Ethan x Apollo [Wake up. Please. I’m Scared.]

Alternate universe/possible future plot. Enjoy!

Ethan reached for the lifeless body of the man he loved. Something was wrong. “Apollo?” There was no answer. He tried again. “Apollo?” He was greeted with more silence. His eyes widened at the realization. He shook Apollo frantically. “Come on…” Still, nothing. There would never be a response. Time had finally caught up to the man. While Ethan could escape the clutches of it, Apollo could not. Slowly, the grey had spread over his body, taking his jet black hair first, travelling to the wrinkles in his face and finally making it’s way to his body making him move sluggishly. Apollo had been slowly decomposing in front of Ethan’s eyes, and he had ignored it. Each new symptom would prompt some sort of denial in Ethan’s mind. “He’s just tired today.” Or, “The grandkids are overworking him.” But, that was never the case.


Ethan clutched his soul mate’s shirt tightly. “Why didn’t I make you take the youth elixer?” It was what kept him and his son so youthful. But, Apollo refused it. He didn’t want to live for an eternity. He wanted to live a normal life. Ethan never understood why he wouldn’t try to defy time, when it was never working for him. When had time ever been in the Gray’s favor?


“Wake up. Please. I’m scared.” The tears began to roll down his cheeks. Ethan had always been the the stronger of the two. Apollo clung to him, and Ethan gladly shouldered the man’s pain. But, he needed Apollo just as much as Apollo needed him. He thought back to the time he had first run into the man. A human in Moonlight Falls. Sure, Ethan saved him from the clutches of an evil vampire. But, Apollo saved him from himself. He gave him purpose…made him see that he deserved forgiveness…supported him unconditionally even when he confessed to the horrors of his past. He couldn’t live without Apollo. He didn’t want to. What was he supposed to do now? “Please…”


Ethan was always the one protecting Apollo. He had neglected his own needs for that of his husband. But, now that Apollo was gone, Ethan was forced to face the world on his own. “Damn it, Apollo. You promised me forever.” Tears soaked the man’s shirt. “You’re always dragging me into some sort of mess. Can’t you stay with me a little longer?” And then, he realized what Apollo must have felt when Ethan gave up his life. His bed would be empty from now on. There would be no ridiculous arguements over what they were going to watch on television, no more ridiculous holiday cards, no more of his complaining as Ethan dressed him. He wouldn’t feel Apollo’s soft lips on his, or feel his warm hands on his body. He’d never get to smell the sweet cologne from his body, or hold him tightly. “Please…” What was he supposed to do now? “Please!”

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