Ethan x Apollo [Christmas Shopping]

Another drabble from the Winter OTP challenge over on tumblr. I’m moving everything over, hence the seasons not matching up!


“It’s not even Thanksgiving yet!” Apollo protested. “Why does the store have a Christmas tree up? It’s weird to me that you guys even celebrate Christmas here in Moonlight Falls.”


“A lot of us believe strongly in Saint Nikolas. He was once alive, and he did give to the poor. The savior that you guys talk about seems to be lost in translation for a lot of us, but there are also others who believe it as fervently as any human would. It’s fascinating. This shouldn’t surprise you, Moonlight Falls is quickly westernizing,” Ethan said, holding up a reindeer sweater. “Do me a favor and try this on.”


“What, why?” Apollo blinked. “It’s a Christmas sweater, tomorrow is Thanksgiving…”


“Just looks like a warm sweater to me.” Ethan shrugged but their was a small glint in his eye. “We first met in a clothing store, remember? I didn’t steer you wrong then, did I?”


“Now is different,” Apollo explained. “We’ve been married for years. We have grandkids and-”


Ethan cut him off. “Is it a crime that I like to see my man looking his best?” All Ethan had to do was flash him a signature grin, and Apollo submitted….on the condition that Ethan try on the sweater as well. “We look good, don’t we?” He smiled brilliantly. “Take out your phone. I want to send this to Alistair, so he can show the girls.”


“I can take a picture for you!” A helpful attendant said cheerfully.


“Thanks.” As soon as Ethan heard the click, he planted his lips on Apollo’s. No matter how old they got, he wouldn’t ever stop dressing his husband up. He looked good in almost everything…and it reminded him of the time he met the most important person in his life.

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