Gen 4 Heir Descriptions [Millie and Astra]

Thad Givens was made for my BC (can be read here) but unfortunately lost. Nutmeg sims was nice enough to let me use him a a spouse for my legacy though. (Read more about Thad and to see more stuff by Nutmegsims click here.) Again, it is Nutmegsims’ choice of who ends up with Thad ^_^

First up is Millie:


Millie’s temperament can be described in one word: hot. She’s hot headed. When she’s angry, nasty things will be said and fists will fly. It’s inevitable. Luckily for others, she has a hard shell, so not many things upset her. One thing that sets her over the edge is when someone talks about her sister, Astra. Astra is unique, and others may not necessarily percieve that well. Don’t tell Millie that, because she’ll kick your ass. Millie is a witch, but she HATES magic. She lives in Moonlight Falls with her dad, but she wants nothing more than to be rid of the supernatural. So, when she gets an offer to live with her aunt in Sunlit Tides, she jumps at the opportunity. Goodbye magic, hello stardom! She wants to be a model. It seems unrealistic, or so her family keeps telling her, but she doesn’t care. Her pink tinted skin is not something that is “normal” in fact, her arrival in the modeling industry could be taken two ways. Either, everyone is fascinated by her pink skin, or they are disgusted by her look. She doesn’t care though, anything to get away from all the madness in Moonlight Falls. Seriously, it’s bad there, and she has NO desire to be the next keeper of magic, no thanks dad.

  • A scene with Thad:


“Hi, my name is Millie, nice to meet you,” She said happily.

Thad eyed the girl. “Hi?”

“Is that a question?” She asked. “You should be more confident in your answers. It’s my pink skin, isn’t it? It’s just a little extra pigment, no big dea.”

“It’s not that.” He shook his head. “I’ve seen worse. Green skin, ice skin…those two are going to make an interesting looking baby. Nevermind.” He shook his head. “I’m just shocked that you were allowed back here.”

“What do you mean?” She frowned. “I work here. Is that so hard to believe?”

“You’re in MY dressing room,” He clarified. “See?” He pointed to his name on the door.

“For real?” She covered her mouth to stifle an embarassed laugh. “I was just ducking into the first room I saw. I’m trying to hide this whole model thing from my family. Turns out my cousin knows someone who works here or something.”

“That’s not smart. They’ll see your pictures everywhere,” Thad said.

“Yeah,” She shrugged. “But by then, it’ll be too late. Today, SUnlit Tides, tomorrow, the universe.”

“Yeah yeah, kid.” He rolled his eyes. “That’s what they all say.”

“It’s true,” She said defiantly. “I’ll be better than you.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Mhmm.” She nodded. “Watch me.” Millie strutted out of the room, a confident smile placed on her lips. He was interesting. If she got to work with him everyday, this job would be even more fun than she expected. But next time, she’d remember to ask his name. Thad, was it?


Relationship with Thad:

Millie is confident, and competitive. Her entire relationship with Thad is a constant competition. Who could get the most followers online, most photoshoot sales, even little things like who could cook the best meal. (It’s Millie, Thad can’t cook anything but roast chicken). Though she is confident, of course there are underlying insecurities she faces. Her skin color for example. Are people happy about her work because they think she looks good or are peopel oogling her because she’s some kind of show piece? An exotic creature? Thad for one, LOVES her pink tinted skin. She’s different than all of the other models at the agency. She doesn’t have to starve herself, or put on punds of makeup. Something about her is alluring, and captivating. Falling in love, was easy, staying together was easier. These two will have a happy (but drama filled of course) life.

Millie’s Theme:  “Thad, you’re an idiot. But, you’re my idiot.”

Next up is Astra:


Astra was born with a learning disability. Because of it, her self esteem isn’t so high. She would never do anything reckless like hurt herself, but she often finds herself in dream land because her reality is not what she wants it to be. She’s quiet and keeps to herself. When she was younger, she had a hard time talking. She would stutter constantly, and even then she had a lisp. With some speech pathology, her voice has gotten better. The lisp has disappeared completely, and her stutter only rears it’s ugly head when she’s nervous. (Which, sadly, is often. It doesn’t take much to scare the timid girl). Millie wants to break free from her dependence on her family, her sister especially. So, she takes her aunt up on her offer to let her stay in Sunlit Tides with her cousin Alistair. At least for a while to clear her head. She wats to open up a bakery. She never had many friends growing up. She was bullied because of her stutter, and then ridiculed even more for letting her older sister stick up for her. So, when her older sister went out on play dates and slumber parties, Astra stayed home and baked. It’s her true passion. She may seem like a fragile girl, but Astra just needs someone to push her in the right direction and give her something to fight for. (Thad maybe? ;D) [PS: Astra is also a witch]

A scene with Thad:


Modeling wasn’t for everyone, especially not Astra. When she was walking through the Sunlit Tides mall and someone stopped her from a modeling agency, she should have kept walking. But, she found it painful to be rude. Her cousin’s words “Her? A model? Yeah, right” had made her want to try it. To prove to him that she wasn’t a shy, prude, but also to boost her self confidence. Some make up and people everywhere knowing her name? She’d be loved. The more she thought about it, the more her stoamch churned. It was good to blend into the background. She didn’t need to stand out, that’s how she would bring on the ridicule. “Ms. Gray, these headshots are atrocious, but there’s something endearing about your look. I was hoping you were as magnificent in person, and you are. I’m impressed,” The director said. “We’re going to try a few things, alright?”  Astra nodded. She was prompted to do a few of her own poses, which she failed at. After a few more attempts, the director stood up and sighed. “It’d be a shame to waste your look, but you really aren’t model material. I have one more idea. Maybe you’ll do better with some help from another model. Bring Thad in, will you Valencio?”

That’s how Astra found herself being pushed up against the wall by the handsome male. “You okay, kid? You look like you’re going to pass out.”

“I’m f-iin-e!” She stuttered, instantly letting her hand fly to her mouth. She must have looked like a tomato. Astra didn’t have many friends, let alone any attention from guys. Even if this was all staged, he was too close to her! She was mortified.

Thad let out a small laugh. “That was adorable.” He let his arm drop to his side.

“Well?” The director, was rubbing his temple. “I was hoping you could loosen her up. Maybe I should have called Cerulean-”

“His blue hair would have made her faint,” Thad joked. “He’s so handsome ahh!” He mimicked a fangirl attack.

Astra found herself laughing at the way the male threw his arms around and talked. He was…animated. Her total opposite. Hearing her giggle, Thad’s face lit up. “If you’re really serious about modeling, I think we can work together.”

“She’s hopeless.” The director stood up. “It’s easy to replicate her look, it’s not easy to replicate star quality and confidence, both which she lacks.”

“Hey now,” Thad said. “Give me a few weeks. She’ll be the belle of the ball. So to speak. She’s just a little intimidated, she isn’t hopeless.”

Astra fiddled with her thumbs. She wasn’t hopeless. Had he really just said that? He didn’t even know her! Alistair was right, and Thad was wrong. She was not model potential, and she was hopeless! Still, how couldn’t her insecurities melt away seeing that brilliant smile that belonged to the goofy model? “Alright, come on. Lesson one, we’re gonna need a rug.”

“A rug!? Wh-aa-t for!?


Relationship Summary: Astra needs a funloving and confident man to help her come out of her shell. She is withdrawn into herself because of her stutter and the way she can’t focus on things that others would find incredibly easy. She’s always second guessing herself. But with Thad, being wrong has never been so much fun. When Astra says something incorrectly, Thad will jump in and either say something incredibly wrong, or he’ll do something ridiculous, like knocking something off the table to get the attention from her to him. When she messes up, she shuts down for a few moments, she doesn’t need any unessecary attention on her. He loves that she isn’t like the other girls. He’s met so many self centered cocky girls, that think looks are everything. But Astra? What a breath of fresh air. She’s perfect in his eyes, even her quirks are incredibly irresistable to him. When she gets all flustered after stuttering? He just wants to tackle her in a hug. Point is, with Astra, he’s happy that he lost that stupid bachelorette challeneg. While Snowbelle was beautiful, she held no candle to Astra.

Astra’s Theme: “I uh- we-ll, yo-ou see, it-s uhm be-cau-sse…Thad, wha-t are y-oou doing!?”

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    • I had more fun writing for Astra, because she’s so darn innocent. I don’t think I’ve written for anyone super crazy before though. Well, to be honest, I don’t keep my sims in the same save file. Every new generation starts a new save file (things get glitchy otherwise) so the genes shouldn’t be technically based off the previous gens. But, there does seem to be a pattern of dark hair!

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