Generation One Summary

What has happened so far? Below is an in depth summary of the first generation.

Generation One:


Legacy Founder: Athena Gray

We first meet Athena in Lunar Lakes. She lives alone in a small house and her source of income is a military job. She has no living relatives and only one friend, Erin McGegor.

The story starts when a strange time portal appears in Athena’s backyard. Emit Relevart walks out and introduces himself as the keeper of time. He says he’s looking for Riverview which Athena can’t help but laugh at. She’s convinced that place doesn’t exist. 

In Lunar Lakes, a policy of isolation was enacted by the early settlers. The first expedition to Lunar Lakes came from Riverview but unfortunately things didn’t go as planned and the flight crew couldn’t find a way off of the planet. This crew became known as the earliest settlers of Lunar Lakes. As time progressed, Riverview and other towns became distant legends. The original settlers had died out as generations progressed and there wasn’t any proof that these other towns existed.


When Emit steps back into the portal, Athena follows after him and despite being upset, he agrees to let Athena stay for a single day. Athena has fun, playing around with jetpacks and meeting plumbots. Though perhaps the most intriguing moment for her is when she stumbles upon a computer and finds her descendants. Emit quickly diverts her attention.

Once her small expedition to the future is over, Athena is convinced by Erin to go out with her coworker, Martin January. Athena gets cold feet and heads over to the cemetery where her mother is buried. She has a few heartfelt words for her mother and just as she’s about to leave, a mysterious man named Mason appears to comfort her. He tells her that he’s from the unexplored part of Lunar Lakes and just started venturing out into the city. 

As time progresses, Athena tries to get back to the future through the now unactivated time portal and was unsuccessful. In the meantime, she befriends Mason Moon. Though one day, the portal is reactivated by Emit who has some startling news. He explains to Athena that there is a rift in time that another time traveler is causing. This is causing Oasis Landing to slowly decay. He invites Athena back to the future where she meets Levi, a red haired male who is tasked with exploring the rifts in time and attempting to fix them. To do this, he has to stay with Athena in Lunar Lakes. 


Levi and Athena become close friends while Mason and Athena become romantically involved. One day Athena decides to throw a Halloween party where a fight breaks out between Mason and Levi. Athena makes it clear to Levi that she loves Mason and will choose him over Levi. Upset with the situation, Levi leaves back to the future. 

More time passes and Mason proposes to Athena. They get married, move into their own place, and have a child named Caleb Gray, together. Everything seems to be going great until Mason disappears and doesn’t come back. Athena has a nagging feeling in her gut and decides to travel to her old house where she finds Levi waiting for her. They go into the future together and Levi tells Athena the truth about her past.


The Chronicles of Sierra Gray:

Levi tells Athena the story of her mother, Sierra Gray. Sierra was a scientist from Lunar Lakes who was sent back to Riverview on an expedition. The people of Riverview had long since forgotten about the original trip to the “alien planet.” Sierra decided to stay in Riverview for some time where she fell in love with a man, Bruce. They got married and had their first born, Elliot Gray. Shortly after that, a time portal had arisen in their front yard and out walked Mason, who was holding his little brother, Levi. He told Sierra there was something he needed to take care of and trusted the woman with watching his brother.

 Sierra and Bruce raised both Elliot and Levi together and the pair became the best of friends. Eventually, Sierra got pregnant with Athena and that’s when a group from Lunar Lakes came and forced Sierra to come back home. She left Elliot, Levi, and Bruce with a note promising she’d return one day and then made the journey back to Lunar Lakes where she met a man who was able to take care of her and her unborn child. Athena had always thought the man was her biological father and that she was an only child.

Eventually, the government decided that they would kill Sierra and the man protecting her in order to keep Lunar Lakes in isolation. She has known too much. Levi had stayed with Bruce until he was a teenager and then left to join a group called the Guardians, whose aim was to change the future for the better. He learned from Emit how to be the time keeper lest something happen to Emit.


Mason was also Emit’s apprentice at one point but turned on him. Mason was fueled by a want for revenge. His parents had died in an explosion in Oasis Landing and Mason could never move past this. He made it his goal to destroy Oasis Landing for good. His plan was to have one of his descendants destroy Lunar Lakes in ten generations. This big of an explosion would affect Oasis Landing negatively. 

Emit admits that Athena Gray has no descendants passed the tenth generation when Lunar Lakes blows up. The descendents that Athena found on Oasis Landing were Elliot’s and not hers which is why Emit tried to keep her away. Because of Mason, Athena’s direct bloodline no longer exists in the future. (We find out that Oasis Landing is the future of Riverview and that time travelers do not age).

Hearing this news, Athena is angry and hurt. Levi decides to make it right for Athena and takes her to Riverview where she meets Bruce and Elliot. He also confesses his growing affection for her. When they arrive in Riverview, Mason is there as well and Athena has to make a choice. Him or Levi.


Mason admits he had used Athena at first because of her connection to Sierra but he didn’t plan to fall in love with her. Now, he wants to be with her and their son because he loves them. Ultimately Athena chooses Levi as it becomes clear to her that Mason is hiding more information from her. Athena spends some time with her family and they all go back together to Lunar Lakes. 

In Lunar Lakes, Elliot and Caleb become really close though eventually Caleb’s world is shattered when Elliot proposes to Athena’s best friend, Erin, and leaves the house. All the while, Levi raises Caleb as if he is his own. They never tell him that he is Mason’s son. Athena and Levi have three more kids, Noah Gray, a child genius who grows attached to Bruce, and a set of twins, Daisy and Kayden who are inseparable. Noah is sent to boarding school after his grandfather Bruce passes away, Caleb becomes a famous singer, and the twins remain at home with their parents. 

Eventually Athena explains everything that has happened to her and Levi to her kids, and tells them that Noah will be the one to keep the Gray family alive and strong to stop Mason’s plans from continuing.

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