Charlotte x Jeff [Building an Igloo]


“This is idiotic…” Jeffrey mumbled. “It’s cold. You’re barely wearing any clothes either, it’s making me even more cold.”


“Because you’re human.” Charlotte rolled her eyes. “I’m a vampire, I don’t really get cold. I can get extremely hot, but the cold is nothing.”


“You couldn’t bring someone else with you out here?” Jeff asked.


She whirled around to face the boy. “I rather have you here.” She wouldn’t admit anything more than that, but Jeff knew what she meant. He smiled and started picking up ice blocks.


“Alright, you win. You know how to tug at my heart strings. But help me out here, I have no gloves.”


When it was done, Charlotte took a step back. “Pretty good, huh?”


Jeff was on the floor panting and shivering at the same time. “Those blocks are heavy.”


“For a human,” She repeated, sliding down next to him. “Here, I’ll warm you up.” She pressed her lips against his, he pulled her close savoring the warmth. How warm blooded was she? He’d have to keep this in mind for the snow filled days in Moonlight Falls.

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