5.16 Unwanted Attraction [Charlotte]


When Declan was finished with his little speech, he pulled his nephew to the side. “How’s my daughter?”


“With all due respect, you have some damn nerve,” Alistair said coldly. His hatred seemed to have subsided for a while, but it only returned as he noticed the lack of visits the man was making to his daughter.


“You will not talk to me like that in MY house,” Declan nearly growled. “Don’t you think we’re stressed as it is over here? While you’re off playing human, the rest of us are trying to stop a vampire war from starting!”


Alistair lowered his eyes at the man in front of him. “Thats gives you no excuse to ignore your daughter. How do you think she feels all alone? I’m helping as best as I can, but I’m no substitute for her dad!”


Declan’s anger turned to regret. “She…she needs me? Ah shit, I’ve been so preoccupied with things here that I’ve neglected to see her.” Declan rubbed his temple. “I don’t know if I can leave knowing there’s someone here that…no. Alistair will have to handle it. I can’t neglect my daughter. I’m going with you when you leave.”


“Wait…so is it that bad here…a vampire war?” Satisfied that Alistair had absolved the first problem, he jumped to the next.


“Yes,” Declan said. “Charlotte and Zander want to start this whole revolutionary stand against Damian, and theres Altiere who’s trying to brainwash Adeline. She won’t listen to reason, and then theres the leader of the Vampires working with Alistair trying to stop Damian and Altiere. But things keep getting worse.” Declan sighed, straightening his hat. “I can’t have a moment to breath, let alone visit my daughter.” Alistair suddenly felt bad, he didn’t know just how much everyone was dealing with. He wished he could stay here and help, but he didn’t want to leave Lucie.


Alistair leaned in closer to the chess board. He was using it as a war table. His pieces were white and the black pieces were the vampires. He had the support of the Vampires. The fairies wanted nothing to do with Alistair’s attempts at ending Damian’s rule. They had their own war brewing amongst them. Those wanting to break away from Angel after she joined the guardians, and others still following her rule blindly. The werewolves were run by Xepher and he was slowly passing the torch to his daughter. They thought they were being discreet, but Alistair was watching them closely. He still didn’t know what that would mean for him. A new leader amongst them that he’d have to work with. Maybe, just maybe, he could convince her to take on his cause. The genies were in a small minority and he didn’t know what support they could offer him if he declared a full out war. He needed reinforcements. Altiere was planning something, he’d have to be an idiot to miss that. Things weren’t right, and they didn’t line up. Patrick Black was planning something big, and as much as Alistair hated to admit it, he was doubting his friendship with the werewolf. Alistiar held one of the pieces in his hands and glared at it. Patrick was lying to his daughter and she was going to help him find Robin and Miles. Those guys didn’t need to be found, he knew exactly where they were. Somewhere where they couldn’t stop his plans from moving forward. All the time he thought they were trying to help him stop Damian, and they had really been leading Alistair into his trap.


When the time shift happened and Patrick supposedly died…that was a ruse. A ruse they were able to thwart. Patrick was working with Altiere, watching Alistair’s own daughters! Thats why Declan was so willing to let the girls go, but…Patrick wasn’t working to help Altiere, he was trying to get information from the vampire, and in return, the vampire was getting more intel on Damian than the man could imagine. Alistair had heard it all from Adeline who he planted as a spy to destroy Altiere from the inside out. He hated lying to Charlotte, but it had to be done. Miles, Robin, Kat, Patrick, Hayden…they were all working for Damian, and apprently, the headmaster himself lost reign of his pets. Alistair would not allow that man, who he’d come to trust and revere over the years, use his own daughter. Patrick’s next move was clear, once he knew he was found out, he’d go to Aria. They were always close, the werewolf was a fantastic liar…Charlotte would no doubt go to her mother, but he couldn’t let that happen.


“Uncle Al, can I ask you something?” Alistair’s eyes flew up to the purple haired imaginary friend.


“Of course, what’s up? Declan bothering you?”


“Not exactly, I’m willing to overlook his snarkiness because he’s stressed. You guys have a lot going on. What I want to ask you about, is Astra. I think she has feelings for an older guy, and Cadence is kind of encouraging it, and I kind of blew up on the guy, so what do I do? Let Declan handle it when he goes and visits?” Little Alistair asked.


The brown haired male laughed. “You convinced Declan to go? Good. It’s about time. I feel bad, Astra probably misses us, but he wouldn’t leave my side knowing there was so much going on. That’s true love for you.” Alistair pushed his hair away from his face. “An older guy wants one thing from a young girl. If I have to abandon my post and blast someone with a firespell, I absolutely will. But, Declan will be able to handle that, himself. Magicless, and all. What else did you want to ask?”


Little Alistair chuckled. “You know me so well. My real concern is that book. We never found the ending of it, and Declan tells me about a Vampire War. Let me stay here. I want to find the last page of that book, I want to help you end this.”


Alistair frowned. “I still don’t think that book has any significance. It was a children’s story. You shouldn’t be wasting your time worrying about it, and while I’d love to have you here helping, theres no one else I trust watching over my daughter than you. Al, you have to stay with her, and Lucie.”


Alistair’s eyes widened at his uncle. “You know about Lucie?”


“Yep, I’m watching you kids pretty closely,” Alistair said. “I know about Thad, I think he’s a nice guy, but I don’t think anything romantic will stem from it.”


“How is that even possible?” Little Alistair asked.


“Emit Relevart. But, don’t tell anyone I told you that, he could get in trouble, and that’d cause a huge problem for everyone, but he’s kind of my great grandpa, so it’s a family thing.”


“I don’t even…who?”


“Don’t worry about it. I have things under control here. I want you to live as normal of a life as possible, until you can’t anymore.” Alistair smiled sadly at his nephew. “When the aging becomes a problem, I’ll be here. That’s when you should worry about us.”


“I want to help!”


“And you are, in other ways.” Alistair stood up and hugged the boy. “I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. It’s time for you to live for yourself now.”

Screenshot-56.jpg Adeline finished up her explanation of what she’d be doing at her grandfather’s place. “I know you are fond of my sister, and I do not wish to make this weird. I will be sleeping on the couch, and will only be a bother if it will save my grandfather’s life.”


“Fond is a strong word,” Jeff said. “Maybe not fond, maybe tolerant is a better word for it? She’s a handful. The other thing is that I will be sleeping on the couch. Your grandfather’s room is upstairs, you want to be as close to him as possible in case something happens.”


“Thank you,” Adeline said graciously. “I do appreciate it. Uhm, I do have one other thing on my mind. If I may be so bold?”


“Of course, go for it. What’s up?” Jeff asked.


“My sister is very strong minded. Because of that, she is blind to a lot of things in front of her. For one, she thinks that I am trying to destroy the family, which I am not. I cannot tell her what I am doing, but trust that it is the right thing. I wish she would listen to me, but our relationship is strained because of my duty. She wants to change the world, but the way she is going about it is wrong. You are the only one who can get through to her, Jeff. I am able to read you, I have seen what you have done in the past. You have saved many lives. Talk her out of whatever stupid plan she has.”


Jeff frowned. “I’ve tried, she doesn’t listen.”


“She will, but you have to try harder!” Adeline held her hand ot her forehead. “She is in charge of the family, in the eyes of the guardians. She will be tasked with so many temptations. She needs a friend who will not encourage her to follow this path. You have seen what bad descisions do. I don’t want to remind you of your sister, but that can happen to mine.”


Jeff let out a nervous breath. “You know about Jennifer and the time machine? WHat else do you know?”


“I am special. I am able to use my powers to read you. It is a hard concept to understand, but it happens. I know everything, even about Mason. I haven’t said a word of it to anyone. I trust you, and I trust that you will do great things for the family. I am giving you the opportunity to be close to my sister. You can choose to help her, or betray her. But, if you choose Mason over us, you will very surely regret it. I am not vindictive, but I will not allow you to get away with wiping out my family.”


“Wiping out your family?” Jeff asked. “Slow down, I don’t get it.”


“Your sister used a time machine to try to get your father to come back to life, correct?” When Jeff nodded, she continued. “She failed the first time, and had to go back countless times to try to make that ideal happen. But, it never worked, did it? She made things worse, caused unimaginable pain…” She watched Jeff shift uncomfortably. “Mason is a time travel. He uses other means than a machine, much more dangerous ways. He wants us gone, because we stand in the way of the life he wants. A family, he lost. You understand what that does to a person yes? No matter what he promised you, you must not give in to him. Unless of course, your wife means more to you than an entire legacy of people. Caleb was kind to your family, was he not?”


“Enough…” Jeff’s breathing began to quicken up.


“I do not mean to upset you, but this is the reality we are dealing with. You recieved a second chance, do not waste it. We need you. Charlotte needs you. I truly believe that no one else can get through to her. You both share more in common than you’d think. If you’d just take a look at eachother, you’d see. You can be happy again.”


He frowned. What did she mean, that he could be happy again? Did she know the inner turmoil he was feeling? The slow attraction building up inside of him for the hard hearted, loud mouthed, abnoxious vampire…was it that obvious? Was she telling him that it was alright to move on from his past wife? He couldn’t do that, for something as small as an attraction. He and Charlotte, despite what everyone said, were not a good pair. They didn’t work well together. She didn’t care much for him, and he tried so hard to get on, at least, talking terms with her. She was not wife material, and he wasn’t one to just hook up. Not  to mention, what would happen when Mason found out that he wouldn’t be helping him. There was a high possibility that he’d die when he wasn’t needed anymore, and he couldn’t do that to anyone.


Charlotte smirked at her phone. Dionysus. “Good morning, beautiful. I have information, but we must discuss it in person. It would be dangerous if there was proof of it.”


She replied: “Fancy way of saying you want to see me.”


“I’m not lying, but seeing you will be a lovely bonus. We can hang out afterwards, if you want to. This info is free of charge.”


“We’ll see.” She smirked at her phone. Dionysus was hot, and he made her feel excited. He showed some interest in her. She knew it was nothing serious, but a little bit of fun wouldn’t hurt once and a while, and Jeff would be so annoyed, it’d be great. She widened her eyes at her own thoughts. Who cared if Jeff would be upset? She wasn’t intentionally getting herself into trouble to get Jeff’s attention, was she? No, that would be ridiculous. She rolled her eyes. “Wear something cute.”


“For you, my vampire princess.”


She smirked. Now, time to turn on her vampire charm.


[AN: To read more about Jeff’s past, read his side story here and the main legacy he is featured in here. Both are by Dandylion240, his creator.]

4 thoughts on “5.16 Unwanted Attraction [Charlotte]

  1. So much intrigue and not a whole lot of trust. So is Alistair right that all his old friends were plotting against him from the start? I hope not because I liked them and hope they’re working on a double cross. I’ll have to wait and see. I think Alistair should let his nephew look for the ending of the book but a part of me thinks he’s right on telling him to live his life while he can.
    Adeline is a spy working for her father and Charlotte doesn’t know it? I like that better than thinking Adeline was working for Altiere. Adeline made some interesting points regarding time and changing it. I didn’t know she had read so much from Jeff. So does she know Mason’s relationship to Caleb and her family? Mason did tell Jeff that himself so I’m assuming she does. Is she not sharing that information with anyone else? I hope Jeff listens to her but knowing him he’s going to fight it. Plus he has the added weight of knowing that once he fails to help Mason that he’s probably a dead man. While he’s used to putting his life on the line he wouldn’t to be close to anyone that his death would effect.
    Charlotte is messing with fire! I don’t trust Dionysus at all.
    Great chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I can confirm that Alistair is right. he’s been watching everything unfold. Remember the key that Lucas gave Alistair in gen 4 that opened the vault? Well, as the Keeper, Alistair has access to an infinite amount of knowledge. What’s in there is more than anyone would need, but to access it, you have to be a keeper. Not even Damian can get in. Ade has always been a good guy, who would willingly go along with Altiere? I wanted to draw it out longer, but then I’d never get anything written lol All of the kids know about Mason and their family history, to prevent all of the confusion, Alistair thought it best to fill them in. Oh, you’ll never guess who the person is ;D Aww, Dio is really a nice guy! But, Char and he want two different things…

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  2. I really hope Charlotte picks who she trusts carefully, since there is a lot of backstabbing going on. As for the book, maybe it isn’t yet written. After all, the events that Al Jr read led up to the point that already happened back then.

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