Charlotte x Jeff [It’s Just a Scratch]


It’s just a scratch.

Charlotte whimpered in her sleep. Jeff had awoken to the sounds coming from the sleeping girl. “Char?” He asked quietly. She was indeed asleep. Granted, she had a long day and he wanted her to rest. But, she worried him. What exactly had happened in that mausoleum?


“Cold,” She mumbled. “So cold.”


Jeff wrapped his arms around her tighter. Her body was warm. She was having a nightmare. He stroked her hair lovingly. How many times had he had nightmares about his parents’ death? He leaned his face against her head, inhaling her scent. A few months ago, this wouldn’t have even crossed his mind. He hated her, she was insufferable. But in this moment, he wanted nothing more. Why had she waited so damn long to open up to him? He couldn’t help but think that things would have been different if she just talked to him. “Jeff?” She asked, feeling his eyes on her.


“Morning sunshine.” He grinned.


“Don’t call me that,” She mumbled, turning away. A small smile fell on her lips.


“This is going to be difficult, isn’t it?” He asked her.


“Pet names are dumb,” She said. “I’m not your sunshine.” She buried her head into the pillow. She was happy he was there with her. She didn’t want to think about the previous day’s events ever again. But, she was embarassed to say that to Jeff. When she had turned away from him, a bit of her shirt had lifted up and Jeff couldn’t help but look at her exposed waist.


His hands moved to her body, and traced the small scar. She jumped at his touch, not expecting him to be so forward. “What is that?” He asked.


She pulled away completely from him. “It’s just a scratch,” She assured him.


“It doesn’t look like just a scratch,” Jeff said. “What did they do to you?”


“Don’t worry about it,” She mumbled, closing her eyes again.


“I’m going to worry about it!” He exclaimed. “I thought we were over this already. I’m always going to worry about you.”


“Well don’t!” She nearly snapped. “I don’t want to talk about what happened!”


Jeff sighed, letting his hand fall from her waist. He couldn’t get up and leave since he was against the wall, and Charlotte made no effort to move, which meant she wanted him to stay. “I’m sorry, I won’t ask.” It was still raw, he should have known better than to ask. Especially with someone like Charlotte.


“Thank you,” She mumbled, closing her eyes. “Don’t worry so much about me. I’m fine.”


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