Character Profiles: Ken and Bailey

KenGray01. Full name:Ken Gray (No, not Kenneth xD)
02. Best friend: Bailey and Scarlett
03. Sexuality: He’s straight.
04. Favorite color: Green, did his outfit give it away? XD
05. Relationship status: He’s married! :O We’ve just never seen the lucky lady.
06. Ideal mate: Someone who can be patient with him. He’s seen some things in Imaginationland, things he rather not think back on . He’s moody irritable and most of all, frightened because of it. He needs someone who can look passed all that.
07. Turn-ons: A good cook. Seriously, the boy shovels down food.
08. Favorite food: Anything that tastes good, he doesn’t discriminate xD
09. Crushes: His beautiful wife ❤
10. Favorite music: Rock.
11. Biggest fear: Losing his wife and child.
12. Biggest fantasy: Retiring and watching his kids grow up and get married.
13. Bad habits: He over  worries about everyone and everything. If someone has a problem, he’s the last one they go to because they’re afraid he’ll have a heart attack or something.
14. Biggest regret: Bringing Ryder to life.
15. Best kept secrets: Everything that Ryder did to him in Imaginationland. He doesn’t talk about it.
16. Last thought: “Promise me that you’ll stay safe”
17. Worst romantic experience: Ryder, and it wasn’t a romance that he willingly took part of.
18. Biggest insecurity: His body. For experiences he had with Ryder.
19. Weapon of choice: He rather not hit anyone if he can avoid it.
20. Role Model: His father Apollo. Seriously, how did he not go crazy and still keep the family together?

BaileyGray01 Full name:Bailey Gray
02. Best friend: Her brother Ken and sister Scarlett. She couldn’t choose just one, they’re triplets after all.
03. Sexuality: I haven’t really explored this much in my legacy, but my intent was to make her straight.
04. Favorite color: Orange. It’s comforting to her. It reminds her of fire which reminds her of Ethan who promised to protect her forever.
05. Relationship status: Single (indefinitely perhaps) but I don’t think I’ll be returning to her story to give her someone :/
06. Ideal mate: Someone who doesn’t care about the way she looks. Because of her past, Bailey has tried so hard to change the way she looks. She needs someone to tell her that she’s beautiful without the makeup.
07. Turn-ons: Compliments on things other than her looks. Especially if its on her personality. She loves feeling…wanted.
08. Favorite food: Cesar Salad. She’s got to keep the pounds off, or so she thinks.
09. Crushes: None right now. She hasn’t been all too romantically interested in anyone since imaginationland.
10. Favorite music: Pop. Katy Perry and Taylor Swift especially. They speak to her soul.
11. Biggest fear: Not ever being accepted.
12. Biggest fantasy: Meeting her prince charming one day totally unexpectedly, where he sweeps her off her feet and lets everyone know that he’s interested in HER.
13. Bad habits: She blurts out things when she’s worried, which is more often than not now that she’s away from Amelia for good.
14. Biggest regret: Bringing Amelia (her IF) to life. 
15. Best kept secrets: She caused a wadrobe malfunction at school one day for another student so she’d look better in the top (they were wearing the same thing). But she felt bad about it afterwards and never did it again.
16. Last thought: “I love you Daddy”
17. Worst romantic experience: None :/ Her life seemed to have took a turn for the worse early on and since then she’s just trying to get her life together.
18. Biggest insecurity: That she doesn’t look like Ken and Bailey, her triplet siblings.
19. Weapon of choice: Words. She can be vicious if she wants to be.
20. Role Model: Her father Ethan. When he protected her from her step dad, she saw a side of him that she didn’t know about. She wants to be that powerful.

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