Alistair found out he had two daughters, Declan quickly assumed the role of protector. He led Alistair to safety, while keeping the secret of his past to himself. Declan’s father had been killed by one of Damian’s men. His father had only been looking for his daughter Sienna who had been out after Damian’s designated curfew times. His mother gave Declan a choice, her or Sienna who she blamed entirely for their father’s death. He chose Sienna and his mother fled the scene, leaving the two orphaned and to fend for themselves. That’s when Declan joined forces with a powerful vampire by the name of Altiere. Despite his few deals with Damian, his intentions were nothing but pure. Can Alistair and Declan fix eaxh other?

A Scene in the Past with Declan: [Chapter 4.15]


“Alistair…” His voice was suddenly soft. “You’re not seeing it, are you? I’d never hurt you, at least not intentionally. Everything I’ve done is for you.” Before I even knew what was happening, I felt lips on mine. Was Declan kissing me!? I felt his strong arms around my waist, and I instinctively put my hands at the nape of his neck as if I was kissing Madelynn. He pulled away as quickly as he had placed his lips on mine. He left his head against mine and chuckled. “You look like a deer in headlights.”

“You just kissed me…” I stammered. “A dude just kissed me.”

He pulled away from me. “Before you say anything else, let me just get this off my chest, alright? Then you can play the, “I’m not gay, I have a girlfriend at home” card.” I just stared at him. What would I say? I couldn’t even put my thoughts into words. What the hell just happened? “I love you. I tried to fight the feelings for so damn long. Every time I saw you, I wanted to punch you in the damn face. You look just like that freaking vampire and I hated him so fucking much. He made me feel powerless, like I wasn’t ever going to be good enough without him. Then, Lucas forced us to join together and I realized you weren’t as bad as I thought you were. I really did want to be the keeper of magic, none of that was a joke. But, I’m able to move within a time distortion just like you’re able to cause them because of Altiere’s power. I tried to hide any link I had to him, but of course he has to come out and stir up trouble. Patrick is alive, but it isn’t because of any deal I made with Damian. He and the others are working on their own things. I care about you more than I’ve ever cared about another human being. You understand me. You know what it feels like to lose a parent, to feel powerless in protecting those you care about, to be pushed down by others and to rise above that. You’re a hell of a strong man, and I can’t help but be in love with you. I love your daughters immensely, and that’s why I’m going to walk out of this building right now and go to the time portal. I’ll revive Ethan and you can go save your siblings and then take over as Keeper of Magic. I won’t stand in your way any longer, but before I left, I needed you to know how I felt.”

Future with Declan: 


“Declan,” My body racked with each sob. “I messed up.”

“Alistair?” His movements were quick. He jumped up from his seat on the couch. “What’s wrong? What are you doing here?”

“I told you that I needed you. Why did you leave me when I told you I needed you!” I hit his chest with my closed fist.

“What’s happening?” He grabbed my arms. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

“He has my daughter!” I cried.

“Who has your daughter?” Declan asked, fear spreading across his features.

“Altiere!” I shouted, trying to pull out of his grasp. “He took Adeline!”

“But how?” Declan’s grasp tightened around me.

“I don’t know…” I sniffed. “What the hell am I supposed to do!? Declan, please help me!”

“Hey!” He pulled me tightly to him. I felt that same warmth of his forehead against mine. “We can figure this out. Together.”

“Together?” I looked up at him hopefully. “You aren’t going t leave me again?”

“I have a feeling that you won’t ever let me go,” Declan whispered.

How did Altiere come to life? Where is Declan? What does Altiere want with Adeline? Will Alistair and Declan be able to defeat Damian? All of these and more qill be answered if you choose Declan.


The poll will be open until Monday around 6pm EST time. You may vote as many times as you’d like. Feel free to drop a comment and let me know who you chose 😀

9 thoughts on “Gen 4 Spouse Poll

  1. It was such a hard choice for me between Madelyn and Pepper. And actually, both of them remind me of Noah’s possible spouses! His first girlfriend, and his forgotten imaginary friend! XD

    I went with Madelyn in the end… It was the future possibility that intrigued me. I want to see how a normal, human sim reacts to finding out that her step-daughters and husband(?) are supernaturals. And despite the fact that I love Pepper’s flashy colors, I do like Maddy’s darker-skin/blonde-hair combo! 🙂

    Well, I can’t wait to see who wins! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    • I definitely saw the comparison with Corine (Noah’s first girlfriend) and Madelyn, but I hadn’t made the connection with Pepper and Puzzle at all! You have a good point, they’re very similar. Madelyn is a good choice, it will be very interesting to see just how a human will react to a supernatural, especially someone like Madelyn who has known Alistair so long and hasn’t noticed the magic. Not to mention just having two daughters in general, let alone supernatural daughters! Maddie is really pretty, she’s got such pretty grey eyes, and I love her dark skin/ light hair combo as well. Thanks for voting 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Such wonderful choices. They all have their pros and cons and in the end I went with the story line I’m most interested in seeing plus I have soft spot for the character 😉 Still not saying who I voted for but I think you’ll be able to guess.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It wasn’t intentional, but I guess Noah and Alistair are kind of similar. They are Grays after all. Thanks for voting and commenting, I’m excited to see who you guys chose for Alistair! It’ll be an intriguing story nonetheless.


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