Gen 4 Heir Descriptions [Charlotte and Adeline]

Note: This generation will not have an heir poll. I’ll be having a double heriess (one from each set of twins) and their spouses were given to me by other simmers, so I’m leaving the choice up to them, since it’s only fair ^_^ Below are the descriptions of what will happen with each possible heir (as always) in case you were wondering :p

We’ll start with the vampires:

charlotte gray

Charlotte is a lot of things, most notably loud mouthed and opinionated. Some take her frankness for rudeness, but it isn’t/ She’s simply telling it as it is. The truth should be refreshing shouldn’t it? Except more times than not, the truth hurts, and it’s always Charlotte who has to utter it. She doesn’t keep her thoughts to herself, ever. If she feels something is unjust, she’ll say it. The only time she doesn’t talk, is when she’s sad, because according to the unofficial rules of vampires, crying and sadness is a sign of weakness. She feels she has so much to prove, not being a purebred vampire, that she can’t afford to slip up. Not even when it comes to losing someone or something important to her. What she needs is someone who will help her overcome her fear of showing her feelings, because bottling it up isn’t healthy. She needs, more than ever, someone to really show her that things will be alright amidst the choas of Moonlight Falls.

  • A scene with the possible spouse: [Jeffrey Bennett was created by Dandlylion240. Check out her story here. These events take place after the events of her story, and are a result of time changes due to things mentioned in her story. You do not need to be caught up with her story to understand mine, but it is a good one so check it out if you have time]


“You think this is funny?” Jeff fumed. “All of this, is not funny. It sucks.”

Charlotte cracked a wide grin. “Jeffrey Bennett, you need to relax once and awhile. Why are you so uptight all the time?”

“This is serious,” He said, trying to keep his voice calm. “Those guys are after us. You should be scared.”

“I don’t get scared,” She answered calmly. “Being scared is for the weak. I am not weak.”

“Nobody saiid you had to be weak to experience some fear. It’s normal to have these feelings,” Jeff tried to explain. “Why can’t you see that?”

“Why do you care, honestly?” She asked. “It never seemed to bother anyone before. This is who I am.”

“No.” He took a step back from her, lowering his hand. “This is who you’re pretending to be. The real you isn’t this hardened shell in front of me. You have substance, I’ve seen it before. Back in the library, when you were talking about your sister, there was real concern in your voice, a real sense of urgency and emotion. I know you’re capable of it. So, show me that girl.”

“She doesn’t exist!” Charlotte exclaimed coldly. “That was a mistake.”

Jeff grabbed her by her arm and pulled her close to him. “No, the mistake is letting Altiere tell you what is and isn’t okay to feel. Like, for example, what do you feel right now, being so close to me? Is this even allowed?”

“You’re a human, and I shouldn’t even be talking to you in the first place,” She mumbled. Inhaling his scent was inevitable, and she felt her heart beating quickly, a sensation she had never let herself feel before. What was it about this human that made her head spin and her insides feel like they were on fire? Why did she have to try twice as hard to reign in her emotions around him, when all she wanted to do was stay like this, with him? Vulnerable, yet safe.

  • Relationship Summary:


If Charlotte is chosen as heir, she’ll meet a very passionate but forceful guy in Jeff. He needs to put his foot down in order to deal with Charlotte’s cold exterior. Everything is not a game, in fact and he needs to show her that. It’ll be no easy task, but it is acheivable, because Jeff has seen similar instances in the police academy. Charlotte loves to tease Jeff, and as embarassed as he is to be on the recieving end of all of her jokes, he can’t help but feel butterflies (even years after they’ve been together) whenever she smiles so brightly after delivering a punch line. He loves her genuine smile, brought only on by her family, and him. Rediscovering things with Charlotte is what makes his new life worthwhile for him. Seeing her blush when he reaches over to wipe the ice cream off her face, with his lips, or seeing her panic when he pulls her close. There’s an emotional person down there, and he’s the only one that can get her to show it.

Charlotte’s Theme: “Love is for the weak, but if it means spending ever waking moment with you, I’m okay with that.”

Next up, we have:

adeline gray

Adeline is the complete opposite of her sister. She feels things, and let’s it be known. Unlike Charlotte, she’s a purebreed vampire. She has the ability to read minds based on inflations of emotion. If you’re upset, she can sense why. If you’re happy, she can sense it as well. Having this ability is more of a curse than a blessing. When she passes someone who is ecstatic, her mood fluctuates. She’ll be happy the entire day, and if it’s the opposite, well, she’ll feel miserable and depressed the entire day. Adeline finds herself drawn to the misery. It isn’t something she has chosen, but rather, something she has forced upon her by Altiere. He shows her the pain that the people are in to motivate her to accept his offer. Oh, but watching them suffer at the hands of Damian puts her in so much pain. The only time Adeline is truly happy is when she’s reading a book, immersed in a world completely different than her own. Accepting Jeff isn’t going to be as easy as it seems, because the poor girl shys away from the outside world, to protect them, from her abilities.

  • A scene with Jeff: 


“Please leave,” Adeline said. “You’ll only get hurt.”

Jeff sat in his chair, hunched over, hands folded. “I’m not leaving you here. What kind of a life is this? You’re like rapunzel, you know with short hair.”

“No.” She shook her head. “Rapunzel was locked away for a foolish reason. I chose to stay here. It’s not like I don’t have anyone that visits me. My dads and my sisters come along often-”

He cut her off. “Adeline, stop trying to justify this. I’m sitting right here and you haven’t hurt me.”

“Yet,” she mumbled. “Haven’t hurt you yet. You’re a human, you shouldn’t even be here to begin with. It’s dangerous. Damian will find you, and he won’t hesitate to make you his slave.”

“I don’t care about any of that.” He waved her off. “For whatever reason, I’m drawn to you. I can’t stay back while you’re here, all alone.”

“Look around you, Jeff.” She motioned around the room. “This is a big house. I live a nice life.”

“You live a recluse life.” He stood up to face her.

“I am dangerous,” She repeated.

“That’s a load of crap!” Jeff exclaimed angrily. “The only person who thinks that is Altiere, and we both know how manipulative he can be.”

Adeline bit her lip. Why wouldn’t he just leave? Walk out of her life and never return? She made it so painfully obvious that associating with her, a human no less, would only hurt him. Yet, part of her was glad that he was daring. Glad that he came to see her everyday. A part of her wanting to bask in his unreadable emotion, because he was the only person that she couldn’t read, and it felt peaceful.

  • A relationship with Jeff: 


Adeline feels a lot of things, most of the time she can’t decipher whether it’s her own feelings or someone else’s. Jeffrey Bennett is a special case. For whatever reason, she can’t sense his emotions and her intuitiveness does not help. Jeff is not an open book. He doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve. Instead, he’s hard headed and determined to change Adeline’s recluse behavior, to show her that life isn’t just full of suffering. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. As a couple, Adeline is very mild tempered and behaved. She takes everything seriously, joking being her sister’s choice of coping mechanisms. She loves deeply (and sometimes blindly). But, it has taken Jeff a lot of work to make it to this point. Getting Adeline to open up about her own emotion was difficult. He loves her embrace. She uses it sparingly, and he’s only ever seen her hug her dad. What a surprise when she threw her arms around him for the first time! She’s so warm, and kind, and he admires her strength. Adeline loves that she can’t be influenced by Jeff’s emotions. What she feels for him, is of her own heart.

Adeline’s Theme: “I’ve never felt this before…it’s unusual. My heart beat quickens and I get butterflies in my stomach, but I know I’m not sad. No, Jeff, you make me happy beyond measure.”

10 thoughts on “Gen 4 Heir Descriptions [Charlotte and Adeline]

  1. While I know we can’t vote, I like Adeline’s story better. It sounds more interesting. But both would be pretty cool!

    I do think it’d be cooler though if you had opposite personalities in the dual heirs. Like how both Charlotte and Millie seem to have bold personalities, and Adeline and Astra are more reserved. So you’d either do Charlotte and Astra, or Adeline and Millie. Because their personalities are sorta opposite. Anyway… I can’t wait to see who the sim creators pick!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Voting will resume next generation, especially since we’ll have double the kids to choose from xD Adeline and Charlotte have a very supernatural storyline, but Adeline is the only purebred vampire, so her’s is a bit different from Charlotte’s. Yes, I agree, opposites would be good (fingers crossed) but at the same time. all four girls are completely different. For example, Charlotte isn’t so much confident, as bold. She’s a sarcastic, edgy girl. Millie on the other hand, is not. She’s bold, but she’s more flirty than she is edgy. Charlotte has no time for flirting, so romantic relationships are out of the question fo her unless she really cares. She won’t let anyone in. Millie is all about having fun. Adeline is recluse because of her duty as purebreed vampire. It’s to protect others. Astra, is more insecure with who she is. She’s quiet out of fear of ridicule. It’s a bit different. So either way, we’ll have an intriguing story. Worry not ^_^ Thanks for the comment!


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