5.11 Thanks A Lot [Charlotte]

I know it’s two Charlotte chapters in a row, but I really wanted to write for the Grays and I don’t have pictures for Astra’s update. Maybe I’ll double her’s next. 


“Charlotte,” Apollo said angrily. “Tell me you didn’t just do what I think you did.”


“I didn’t do anything,” Charlotte said sheepishly.


“So I didn’t just see green glowing eyes and you telling Jeff not to interfere with your plans?” Apollo asked.


“No, of course not.” She bit her lip. “How could you even accuse me of that?”


“Charlotte, what were you doing in his mind?” He demanded. “Your grandfather isn’t going to be happy to hear this.”


“You can’t tell him, grandpa please!” Charlotte begged. “Please, he’ll tell dad and, I’ll be in so much trouble. Please. I just needed his cooperation.”


“For what?” Apollo asked. “It better have been a good reason.”


“I can’t tell you,” She said. “But I’m handling it. I promise.”


“You can’t tell me?” He asked. “What kind of cop out answer is that?


Jeff interrupted, and Charlotte was thankful for the momentary distraction. He looked groggy. He wanted to lay down. “What’s going on?”


“You’ll be fine, you need some food,” Apollo said. “We have some cake in the fridge. Come on. You come too Charlotte, Ethan is going to want to have a word with you.”


“What did I tell you?” Ethan demanded. “Charlotte, what the hell is the matter with you?”


“I needed him to cooperate with me!” She exclaimed.


“For what reason? And don’t give me that ‘I can’t tell you’ crap! I’ve been in the line of fire so many more times than you have. If you’re in trouble, tell me. I can help you. Your father can help you. Your sisters can help you.”


“It’s nothing you can help me with,” She said. “I need to do this on my own.”


“You came here just to brainwash him?” Ethan pointed to the kitchen where Jeffrey had his head leaned against the fridge. “Why did you think that’d be a good idea?”


“That’s not why I came here!” Charlotte exclaimed. She needed to get him to believe her, but also skirt around the mission Patrick had assigned her. But how? “I really wanted to apologize to Jeff, then that just happened.”


Ethan looked unamused. “It just happened.”


She bit her lip nervously, and then she thought of something. “Ok fine, you caught me. I made a move on Jeff, and he rejected me. So, I went into his brain to get him to feel a little more…romantic.”


Ethan was still angry, but his gaze had softened incredibly. “You?”


“Yes,” Charlotte said. “I think I have a crush on Jeff.” She wanted to roll her eyes. Even pretending to like him made her want to gag. “He was telling me about his past, and I felt the urge to comfort him. I said something, but it didn’t come out right. So, I went into his brain. Originally, I was going to try to get him to forget what I said, but I’m not powerful enough for that, so I just made him think about me. I wanted him to like me. I don’t want him to hate me like everyone else…”


“Charlotte.” Ethan let out a pained sigh. “You can’t force someone to like you. Being nice to Jeff will suffice, and if he doesn’t like you back, thats his loss.”


“There was this fairy,” She continued, hoping to get Ethan to really buy her story. “She was all flirty and giddy with Jeff at the library yesterday, and he seemed into her. She was pretty, with bright purple wings and hair.” Charlotte looked down at her all black outfit. “I can’t compare to that, and what you said earlier was right. I’m not a nice person. So, how could I get him to like me? She’s so perfect and nice, and pretty. I’m just a bitch.”


“Don’t say that,” Ethan said. “You are perfect. A little sassy, and you could use an attitude adjustment once and a while, but that doesn’t make you any less than that fairy. You just have to show him how important he is to you.”


Charlotte sat down. “Grandpa…please don’t tell anyone. Not even dad. Watcher, that’d be so embarassing. My dad thinks I hate Jeff, so could we keep it that way?  I’ve never done this relationship crush thing before.” Damn, Charlotte wanted to pat herself on the back. She was a great actress, and looking at Ethan, she just bought herself a ticket to freedom. He totally believed her!


“Can I tell you something?” Ethan asked.


“Sure,” She said. “Go ahead.”


“Give Jeff some more credit,” He said. “He’s human, sure. But you know, humans love more deeply than us, at least, thats what I believe. We have powers to rely on, we feel entitled. We can change things and fight them. Humans rely on their emotions and they care much more than we’d be able to. I’m sure that if you’re patient with yourself, Jeff would fall head over heels in love with you. I know I’m hard on you, but it’s because your father isn’t. I know that you can be the best damn thing to happen to this world, so I push you to even greater heights.”


Charlotte nodded. “You’re right gramps, thanks so much. I won’t be so hasty next time. No chance in you letting me talk to Jeff, huh?”


“No, absolutely not,” He said. “If he’s in love with you because of your pushes, it wouldn’t be fair to either of you, would it? He’ll come around. But, he’ll need a day or two for the powers to wear off. Don’t ever do that again, Charlotte. Your powers are to help save the world, not force people to do things.”


“I’m sorry grandpa,” Charlotte said quietly. “Truly.”


“I won’t tell your dad this time, but next time, I will.”


“Thank you.” She leaned over and kissed his cheek. “For everything.”


Apollo looked over to Jeff. “How are you feeling?”


“A bit dizzy. Are you sure this food will help?” Jeffrey asked. “She was probing my mind, not taking my blood. Why would I need sugar?”


“Everything feels better on a full stomach,” Apollo replied. “To my understanding, Charlotte can influence your thoughts lightly, but she isn’t strong enough to force you to actually act on things. She can implant a thought in your head, but you can fight it,” Apollo explained. “She can’t read your mind or anything like that either.”


Jeff let out a sigh of relief. If she had found out about Mason, he’d be in some serious trouble. Though, that wasn’t particularly his fault. “So, now what?” He asked.


“Just rest here for now,” Apollo said. “I don’t know what kind of information she implanted in your mind.  But it couldn’t bee too dangerous, I tust Charlotte’s judgement.”


Jeff tried to focus. What was it she had told him? Oh yes, her voice was quite clear in his mind. “Don’t interfere.” He heard it over and over again. He felt like he was going insane. He fought to keep her voice in his mind. It was better than hearing Mason’s dictations. her voice was firm and angry, nothing like what you’d imagine wanting to hold on to. But, Jeff would take anything over Mason. Anything. “Thank you sir.”


“I’m sorry about that. She isn’t usually like this, I don’t know why she did that…” Apollo’s voice trailed off. She was acting strange.


“It’s fine, sir. I’m sure she had a good reason,” Jeff said. Anything to stop Mason’s voice.  He shut his eyes and savored her voice. So much better than Mason. 


Charlotte had little time to move before she was found out. She had set up a meeting with the journalist at a club nearby. She wore a tight dress that showed just enough of her curves, and left a lot to the imagination. If she had to seduce for some information, she would. Upon entering the club, she was greeted right away by a handsome orange man. “Charlotte?” He grinned.


“You know me?” She asked.


“I assume you’re the girl from my messages.” The man held his phone up. “You said you were a vampire, so I just assumed.”


“Good eye,” She said.


“I am an investigative reporter, I would hope to have one,” He said. His voice was sultry, and his chest exposed. Was this his normal attire? This was a work call, wasn’t it? Then, she saw the ears. He was an elf. According to rumors, elves loved a good time…getting information out of him would be easy enough.


“So, is Dionysus your real name, or a pen name?” She asked.


“It’s my real name. My parents were fond of human culture. Dionysus seemed appropriate to them, for whatever reason.” He laughed. “Come with me, I booked us a room in the back so we can talk.”


She followed him. He really was good looking. “What kind of information are you looking for?” He asked.


“First, tell me,” She asked. “Is this information free? I mean monetary, judgement and hassle free. I want no one digging into this. It’s a personal matter,” She said. She kind of wished Jeff was here. She felt her heart beating faster as Dionysus sat down and stretched out his arms over the back of the sofa. He motioned for her to join him.


“I’m more than just a reporter. I’m an information broker. My information isn’t cheap. I can promise you that I won’t look into anything you’re interested in. Thats far too much work for me. But, you will have to pay me for the information. And, as pretty as you are, I need money.”


She stretched her leg out so that it was brushing against his. She normally didn’t do this, but she needed this information. If she could solve this mystery, maybe she could stop Altiere and Damian after all. “How much money?”


“More than you have darling,” He said.


“You don’t know how much I have,” She said. “Try me.”


“Five thousand dollars,” He said simply. “But your demeanor says that you have other ways of paying in mind?”


She leaned closer to him. “It all depends, will you take it? You aid you want the money.”


“I might make an exception for you.” He smiled. “You’re exceptionally beautiful.”


She smirked and pushed her lips firmly on the elf’s. She let one hand roam his bare chest and the other reach up to his fiery orange locks. “Ever been with a vampire?”


“Can’t say that I have,” He whispered back. “But there’s a first for everyting, hmm?”


She led him off the couch. “Private room was a smart idea, Dionysus.”


He chuckled. “Now, before we go any further, I just want to ask you if this is what you want? I won’t ever pressure a beautiful lady. I’m no scum. I’ll give you your information regardless.”


“That easy, huh?” She eyed him.


“Something tells me that you’re not throwing yourself at me for information.” His eyes sparkled. “Maybe I’m naive, but I’d like to think that you’re attracted to more than my information.”


She thought about Jeff, and her heart beat faster. So what she told her grandpa she liked him? It wasn’t true. She’d prove it right now. She placed a tender hand on his neck and pulled it closer to her. She bit down into it and drank the elf’s sweet blood. She licked the excess from the puncture she had made with her teeth. Then, she pulled away and licked her lips seductively. “You’d be right, Mr. Blaze. I want you to take me home tonight. My place is out of the question.”


His hand was on his neck, but his eyes trained on her well toned figure. “Sometimes I wish I could fight my urges better, but you’re just too damn beautiful, and there’s just something about a vampire near my neck that gets me a little excited.”


She grabbed his hand and headed toward the door. It felt so great to be wanted for once. “Your phone,” He said. “Are you going to answer it?”


“Who cares?” She asks. “I’m much more interested in you.”


“That’s flattering, but it could be important,” He said. Dionysus sat down. “Go ahead, answer it. I’m not going anywhere.”


She looked down at her phone. It was a text from Jeff. “You idiot! Text me where you are. RIGHT NOW.” She rolled her eyes and ignored it. There was no way that her brainwashing wore off already. Besides, she was caught up in something else at the moment. “Are you ready?” She asked.


“Your phone is ringing again, it’s probably important, I assume,” He said.


She sighed angrily and looked down at the phone again. “Did you forget that your powers don’t work well on me? Within an hour, my mind was back to normal. Telling me not to interfere makes me want to interfere. You better not be meeting with this jourrnalist.”


She rolled her eyes and wrote back. “I’m home.”


“Nice try. Your dad called here asking where you were. You’re with that journalist, aren’t you? Text me the address. I’ll come on my own, I won’t involve your family. I just want to know that you’re safe and not doing something stupid.”



“We’re not friends, so leave me alone.” Charlotte shut off her phone and turned to Dionysus.


“I’m sorry about that. Now, where were we?” Charlotte approached him again. “Your place.”


Dionysus stood up and dusted off his blazer. He leaned in and kissed Charlotte. It wasn’t liek their first kiss. It was kinder, gentler even. “I’m quite fond of you, Charlotte. I’d like for us to meet again. When you’re not being influenced to do something you don’t feel so strongly about.”


“What are you talking about?” She asked.


“Someone you’re trying to defy?” He asked, pointing to the phone in her hands. “You seemed agitated, and you shut it off. You’re at a club with a stranger in the back room. You want to go back to my place. You seem very adamant about that. You’re trying to rebel, I’ve seen it before.”


“What? No! I’m attracted to you,” She said.


“I don’t doubt that, Sweetheart. I’m attracted to you as well. I’d like to explore this some more.” He pushed her hair behind her ear. “But when you’re into it. I’ll give you my phone number, and I will email you the information I have on the Darich Curio Shoppe. I hope to hear from you soon, beautiful.”


“Wait!” She called after him. “How the hell do you know so much?”


“I’ve been observing people for thousands of years,” He answered simply. He stopped and smiled. “I truly mean this, never have I ever been so captivated by another person. I do hope you call me again.”


Once he left she stared down at her phone angrily. She started to type to Jeff. “I’m going home now. Thanks a lot. And thats sarcastic!” She sent an angry emoji and began her trek home.



7 thoughts on “5.11 Thanks A Lot [Charlotte]

  1. Heh, the funny part is, Charlotte thinks she’s lying her way out of the situation with Ethan, but what she’s saying is actually true, possibly without her realizing it yet. And Dionysus is quite a character 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh Char you scare me. All the lies your telling just to get your way and stay out of trouble is no way to prove you can do what you say you can and it makes you like the people you want to stop. At this point I almost want Jeff to run as far away from her as possible…but I feel the same way about Char running from that elf. He’s bad news and she’s using him to prove she doesn’t like Jeff. More lies! When will she learn?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lies? ;D Really, she just wants people to realize she can do things on her own. It has a lot to do with Altiere putting her down for not being the perfect purebreed vampire. She loathes Adeline, and wants to feel important. She even feels second in her own home, and every failure makes her reach out more and more for some acceptance. Yes, she has it already, but when you’re so motivated by hatred, you become blind to what you’re doing. I’d keep an eye on Dionysus if I was you, just sayin… 😉 Jeff can’t really leave, since even his mission if he chooses to accept centers around the Grays. He’s kinfd of just stuck there so he’s trying to make it work LOL I give him credit, he’s trying so hard. And Char is listening, in her own way…

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